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Erika Casupanan Bio, Family, Job, Height, Husband

Meet Erika Casupanan, one of the contestants of CBS’s “Survivor” season 41. She is not only smart and friendly but there are other things worth knowing about her. We’ve put together this Erika Casupanan Bio where we discuss her family, her job, height, and her husband.

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Erika Casupanan On Survivor 41

“Survivor 41” returned to CBS’s schedule in September 2021 after a more than year hiatus due to the Covid-19 epidemic. Jeff Probst welcomed 18 all-new castaways to Fiji for their chance to win the $1 million prize in the two-hour season premiere. After moving through the elimination process only six contestants are remaining including Erika Casupanan, from the original Luvu tribemates.

In November 2021, Jeff offered her an unusual proposal a never-before-seen twist. She could “travel back in time and rewrite history” by destroying a prop hourglass to undo the merge challenge’s results. According to the GoldDerby poll, 91% of people voted that she should use the hammer, which she did.

And now the remaining contestants were original Luvu tribemates (Danny McCray, Deshawn Radden, and Heather Aldret), while Xander Hastings was the final Yase member, and Ricard Foye was the last remaining Ua player. She made it to the Top 3 of who should “Survivor” with a 12% vote on her name on Gold Derby.

Erika hailed from Niagara Falls, Ontario, and before joining the show she worked as Communications Manager. Her passions include traveling, boxing, and fitness, as well as keeping up with pop culture. She considers herself fun, fearless, and empathetic. Whereas, ignorance and men in ill-fitting jeans repel her.

In an interview with Parade, Erika revealed that she would work with anyone who would like to ally with her. When looking for a trusted alliance partner she just needs someone who’s going to be able to talk about the game on the same level, where we’re going to be able to bounce ideas off of each other. She wished that her alliance partner would be somebody who honestly just loves the game as much as she does.

As a communication manager, she loves interacting with people. Her initial game plan was just to focus on building social relationships, learning about people, and building trust. She wanted to show other contestants that she could be their ally because of her friendly nature.

When asked whether she would choose strategy or social, Erika confirmed that both of the factors were crucial for winning. She has to be social to learn about her contestants to launch a proper strategy that could secure her win in the show. She revealed, “You have to figure out the marriage of the two of them. I think that I’m capable of doing that. And I think that that’s what’s going to help me get to the end.”

Erika got hooked into the “Survivor” as a coping mechanism to bear the loss of her grandfather. She watched people overcome all the crazy circumstances. So, she saw the show as an opportunity to know herself. She set up a camera in her apartment. Erika explained why she would be good and the show and ended up getting a callback and started moving through the casting process.

The only thing that intimidated her was her height. She worried how she would be received being of small stature.

Erika Casupanan Family

Erika Casupanan was born in the Philippines but reportedly grew up in Toronto, Canada. Not much is known about her family members, but she mentioned them during an interview with Parade. When she started watching the show, it was a sad time for her. Her grandparents lived with her family. Her parents were always out working a lot. This means, spending a lot of her time with her grandparents.

Around the time, when the first season premiered her grandfather passed away. Then, she lost her grandmother in June 2015. She updated her passing away with a post on her IG.

In the callback for her casting, Erika also shared that her grandma was her biggest hero and inked a tattoo inspired by her. She mentioned, “She [was] strong-willed, so chic, sweet, yet opinionated and caring. She had my back 100% of the time. During her final days in the hospital, she was still so high-maintenance and always made the nurses put on her pearls and diamonds.”

Is Erika Casupanan Filipino?

Eika Casupanan is a Filipino-Canadian by ethnicity. One fan on Twitter who was also represented the same ethnicity rooted for her. She has received huge support from her community.

Erika Casupanan Job

Erika Casupanan worked as a Senior Manager of Marketing Communication in Kijiji Canada. She worked there from February 2017 to March 2021. Before that, she worked for Media Profile as a senior consultant, She had joined the company as a consultant in December 2013.

Her resume also flaunted that she worked as an account management intern for Leo Burnett and a New Media Intern at The University of Western Ohio.

In Canada, a senior marketing manager makes nearly $90,975 per year whereas the entry-level bags $78,916 per year. However, she quit her job to be on “Survivor” which was a bold thing to do.

Exploring her academic qualifications, Erika attended Western University where she studied Ba, Media, Information & Technoculture. She graduated in 2011. She earned her post-graduate certificate from Humber College in Public Relations in 2012.

Erika also holds a diploma in Multimedia Design and Production from Fanshawe College in 2011.

When she spoke to CBS about the proudest moment in her life was paying off her student loan at the age of 27 though she planned it to be done by 30.

Erika Casupanan Height

Erika Casupanan stands tall to the height of 5 feet.

Does Erika Casupanan Have A Husband?

Erika Casupanan maintains a very low-key romantic life. In 2014, she posed with a man named Michael where she wrote the caption, “#michaelloveserika 💎💒” They could still be dating each other but there are no updates on their relationship. Whereas, in 2018, she posed for a camera with another guy where she revealed that she went to a “wedding” with her “husband.”

In one of her recent TikTok, Erika revealed using a dating app where people ask about the show while her friends are having babies. So, is she single now and looking for a partner?

Related FAQs

  • How Old Is Erika Casupanan?

Erika Casupanan was 32 years old when she joined Survivor 41 in 2021.

  • When Does Erika Casupanan Celebrate Her Birthday?

Erika Casupanan celebrates her birthday on 19 July every year.

  • How Much Is Erika Casupanan Net Worth?

Erika Casupanan has an accumulated net worth of $300k.

  • Is Erika Casupanan On TikTok, Facebook?

You can find Erika Casupanan on various social media platforms. Her TikTok is (@@erikacasupanan), Twitter is (@erika_cas), and  Facebook is (@erika.casupanan).

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