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Tigerlily Cooley Bio, Family, Age, Job, Height, Love Island

Love Island USA Season 4 fans were treated to a special episode on ‘Day 16′ introducing the Casa Amor segment. Like every other season this time too, Casa Amor, which means “The House of Love” in Spanish, was most awaited by the viewers. So, the franchise meeting to fans’ expectations and introduced 12 new bombshells as part of the ultimate test. Tigerlily Cooley, whom we are going to talk about in the rest of the writing, is one of the six female Casa Amor addition.

Who is she, and what became of her journey on the reality show, let’s explore in this writing called ‘ Tigerlily Cooley Bio’.

Tigerlily Cooley On Love Island USA

Following the Casa Amor segment, the original male islanders were sent to the Casa Amor villa. There, they interacted with the new single ladies (including Tigerlily). While the OG female participants were introduced to six new guys in the villa. And with the OG couples separated, it was about time to finally see whether the OG islanders will return to their former partners or choose someone from the Casa Amor addition (Tigerlily included).

While her future on the show was yet to be revealed, Tigerlily revealed a few things about her from the past. She said that her last official relationship was with an Irish model she met while vacationing and at one time she even dated a pornstar. She apparently mentioned her pornstar ex-boyfriend to put across the idea that it takes a lot to “impress” her in bed. During her introduction to Love Island fans, she also described Maluma and Cristiano Ronaldo as her celebrity crushes.

Tigerlily Cooley Age

Tigerlily Cooley was 24 years old when she went on to shake things up on Love Island USA in 2022.

What Do We Know About Tigerlily Cooley Family?

Tigerlily’s mom Grace Cooley was born and raised in Walla Walla, a city in Washington. From there she moved to the Seattle area (Bremerton/Silverdale) the summer before 11th grade and went to Olympic High in her junior year. In her senior year, she left on a Rotary scholarship to study in Japan. Again, she returned to Seattle and graduated from the University of Washington. Apparently, this was where she met Patrick, Tigerlily’s dad.

They went on a few dates and one day they were engaged when Patrick slipped an engagement ring on her hand when she was sleeping. Following graduation, they married. Then later, Tigerlily was born. They named her so because she was born in the year of the tiger. Then, Bella came along and finally younger brother, Gavin. 30 years later, Tigerlily confirms, that her parents are still happily married.

As of 2022 Grace had turned 51 years old and Patrick celebrated his 57th birthday on 13 August 2022.

Gavin (on TikTok @gavinhcooley) was 20 by 2022 and Bella, aka Annabella Bird N Cooley, turned 22 that year.

Tigerlily Cooley Height

Tigerlily Cooley stands around 5’6” in height.

Is Tigerlily Cooley On Instagram?

Yes. Tigerlily Cooley could be found on Instagram @tiger.del.flor as of 14 August 2022. And the account had 157 posts and 32.3K followers.

Tigerlily entertained another 129.8K followers on TikTok @tiger.del.flor. She also joined Twitter @tigerdelflor in January 2020 and could be found on twitch as well @tigerdelflor.

Tigerlily Cooley Job

On her LinkedIn where she goes around by the name ‘Elle C.’, Tigerlily introduces herself as the CEO/Head of Public Relations of Tenth House Agency, a boutique talent management, and music PR firm based in Los Angeles. She has been working full-time year since January 2021.

Before that having freshly graduated she had joined Credit Suisse’s Private Fund Group in New York City. And she was there for less than a year.

Besides the day job, Tigerlily loves being the singer/songwriter/guitarist for her Bleachbear girl band. Fellow bandmates are Bird Cooley, her younger sister, and Emiko Gantt, their cousin. And it is the same all-girl grunge band that Tigerlily mentioned singing in as the three grew up.

Tigerlily is a solo artist. The indie-pop star is on Spotify by her stage name ‘tiger del flor’. And this channel included 35,895 monthly listeners as of 14 August 2022. Of them all the singles “like we’re an indie movie”, “Lisbon”, “best u ever had”, and “Venice beach when I met you” are the most popular.

Tigerlily says as an artist she has always been inspired by the tragic glamour of old Hollywood and rock & roll, by The Great Gatsby, vintage Playboy, Marilyn Monroe, James Dean, Kurt Cobain, Andy Warhol, disco balls, motorcycles, tattoos, vinyl, cowboys, indie movies, anonymous poetry, analog photography, the 90s, hopeless romanticism, and the list goes on.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Tigerlily Cooley’s Birthday?

So far, Tigerlily Cooley could not tell what day of the month it is exactly that she celebrates her birthday.

  • Where Is Tigerlily Cooley From?

Tigerlily Cooley was born and brought up in Seattle, the seaport city on the West Coast of the United States. Although, years from now she moved to Los Angeles and continued to be there as of 2022.

Speaking of her ethnicity, her mother has roots back in South Korea and Japan and her dad in Germany and Ireland. So, Tigerlily is the blend of all.

Her maternal grandma, she shared, escaped from North Korea in 1967 and immigrated to a small town in the United States in search of a better future.

At last, let us also tell you that Tigerlily’s love for traveling has also made her live in London, Barcelona, and Medellin, other than in New York City, Seattle, and Los Angeles.

  • Where Did Tigerlily Cooley Recieve Her Education?

Tigerlily Cooley graduated summa cum laude and became the recipient of the Alumni Chair Award while studying at Fordham Gabelli School of Business. She got her BS in Global Business Honors Program with a Concentration in Digital Media and Technology. Here, she also founded Fordham’s Undergraduate Women in Business club, Fordham’s largest student organization voted “Student Organization of the Year.”

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