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Does Ari Emanuel Have A Daughter? How Many Kids Does He Have?

Ari Emanuel rarely spoke of his children. But, there are rumors that besides three sons, he also has a daughter. So, does Ari Emanuel have a daughter? Where is she and what does she do for a living?

We answer all the questions below in this article.

Does Ari Emanuel Have A Daughter?

Hollywood agent Ari Emanuel has a daughter named Ashlee Emanuel. Very little is known about the daughter of the founder of Ari. Lack of social media. But to know about the relationship between Ari and Ashlee, we have to go back to Ari’s upbringing.

Ashlee grew up among powerful men; her father and her uncles. Ari has two brothers; Zeke is an Oncologist and Rahm Emanuel, was a former congressman and mayor of Chicago. Ari grew up as a fearless kid ready to take on anyone who bullied him. He was diagnosed with dyslexia and attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder in the third grade.

Dr. Benjamin Emanuel, Ari’s father, was born in Jerusalem and served in the fledgling Israeli army during the 1948 Arab-Israeli War. In 1953, Dr. Emanuel landed in New York with only thirteen dollars in his pocket and a grasp of Hebrew, French, and Italian—but not English.

He eventually moved to work at a hospital in Chicago, where he met Marsha Smulevitz, a determined civil-rights activist and radiology technician. He took her to breakfast and asked her to marry him a week later.

They spent a few years in Israel before returning to Chicago, where Dr. Emanuel established a successful pediatric clinic. The three brothers spent practically every summer in Israel, visiting family. The Emanuels arrived in 1967, when Ari was six years old, just two weeks after the Six-Day War ended.

Their sister Shoshana, who had cerebral palsy, and his parents adopted her from a woman in 1973. Zeke, the doctor, hasn’t mentioned Shoshana in his memoir, New Yorker reached out to Rahm but he declined to answer questions about his sister, and Ari doesn’t speak about her publicly.

Shoshana had two children as a young woman. She was only pictured in Ari’s bar mitzvah photograph.

In 2015, Ari adopted one of Shoshana’s children, so it is likely that Ashlee is the daughter of Ari’s sister Shoshana, to whom Ari has become an adoptive parent.

According to LinkedIn, Ashlee is currently working as an executive assistant in WWE since January 2022. She joined as a writer’s assistant in 2021. Before that, she worked as an associate for Harbor Point Wines & Spirits, a salesperson for Connecticut Cigar Company, and a Production Assistant at Wolf Entertainment.

Ashlee also worked as a Project Organizer at her uncle/adoptive father Ari’s company Endeavor for three months in 2017. She graduated from Whittier College with BA in English Language and Literature.

Click the link to meet Ashlee Emanuel on Facebook.

How Many Kids Does Ari Emanuel Have?

Besides Ari Emanuel’s allegedly adopted daughter Ashlee, he shared three sons namely Noah, Ezra, and Leo Emanuel with his ex-wife. All four children of Ari stay away from the public eyes so almost no information is known about his four children.

Only Ezra (@ezra.emanuel) and Leo are available on Facebook.

Who Is Ari Emanuel Baby Mother?

Ari Emanuel had all four children with his wife Sarah Hardwick Addington. They married in 1996 and stayed married for 22 years. While speaking to The New Yorker, Ari once said, he wooed his wife with the same persistent approach that he used to hire Patrick Whitesell.

Sarah was an East Coast girl Ari knew from Illinois to join him. “I called her every day for a year,” Emanuel told New Yorker. “I tell people I signed my wife.”

But, the marriage came to an end in 2018. They separated and filed for divorce where they cited irreconcilable differences.

Sarah, who is 59 years old (born October 1962) is a resident of Los Angeles, CA.

Are More Kids In The Plan For Ari Emanuel In The Future?

It is likely that Ari Emanuel has more kids in the plan in the future.

In May 2022, Ari Emanuel tied the knots with his wife Sarah Staudinger. They shared their wedding vows in a dizzyingly star-studded ceremony in St. Tropez. Page Six reported that the couple’s nuptials coincide with the 2022 Cannes Film Festival. The wedding was attended by personalities such as Elon Musk, Emily Ratajkowski, Sean “Diddy” Combs, Larry David and the groom’s brother, and former Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel.

Sarah is best known as the founder of LA-based fashion designer and co-founder of STAUD. Ari and Sarah started seeing each other in 2018. They got close after Ari filed for divorce from now ex-wife Sarah Addington.

They reportedly broke up in 2020 after dating for two years. But got back together a few months later. Ari proposed to Sarah five weeks after Ari’s company Endeavor Group Holdings Inc went public.

Related FAQs

  • When And Where Were Ari Emanuel Kids Born?

It appears, that most of his kids of Ari Emanuel were born in Los Angeles because he moved and settled in LA immediately after meeting his ex-wife Sarah. However, the date of their birth remains unclear.

But Ari’s daughter Ashlee was reportedly born in 1996, so she is around 26 years old as of 2022.

  • Where Do Ari Emanuel Kids Live Today?

Based on the social media post, Ari’s three sons live in Los Angeles. Whereas, his daughter Ashlee lives in Stamford, Connecticut.

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