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Where Is Snowflake Mountain Solomon Today? Details Here!

Netflix’s Snowflake Mountain ended but fans are asking where is Solomon from the show Today?

“Funemployed” rather than “unemployed” Solomon claimed that he was a “king” in his own right. He said that no one was able to walk in his shoes because they were too expensive. His attitude and his tendency to look down on others made him a certified villain on the show.

Viewers hated his demeanor so much that some of them even became his fans. Either way, he grabbed attention and became unforgettable. So, where is Solomon from Snowflake Mountain Today?

Find out here starting with!

Solomon On Snowflake Mountain

Solomon came to Netflix’s Snowflake Mountain boasting that he was a spoiled boy living off of his mother’s. Branded clothes, takeaways, and rent, he boasts about spending $500 a week. So, we can say that he is living life of luxury and comfort. Like all the fellow contestants, we also signed up for the show believing that he was joining a “Jersey Show”.

But, Matt Tate and Joel Graves, mentor and wilderness survival expert, were prepared to take control of his life. They were going to take away all the comfort he was living in and give him the experience of a lifetime.

Clearly, Solomon was full of himself from the beginning. He knew how to bring a proper drama to the show and Matt and Joel were not taking it. He asked him to undertake the Last Chance Lake Challenge where he was forced to spend a whole night in a small tent. Solomon did it like nothing but got back into his old ways in no time.

But when Solomon was ousted as the mastermind who planned to hide food from the other half of the group. When Solomon was caught out, a blazing row started between himself and some of the other stars.

He told Randy: “You are such a loser, bro,” before shouting at Devon: “Grow up, you’re 20 years old now. “I brought the beauty when you brought the ugly. I’m the biggest somebody here.”

Fans of Twitter didn’t entertain his reaction. One user wrote, “Nope, don’t like Solomon #SnowflakeMountain He needs a serious reality check”. Another added, “Omg does anyone watch Snowflake Mountain? I need to talk to someone about how much of a terrible person Solomon is”.

Another put, “lol I loveddd Solomon idc #SnowflakeMountain”. Others were more supportive though. “Loving Snowflake Mountain on Netflix. Solomon… I haven’t seen a menace like him on reality tv in a minute so for that, I thank him.”

Where Is Snowflake Mountain Solomon Today?

Snowflake Mountain is back home in Los Angeles. His IG posts suggest is back and still living a life of extravagance. He is focused on establishing himself as a “faith-based life coach” and aspiring to become and likes to call himself a “Hollywood Prophet”.

His IG bio read, “No Givenchy Just Jesus”.

The funny thing is Solomon has accepted himself as the villain of the show. On 30 June 2022, he posted a pic of him taken with the Clermont Twins. He captioned the Instagram pic, “@clermonttwins Reality TV Villains Unite”.

Relationship-wise, he still appears single and happy about it. He had shown interest in Devon Smith in the show, but Devon repelled him after learning that he took part in stealing food from a supply cache.

He became friends with Sunny Malik, another entitled young adult. Both of them liked to live alone with their thoughts most of the time so they struck a friendship in the show.

Did You Know – You can buy Solomon’s fit from the show. Click the link here to learn about him.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Snowflake Mountain Solomon From?

Snowflake Mountain Solomon hailed from Virginia. He is now living in Los Angeles, California.

  • What Does Snowflake Mountain Solomon Do For A Living?

Not many people were thrilled about him on the show. But, the newfound fame is aiding his thriving career.

Moreover, Solomon offers Christian Life Coaching. He can be booked via phone call. He charges $60 for 30 minutes while $100 for an hour.

  • Is Snowflake Mountain Solomon Gay?

No, Snowflake Mountain Solomon is not gay.

  • Is Snowflake Mountain Solomon On TikTok?

Yes, Solomon from “Snowflake Mountain” is on TikTok (@jesusxsolomon). He is also on YouTube.

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