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Designer Melanie Rose Bio, Age, Married, Height, Netflix

Meet Designer Melanie Rose, the self-proclaimed “Mary Poppins of s*x rooms”. She is the host of Netflix’s kinky new show where she meets clients to help build a “love room”. So, here are a few facts worth knowing about her.

In this bio, you’ll discover details related to her age, marriage, and height.

Meet Designer Melanie Rose, Host Of Netflix’s How To Build A S*x Room

Interior designer Melanie Rose is not only the friend who would say her friends “get a room” but she is highly qualified for building one herself. She is the host of Netflix’s How To Build A S*x Room. The show premieres on 8 July 2022 on Netflix. Each episode follows the deceptively correct and chaste British interior designer as she meets with various couples who discuss s*xual dreams and request that she turn a room in their home into a secret carnal paradise.

Speaking with The Post, Melanie told, “Darling, I’m the Mary Poppins of s*x rooms”. Her work earned her that name and she justified it by saying, “I’m very English, upper class, as it were. Very classy … don’t dress like a dominatrix”.

On the show, Melanie visits each couple at home and assesses the space that they want to turn into their s*x room, such as a basement or a spare room. Melanie talks about the couple’s goal for the place and its practical aspects before talking about their different quirks and bedtime rituals. A decent s*x room’s secret? She has a variety of s*x toys in her Mary Poppins bag of tricks, including handcuffs and floggers.

It has been a hot minute since the show premiered and viewers are already wondering if there will be a season 2. The first season has eight episodes of 36 to 45 minutes. Because anything s*x-related sales, it is highly likely there is highly likely a season two for the show on the horizon.

Before the premiere of the show, she took to Facebook and announced, “So very excited! Can wait for How To Build A Sex Room to be released worldwide this Friday, July 8th! I had such a fun time on this show and can’t wait to share it with all my Facebook friends”.

Designer Melanie Rose Net Worth

Melanie Rose’s career as a designer has earned her a net worth above $1.5 million.

She primarily works as an interior designer. Melanie discovered her passion for designing after she landed in the states. Since then she has worked from apartments to million-dollar homes. She writes on her website, “My work is tailored to the client’s unique and individual needs, to create a deeply personal space”.

In her journey of designing, high-end homes, she discovered a designing “s*x room, or in her words “specialized in creating sacred spaces, fantasy rooms”. She has been designing s*x rooms for 15 years. She adds, “These are clients I’ve worked with for a very long time, so there’s a sense of real trust and confidentiality. One of my clients said have I ever designed a s*x room before and would I like to do one”.

She added: “I was a little shocked. I didn’t say yes straight away, I actually went away and googled it because I was like ‘OK what goes into a s*x room?’ and I thought why not? It beats kitchens and bathrooms.”

Melanie shares that the s*x room is not something that is dirty and disgusting. “As soon as you mention s*x room, the image that some people create in their mind is something disgusting and dirty. And it’s not,” Melanie told The Post. “I’m bringing couples together, I’m creating a conversation with partners and bringing them what they desire in their fantasies”.

Besides working as a designer, Melanie is also an author and wrote a book titled Mirror Image. She wrote in collaboration with Michael Scott. She is also working as a Hollywood talent manager and scriptwriter.

Designer Melanie Rose Age

In July 2022, Designer Melanie Rose is 57 years old.

Is Designer Melanie Rose Married?

In 2022, Designer Melanie Rose appears single. She was previously married to her ex-husband Adam Gascoine. But their marriage ended before 2018. Born in May 1970, Adam is 52 years old in 2022. He is a freelance writer and game designer by trade.

Adam also worked as Story Consultant at TiMi Studio Group, and a writer at PlaySide Studios, 10 Chambers Collective, and ID Software. He also served as design and creative director at companies such as Naughty Dog, BOXI Interactive Corporation, and Treyarch.

Adam’s IMDB page informs that he worked as a writer for Doom Eternal and its sequels and Call of Duty. You can also find him on YouTube.

Adam is the son of the late actress and novelist Jill Gascoine. Jill was born on 11 April 1937. She was born and bred in London, England.

Jill started her career doing theater in Europe and made her TV debut with a small part in 1958 in the BBC series Theatre Night. She was married to Alfred Molina. Whereas, she also had other two children; Rachel Molina and Sean Keith. She died at the age of 83 suffering from Alzheimer’s for a number of years.

Adam, after his mother’s death, wrote on Facebook, “She suffered from Alzheimer’s for 10 years, so today was a thankful release. The family is all well, and relieved that she’s not suffering anymore”.

Her other TV and movie credits included parts in Z-Cars, General Hospital, Rooms, and Dixon of Dock Green, before her star turn in The Gentle Touch and its spinoff C.A.T.S Eyes, as a police officer, then private detective, Maggie Forbes.

Designer Melanie Rose Height

Designer Melanie Rose stands tall under the moderate height of 5’8″. Her blonde short hair is probably her distinct feature.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Designer Melanie Rose From?

Melanie Rose is originally from Surrey, England. She is currently based in Los Angeles, California. She left her homeland in the early 2000s.

Melanie has been living in the states ever since. But she still likes her British home comforts. She posts about her love for English tea on her social. In addition, she loves gardening which for her is therapy.

  • When Is Designer Melanie Rose Birthday?

Designer Melanie Rose’s birthday is in August.

  • Is Designer Melanie Rose On Instagram?

Designer Melanie Rose uses Instagram (@melanieruthrose), Pinterest (@melanieruthrose), Twitter (@melanieruthrose), and Facebook.

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