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Meet Taran Gray Peirson Parents: Nathan And Evelyn Pierson!

Remember De La Rosa, the original housewife, appearing on the first and second seasons of Real Housewives of Orange County? Yes. She recently tied the knot with her musician boyfriend and fiance Taran Gray Peirson. Only last year, in August, De La and Taran had been in the news getting engaged two months after celebrating their anniversary. Now, get into this detailed and never before covered story about the former RHOC star’s new hubby’s parents Nathan And Evelyn Pierson.

Who Are Taran Gray Peirson’s Parents?

Taran Gray Pierson was born on 6 April 1986 to Nathan Pierson and Evelyn Pierson. Taran, here, loves them and they also feel the same way or even more about him. And Taran often mentioned them on his social media. For instance, this one time in 2017, he shared how his parents gave him this toy of a 1961 Trailways Bus for his birthday. This was the same year model that the Freedom Riders rode. Taran shared that he places it on his desk as a reminder that there is deep support from his family that is always pushing him forward.

Taran also often says things like that his parents have supported him with prayer, love, and blessings.

Meet Taran Gray Peirson’s Father, Nathan Peirson

Taran Gray Pierson’s father Nathan R. Peirson originally hails from San Diego, a city on the Pacific coast of California.

Nathan’s mother, Eleanor Mae (Vernon) Peirson, who was born on 2 October 1928 in Los Angeles, California passed away at the age of 86 on 11 November 2014. She lived in Southern California her entire life. Also, she was a graduate of BIOLA College; was married to the late Ernest R. Peirson; was a Director of Social Services and then Director of Hospice at Corona Community Hospital; and in her retirement, she served as secretary and personal assistant for her brother, Robert L. Vernon.

Other than Taran, she and her husband also welcomed Levi Peirson, Timothy W. Peirson, and Rene’ Koviak into this world.

  • Nathan Peirson Age

Nathan Peirson was born in November 1953. So, he reached the age of 68 in 2021.

  • Nathan Peirson Job

Nathan Peirson, according to his LinkedIn, has been working at Lambs Players Theatre for more than 39 years. He started as a photographer before getting promoted eventually to its director of production and then to the resident lighting designer.

But before all that, he got his dual degrees in Psychology and Art at Biola University from 1971 through 1980.

  • Is Nathan Peirson On Instagram?

Nathan Peirson did not appear to be on Instagram as of 2022. But he did have a ‘Nathan Peirson’ Facebook account. And here, he shared with his people some of his memories from life.

Meet Taran Gray Peirson’s Mother, Evelyn Peirson

A few years back, Taran Gray Peirson said that his mother Evelyn Peirson still is the leading lady in his life. Among other things, he said he loved her for being strong-minded, Christ-centered, wise, and hospitable.

  • Evelyn Peirson Age

Evelyn Pierson celebrates her birthday on the 15th of May. And on this day in 2022, she reached the age of 65. Also, often on this day, her son can be seen wishing her a ‘happy birthday’ on his social media. “To the greatest woman in the world, Happy Birthday Mom… give yourself a hug for me”, one of the many birthday messages read.

  • Evelyn Peirson Job

Evelyn Peirson, according to her LinkedIn, is a speech-language pathologist (SLPA) at Chula Vista Elementary School District.

We know that in order to become a speech-language pathologist, one has to have a degree that is accredited by the Council on Academic Accreditation in Audiology and Speech-Language Pathology. But, it was unclear what educational and professional background Evelyn had over the years.

  • Is Evelyn Peirson On Instagram?

Evelyn Peirson did not seem to be on Instagram as of 30 May 2022. But, she certainly had a Facebook account ‘Evelyn Peirson’. However, even here, she rarely posted a real picture of herself.

Related FAQs

  • Are Taran Gray Peirson’s Parents Still Married?

Indeed! Taran Gray Peirson’s parents were still married as of 2022. And the last time we saw them pose for a family photo was 29 December 2021, during the holidays, when Taran wrote on his Facebook that he had been too busy making memories with his family that he forgot to update his Facebook.

Anyway, Taran’s parents seemed to be doing well in their marriage which began some decades ago. They celebrate their wedding anniversary on the 20th of January every year and in 2012 they cheered on their 30th year of togetherness.

  • How Many Kids Do Taran Gray Peirson’s Parents Have?

Taran Gray Peirson’s parents have two kids. So, other than Taran, there is Brenna Kathleen Peirson, aka Brenna Kathleen Jill Princess.

About Brenna, she turned 32 in October 2021. Brenna is a “dime, a stunner, and a total babe” according to her Instagram @stunnerinthestacks. And professionally, Brenna has been working at the prior-mentioned Lamb’s Players Theatre for more than 11 years. Like her father she first went to Biola University (for a BFA degree). Also, she was expected to graduate (with a Master of Library & Information Science) from Simmons University in 2023.

Together, the crew of four make a very beautiful family. They are also fun people or you could even say, a musical family.

On occasions like Christmas, you can expect them to sing together in Vanda Eggington musical dynamics and dictation. They will sing to you ‘Merry Christmas’ from a soprano, alto, tenor, and bass, i.e, actually without any of it.

  • Where Do Taran Gray Peirson’s Parents Live Today?

Taran Gray Peirson’s parents were based in Chula Vista city in the San Diego metropolitan area as of the time of this writing.

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