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Does Charlie Bewley Have A Wife? Relationship Status Reveal!

Charlie Bewley is an English actor and producer best known for his role as the vampire Demitri in The Twilight Saga films, Charles Wentworth on Nashville, and Galen Vaughn in The Vampire Diaries.

So, like that, Charlie has been in the industry since 2009 and after more than 13 years and he continues to charm his fans, maybe even more than before. Also, all these years and fans have not given up wondering about his relationship status. Especially with Lifetime’s recent-release Dangerous Affair, fans have taken their burning question as to if or not he has a wife to the internet one more time.

So, does Charlie Bewley, in fact, has a wife? Read through the writing and we shall reveal it once and for all!

Does Charlie Bewley Have A Wife?

Charlie Bewley did not seem to be married as of the time of this writing. But then, he never really discussed his private affairs in public. So, apparently one could even not tell if he is single or in a discreet relationship. He simply kept mum on his relationship status as of 2022.

He also did not hint at any of his entanglements on any social media. All one could tell was he enjoyed spending his time with his friends and family.

However, this was not the case a while ago, around 2016. He had a girlfriend named Cristina Peerenboom and unlike now he would not stop gushing about her.

On 4 October 2016, Charlie wished her a “Happy First”. So, maybe the day was their 1st year of dating anniversary. This IG post showing Cristina in a short video shared by Charlie read “She’s beautiful and terrifying all at once, like nature itself…” – to the girl I love and adore… Happy First Cristina.”

But they completely stopped being seen together onward 2017. So, this relationship did not seem to have gone that far. Also, as of 2018, Charlie started seeing another man called Nicolas Becerra or simply Nick. Most importantly she also got engaged to Charlie during the pandemic time in September 2020.

Charlie Bewley Career

It is said Charlie Bewley was born and has been acting ever since. Of course, in between, he also attended Loughborough Grammar School & Oakham School. However, it is not clear if he also trained in acting (at the Oxford School of Drama) like his sister, Lydia Rose.

From his birthplace, Charlie eventually took off to Vancouver, Canada to pursue acting. With time, patience, and enough had-work, he had a successful run as an actor.

He went on to be a part of a number of popular films. His role in the Twilight films gave him the big break he needed.

In 2013, Charlie played the lead in the film, Hammer of the Gods.

Of them, his most outstanding endeavor was a Kickstarter campaign for the film Thunder Road on which he collaborated with partners Steven Grayhm and Matt Dallas. The next year, he played Leon in the British adventure film Rules of the Game.

Between 2016 – 2017, he also became Simon Eckhart, a recurring role, in Colony. In 2017, he also signed the films Renegades and The Broken Ones. The role of Isaac in the film Sister of the Groom came to him in 2020. In the latest 2022-released A Dangerous Affair he plays journalist Pierce Dalton opposite actress Aubree Bouché’s Amelie Didot.

You should also know that before Charlie moved to Vancouver, he worked as a snowboarder for two years in Whistler and a while as a cabbie.

How Much Is Charlie Bewley’s Net Worth?

Charlie Bewley reportedly had more than $1 million net worth as of 2022.

A year before, his net worth was estimated between $1.5 million to $5.5 million. In 2019, reporting from outlets out there cited he had $1.8 million. While this data may vary, what it does confirms is that his money is only increasing every year.

Acting, clearly, is a major source of his income.

Charlie Bewley Height

Ruggedly handsome, charming, and tall Charlie’s height is 6′ (1.83 meters).

Charlie Bewley Family

Charlie Bewley is an opera singer or maybe she used to be one in the past. Then there are a bunch of siblings that we know about. Charlie is the oldest of four children. There is a younger sister Lydia Rose Bewley (born on 9 October 1985), an elder brother, James Bewley (born on 10 October 1975), and one more brother, Andrew Bewley.

Furthermore, Charlie is not the only one seeking acting as a career in the family. Lydia Rose is an actress who, having spent two years working as a children’s entertainer, was cast as a supporting character in The Inbetweeners movie. Then, from 2013 – 2014, she appeared as Metella in the ITV2 sitcom Plebs. Between 2015 and 2017, she did one of the lead characters, Bunny, in the E4 sitcom Drifters.

Other than that, another sibling James is also a known Brooklyn-based comedian, writer, voice-over artist, and performer. The Deep Night with Dale producer/host is a former member of the San Francisco sketch comedy group Killing My Lobster and a co-creator of the award-winning animated web series, Strindberg and Helium.

Related FAQs

  • How Old Is Charlie Bewley?

Charlie Bewley was born on 25 January 1981. So, he reached the age of 41 in 2022.

  • Is Charlie Bewley Scottish?

No. Charlie Bewley is not Scottish. Instead, he is an English, born and bred in London, England. Although (in 2022) he was based around Silicon Beach, in the Westside region of the Los Angeles metropolitan area.

  • How Thick Is Charlie Bewley’s Accent?

Studying Charlie Bewley’s way of speaking, one may come to a conclusion that his accent is not as heavy or that his regional pronunciation is not as strong.

  • Is Charlie Bewley On Instagram?

Yes. Charlie Bewley could be found on Instagram @alchemission where he had 205 posts and 3,702 followers (as of 7 August 2022).

Charlie seemed to be more like a Twitter person as he appeared constantly doing something over Twitter @alchemission. A good 83.6K followers looked up to him here.

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