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Does Kit Connor Have A Partner? Is The British Actor Gay?

Kit Connor portrayed Charlie Spring’s crush Nick Nelson on Netflix’s queer drama Heartstopper, and the amazing chemistry between the two had many wondering if Kit is gay IRL. So, if he is, who’s his partner?

Find answers as you scroll down. 

Is Kit Connor Gay?

Though Kit Connor hasn’t confessed his sexuality, every hint he’s ever given directs us toward believing that the British actor is gay.

After filming the inaugural season of Heartstopper, Kit took it to an interview to reveal that he felt “honored” to be able to represent the B in the LGBTQ+ storyline. In his words, “It’s a real honor to be able to play Nick because it’s such an underrepresented kind of character.”

He believes that male bisexuality is less represented in the entertainment industry (even less than female or non-binary). And having the show explore his character’s journey and his mental struggle, Kit is more than happy to inspire a whole new generation of LGBTQ+ youth.

“It’s not just that confusion of “oh, maybe I like a boy? Maybe this isn’t what I thought it was” and then there’s that layer of “oh, do I like boys? Do I like girls? How do I feel?” Kit explained.

However, Heartstopper isn’t just a completely happy story. There are minuscule elements of bullying and of sexual assault. But Kit believes that it was important to show younger, especially queer kids, that your life isn’t going to be just bullying — It “shows the beauty” of queer love, he added.

Also, the actor shared that scene where his character comes out to his mother Sarah, can be really impactful and influential “that could really change a person’s life.”

Does Kit Connor Have A Partner?

No, Kit Connor didn’t seem to have a partner as of 2022. Also, for those of you wondering, no! he wasn’t dating his on-screen boyfriend Joe Locke IRL. However, the two do share amazing chemistry on Heartstopper, which naturally had many fans shipping them together.

To summarize their on-screen love story, Joe’s character Charlie develops a crush on popular rugby player Nick (portrayed by Kit). But Charlie who is already out at school and has experienced some bullying for it finds a secret boyfriend, Ben, who meets up with him in the library at break time but picks on him when anyone else is around.

So, when Ben progresses from treating Charlie harshly to making a girlfriend and then belittling him, Nick comes to the rescue. And this is how the two built their friendship into something more.

Recalling the filming, especially the rehearsals of the kissing scene with Joe, Kit revealed that it could have gone better. According to the star, Joe is a coffee person. So, always he would arrive at the set and have a coffee straight away. And for this, Kit has been “punished deeply” in multiple kissing scenes.

Kit recalled an incident where Joe still had a coffee in his hand when the director asked them to rehearse a kissing scene. “That was difficult for me! I thought maybe next time I should eat an egg sandwich or something like that before. Payback!,” the actor joked.

Kit Connor Net Worth

Kit Connor garnered a net worth of above $200 thousand by 2022.

This talented actor was 8 when he first landed a minor role in the Channel 4 sitcom Chickens (2011). By 10, Kit was already a movie star who played youngster Tom Anderson in the movie Get Santa (2014). Since then, contracts have been making their way and he’s already appeared in over 20 movies and TV shows before 2022.

Some of them are — His Dark Materials (2020), SS-GB (2017), War & Peace (2016), Rocket’s Island (2015), and Mr. Holmes (2015).

Also, he played young Elton John in the hit movie Rocketman.

As for his theater works, Kit has appeared in WELCOME HOME, CAPTAIN FOX! at the Donmar Warehouse, and FANNY & ALEXANDER.

Talking about his training, he didn’t go to a stage school. Rather, he has attended Hayes Primary School and  Whitgift School.

Kit Connor Family

Kit Connor comes from a family of four — his parents, Richard and Caroline Connor, himself, and his brother Ned Connor.

His dad, Richard is a Doncaster native who studied art and design at the Doncaster Faculty of Art and Design. The last we checked, he worked at AMVBBDO.

Kit’s parents were still married and lived in London, United Kingdom as of 2022.

As for Kit’s sibling, Ned attended Wallington County Grammar School.

Trivia: Kit’s family owned two dogs named Basil and Sybil.

How Old Is Kit Connor?

Kit Connor was born on Mar 8, 2004. That made him 18 years of age when Heartstopper premiered in 2022.

Corrpesidnt o his birthday, Kit is of the Pisces zodiac.

Kit Connor Height

Kit Connor stands tall at a height of 5 feet 10 inches (178 cm).

Related FAQs

  • Where Was Kit Connor Born?

 Kit was born and raised in Croydon, London. 

  • Is Kit Connor On Instagram?

Yes, fnd him on Instgram @connor.

Also, here’s his Facebook @kit.connor.315 and Twitter @kit_connor.

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