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Did Denise Dowse Leave Behind A Husband And Kids?

Veteran actress Denise Dowse passed away tragically on 13 August 2022. She made herself a name by her 10-year stint as Yvonne Teasley on Beverly Hills, 90210 and as Dr. Rhonda Pyne on Insecure. Career-wife she excelled incomparably, but what about her personal life?

Did Denise Dowse leave behind a husband or kids? Was she even married? Let’s explore a few details we’ve explored here in this piece.

Did Denise Dowse Leave Behind A Husband?

Fans who have known Denise Dowse for a long time know that she was never married. So, she didn’t have a husband. However, she may have been romantically linked to her long-time friend Tony Zanelotti. In June 2017, she was with Tony at his home in Ocean View, Delaware.

A few comments suggested that they were likely together at the time. One friend of Denise commented on Facebook, “I JUST hung up the phone with Sheryl Moore Strode and told her you guys were together. Wish I could have made it the same weekend. Love to you both!”

Denise replied to her while writing, “It has been a delicious weekend Donna! Wish you could’ve been here. Much love to you sweetie”.

Tony is a former Senior Launch Producer at FX Networks. He directed shows like America’s Most Wanted: America Fights Back, Truth About Kerry, Cathedrals, and Bizarre World.

Whether their relationship ever took a romantic turn before her tragic death is a mystery.

Besides that, not much evidence remains regarding her dating or her love life. She preferred keeping her personal life away from social media and possibly never opened up to her fans about why she never settled down.

How Many Kids Did Denise Dowse Have?

Although the answer would be no, Denise Dowse did have someone in her life she considered her daughter. Denise was very close to Maya Lott. In March 2015, Denise announced on her Facebook, “S/O to my muffin Maya Lott on this Women Warrior Wednesday. She’s my touchstone, my friend, my daughter from another mother. A talented writer, poet, & consciousness activist.”

She added, “Maya underwent a life-changing surgery but grows stronger both mentally & physically by the day. I am a better ME because of her and so honored to share this journey called life with her. M.y A.ngel Y.our A.ngel… to the moon my sweet.”

A year before in June 2014, Denise and Maya celebrated Maya’s daughter Zoe’s 12th birthday. They also have a video together which you can check here.

Denise Dowse Parents

Denise Dowse was born to her father Capt. Herbert B Dowse Jr., USN. Herbert served in the US Navy from 1 January 1976 to 2 September 1980 as a commanding officer. He was relieved by Captain Dwight Timm, USN on 2 September. Herbert was born on 12 May 1930 and passed away on 20 June 1996.

On Mother’s Day 2014, Denise posted on her Facebook, “All that I am, or hope to be, I owe to my Angel – that’s you Mom! I love and miss you daily. Happy Mother’s Day!”

Denise’s great-great-grandmother was White and hailed from the Massachusetts area. Her father came from that lineage and on his army fitness report, he always had Causcaisan written as his racial identity. Moreover, he grew up in a community where 98% of the population was White which also consisted of a large number of Portuguese families who were considered White.

Also, her dad’s side of the family had a piece of land there so Denise believed that because it wasn’t possible for Black people to own that at the time, they always thought that the family was Caucasian in the community. So, her father’s side of the family likely blended in that community so they were never recognized as people from the Black community.

Denise Dowse Siblings

Denise Dowse was born as a middle child to her parents. She has an older sister named Tracey Dowse.

Tracey completed high school at Wilbur Tucker Woodson High School in 1974. She studied psychology at the University of Virginia. She studied technology at Golden Gate University in 2002.

Formerly, Tracey worked as an account manager at AT&T from 1980 to 2002. She was a former American Film Market Operations & Exhibitor Services at Independent Film & Television Alliance from 2006 to 2013.

As of 2022, Tracey has also been working as Director of Empowerment at Dreams of the Soul, Life Mastery Consultant and Dream Builder Coach at Brave Thinking Institute, and Certified Master at Positive Prime.

Born in January 1956, Tracey is currently 66 years old. She was married to her husband Lawrence Johnson who was a staff sergeant on 24 December 1991. Larry would’ve been 76 years old in March 2022 however he passed away before he turned 70.

The youngest of the three siblings was their brother Barry Dowse (Herbert B. Dowse III) who served in the US Air Force. He had two sons; Jamie Dowse and Herbert B Dowse IV.

Related FAQs

  • What Is Denise Dowse Cause Of Death?

Denise Dowse reportedly died on 13 August 2022. She contracted viral meningitis in early July which started as a headache. She slipped into a coma on 18 July 2022 which became her cause of death. Her sister Tracey announced her death after being hospitalized.

She wrote at the time, “I am requesting support and prayers be offered me and my sister, and my only immediate family @denisedowse.”

“She is currently in the hospital in a coma brought on by a virulent form of meningitis,” Tracey continued. “Her doctors do not know when she will come out of the coma as it was not medically induced.”

  • How Old Was Denise Dowse At The Time Of Her Death?

Born on 21 February 1958, Denise Dowse was 64 years old at the time of her death.

  • How Much Was Denise Dowse Net Worth?

Denise Dowse’s net worth must’ve been above $2 million.

  • Was Denise Dowse On Instagram?

Yes, Denise Dowse was on Instagram (@denisedowse). She was also on Facebook (@denisedowsepart2 and @DYDowse).

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