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Íñigo Onieva Bio, Age, Height, Net Worth, Tamara Falco

Meet Íñigo Onieva in this bio where we cover details regarding his age, height, and his net worth.

Netflix released a new six-part show titled Lady Tamara which premiered on 4 August 2022. The show gives subscribers of the streaming service a glimpse into the world of aristocrats and socialites.

Lady Tamara follows Tamara Falco going about her regular activities, such as doing photo shoots, organizing birthday parties, and giving her dog avocado scraps. Tamara is a cook in addition to being a socialite, and the series looks at how she builds a restaurant. Lady Tamara is undoubtedly accustomed to being the center of attention.

Íñigo Onieva, Tamara’s boyfriend, is also made known to viewers. We now have the crucial information for you if you want to discover more about the latter, with an emphasis on their significant events in the relationship and their current situation.

Netflix’s Lady Tamara: Are Íñigo Onieva And Tamara Falco Still Together?

Influencer Tamara was apparently at a point in her life in the late 2010s when she was simply sick of the games she had grown accustomed to playing in her several disastrous relationships. The devoted Catholic quickly found herself praying for “the one” while on a trip to San Antonio with several close friends. She had even momentarily pondered abandoning everything to become a nun. Then, through a shared affiliation, hotel executive Íñigo Onieva Molas, who is about eight years her junior, unexpectedly entered her life, sparking a connection no one could have ever imagined.

“When I saw him in [my friend’s] photos on Instagram, I said, ‘Come on, he’s so annoying,'” Within the Netflix series, Tamara acknowledged. “Always showing off and so on. You know? But when I met him, he had a very deep side and, above all, a very affectionate side. Little by little, I got to know another side of him, one that he didn’t share much”.

However, Íñigo claimed that at first, because of the attractive smiles he thought she freely offered, he thought the public figure used to “dress up for him,” only for her to claim it was “all in his brain.” But as they drew closer, their relationship did deepen and become much more; they even got married close to the end of 2020.

“Íñigo has been a surprise for me,” the socialite-turned-chef revealed. “If someone said three years ago that I would be with him, I would’ve said, ‘never in a million years because he’s so different from me… [We] are very different, but we complement each other.”

Even though they frequently quarrel, Tamara admitted, “even though sometimes it feels like the end of the world, we come back stronger because we love each other.” And that’s despite the public’s pressure to act quickly and (seemingly baseless) allegations of his adultery.

Íñigo and Tamara admittedly don’t always agree, as seen in “Lady Tamara” by the contrast between her pious commitments and his many night outings (he runs the Lula Club in Gran Va, Madrid). Because there is no disrespect, no games, and ongoing support for both personal and professional growth on each side, they have nevertheless successfully made things work. The gap between them feeling truly secure in their love relationship and not making up for the fact that Tamara said they are confident in who they are as individuals.

To put it another way, Tamara and Íñigo are not only together now, but they are stronger than ever. They know when to give one another space to pursue distinct interests. You only need to check their Instagram accounts to see evidence of their continued relationship; even though she is currently in Bosnia on a pilgrimage and he is currently enjoying a dream vacation in Turkey and Lebanon.

Tamara and Íñigo don’t use their social media platforms to put clichéd captions about their sentiments. Their intimate photos and open interviews are sufficient to convey those thoughts. The former has in fact frequently called the hotel executive the love of her life before tagging on that she does have plans to get married and start a family with him in the future.

However, El Espanol in December 2020 addressed Íñigo’s mother as Tamara’s mother-in-law so they are in fact married sometime before that.

Íñigo Onieva Age

At the time of the filming of Netflix’s Lady Tamara, Íñigo Onieva was 33 years old.

Íñigo Onieva Height

Íñigo Onieva’s height measures 6 feet 1 inch.

How Much Is Íñigo Onieva Net Worth?

Íñigo Onieva’s net worth should be above $20 million. He started his career at SENER as Aerostructures and Fluid Dynamics Section. Aerospace Department. From September 2012 to March 2013, he worked at Italdesign Giugiaro a Master Thesis Project. He also interned at SEAT, SA as an Intern as Exterior Designer.

From 2017 to 2018, Íñigo worked at ZAGATO – Zed Milano S.R.L. as Automotive Designer in Milan, Italy. Starting from 2021, he has been working at LuLa cLub as a Partner & Creative Director. Moreover, she worked at MABEL Hospitality as Business Development Director.

Recently, in March 2022, he has been working as Artistic Director at WOW Concept.

Talking about his education, Íñigo attended Nebrija University. He graduated with a degree in 2011. He also attended the Institute of Applied Art and Design with an M.Sc. in Design, Transportation Design. In 2015, Íñigo graduated 2015 with a degree in MA in Vehicle Design.

Related FAQs

  • Is Íñigo Onieva On Instagram?

Yes, Íñigo Onieva is on Instagram (@ionieva) and Facebook (@iomolas).

  • Where Was Íñigo Onieva Born?

Íñigo Onieva was born in Bilboa, Pais Vasco, Spain. But, he is currently based in London, United Kingdom.

  • What Do We Know About Íñigo Onieva Family?

Iñigo Onieva and Carolina Molas are the parents of Iñigo Onieva. They raised him in a chalet in the wealthiest urbanization in Spain. He is the firstborn of three brothers and a stepbrother. This was especially true of his mother, Carolina Molas, a naturally beautiful woman who Tamara Falcó.

Carolina married once before.

After a long separation from her first husband, Iñigo Onieva Sr., Carolina rebuilt her life after marrying a new man. She now resides with him in the La Moraleja family home. Carolina serves as a director of the company chaired by her mother, María Eugenia Urrutiaciorraga Ibarra.

One of his siblings we know of is Jaime Onieva Molas.

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