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Devon Smith Bio, Age, Parents, Job, Snowflake Mountains

Devon Smith, the New York-based vegan, is one of the cast members appearing on Netflix’s new survival show Snowflake Mountain.

Ten young adults who strayed from their way of life are the subject of Snowflake Mountain on Netflix. Concerned family members contacted Joel Graves and Matt Tate, two survival experts who will put them to the test. The only thing they have left after losing their phones and WiFi is the lovely nature that their parents believed they needed to experience more often.

However, efforts are not useless because a $50,000 cash prize is up for grabs. The candidates will gain knowledge about competing, making friends, outsmarting other contenders, and whatever else is necessary to emerge as the ultimate victor.

So, let us introduce you to the competitors: Sunny, Deandra, Liam Brown, Randy Wentworth, Rae Hume, Darriea Clark, Olivia Lagaly, Devon Smith, and Solomon.

You’ll discover information related to Devon’s life after this. This article provides information on her age, occupation, family, and romantic status.

Before the show premiered she announced, “@netflix what’s up snowflake mountain June 22″.

Devon Smith On Snowflake Mountains

Devon Smith is the life of a party, and the party is in her life. Meaning, that she can do it “24/7”. “I was like, ‘Oh my God, it’s going to be the new “Jersey Shore,” She talked to them and revealed to The Post. “I was packing bathing suits and corsets and heels and minidresses. I was not prepared”.

She like the other nine believed she was headed to a luxury resort for an all-expenses-paid party with other like-minded 20-somethings. When they arrived in England’s Lake District, Devon along with others learned they were actually going to rough it in the wilderness.

Devon expressed to The Post, that she was shocked by the show’s true premise. When she failed to chop a piece of plywood, she almost wanted to give up.

“I was just bawling my eyes out for hours,” she said. “I cried all day and all night. I cried myself to sleep that night. I was the only person who couldn’t do it, so I felt useless and stupid. A 1-inch piece of wood was my enemy on the show”.

Challenges weren’t as easy as going out and hopping to bars and restaurants with friends.

But Devon decided to continue with it for her herself and her team. Yet, she ended up surprising her hosts Matt and Joel. She also impressed herself made her even more enthusiastic to see it through to the end. But, she stood true to her morals and she wouldn’t participate in a part of the deer butchering challenge (mind you she is a vegan).

Hosts appreciated it when she didn’t cause any drama for the show butchering deer.

The show hosts, Matt and Joel announced Deandra Joseph as the winner.

Does Devon Smith Have A Boyfriend?

Devon Smith came into the show so that she could be hot and have fun. She had made up her mind that she was not looking for anything serious. So, When Randy approached her and expressed what he felt, she didn’t want to break his heart and came clean about her intentions. They are still friends with each other.

On the other hand, Solomon might’ve made an impression on her but it was also gone when she found out that he stole food or at least planned to.

Randy became one of the fan favorites in the show when he was able to inspire his co-contestants to push themselves beyond their limit. He also impressed the two survival experts with the enthusiasm he showed by the end of the challenges.

The Connecticut native has plans to become a professional wrestler in WWE.

Devon Smith Age

At the time of filming the show, Devon Smith’s age was 20. She turned 21 in 2021.

Devon Smith Parents

Devon Smith kept quiet about the personal details related to her parents. But, she has mentioned them here and there. In June 2022, she posted a TikTok about a dress which her mother gifted on her birthday. She described the dress as “let’s get bottomless but only have one glass” vibes.

In May 2022, Devon made TikTok right in the middle of a family meeting in the bathroom. She posted that her mother and father were fighting while she was busy being hot.

Is Devon Smith On Instagram?

Yes, Devon Smith is on Instagram (@devbabydied) and on TikTok (@devbabydied).

Devon Smith Job

Before the show, Devon Smith was attending college in New York. However, the self-proclaimed “the rebel” was a little bit of a problem child, she had a tendency to do things that were forbidden or someone told her not to do. Her focus deviated from important things and she started failing classes.

She wanted to drop out but couldn’t muster the courage to tell her mother. But ended up dropping out before 2021.

Devon has a job and has referenced it in some of her TikToks.

Devon Smith Height

Standing tall under 5-feet-5, Devon Smith’s beauty was a hit in the show. She managed to attract a few young men who participated alongside her on the show.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Devon Smith Birthday?

According to the TikTok post, Devon Smith celebrated her 21st birthday on 9 June 2022.

  • Where Is Devon Smith From?

Devon Smith’s current residence is in New York.

  • What Is Devon Smith Ethnicity?

Devon Smith is most likely of mixed ethnicity.

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