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Who Is Joe Locke Partner? Is The Heartstopper Actor Gay?

Meet actor Joe Locke who stands out for his role of Charlie “Charlie” Spring in Netflix’s coming-of-age romance television drama Heartstopper (premiered on 22 April 2022).

So, Joe, as a year 10 student at the Truham Grammar School for Boys who was recently outed, is the actor’s first-ever TV role. And we shall tell you more about the Heartstopper actor in the rest of this writing.

Is Actor Joe Locke Gay?

Joe Locke, for his on-screen debut, portrays the adorable Charlie whose on-screen chemistry with Kit Connor’s Nicholas “Nick” Nelson succeeds in captivating the viewers. They did so well that the viewers were actually intrigued about their sexual orientation in real life. So, is actor Joe Locke gay in real life?

Turns out, that Joe has also chosen to be tight-lipped about his sexual orientation. As for playing gay on the screen, he said, portraying Charlie was a challenging experience for Joe; especially considering the differences between himself and the character. But, he managed anyway to deliver an empowering and affecting performance similar to his co-star Kit, who like him, has not commented on the fans’ burning question about if or not he has the queer tales of his own.

Who Is The Actor Joe Locke’s Partner?

Despite the many kissing scenes and less-than-perfect smooches, we hate to break it to you that Joe Locke is not dating Kit Connor in real life. They are just co-stars and friends.

So, is Joe dating anyone other than Kit? The answer was not easy as he seems to keep his personal life private. Even his social media does not give away any photos of a boyfriend or a girlfriend. But then, there also seem to be some rumors that he was dating his Heartstopper co-star Sebastian Croft. Rumors started because Joe and Sebastian had posted the most pictures with each other out of all the Heartstopper cast. Some of the photos actually were intimate leading people to believe they were dating. One of the photos that the fans had their eyes on was the one where these two are embracing and another photo is of them wearing matching jackets. However, none of these guys commented anything on these speculations.

Not to miss, Sebastian also recently took to comment “Staring into my soul” to Joe’s couple of solo pictures on Instagram.

How Much Is Actor Joe Locke’s Net Worth?

Actor Joe Locke reportedly had less than $100K as his net worth as of April 2022.

Seeing as he is a newcomer, his exact pay-per-episode for Heartstopper is also not known, but it has been reported in the past that Netflix tends to pay TV show actors around $20K to $30K per episode for the first season of a TV show.

In the meantime, you should also know that Joe was selected out of 10K other potential actors for the role of Charlie in the series. Also, before the silver screen debut, he only had performed on stage as part of National Theatre Connections in 2020.

Actor Joe Locke Height

Joe Locke stood 5 feet 9 inches tall in height, according to a tweet from Kit Connor. Kit revealed that Joe was a few inches shorter than his Kit, who is 5 feet 11 inches.

Actor Joe Locke Parents

Talking about his career and early life, actor Joe Locke mentioned his mum, Helen Locke. Joe always was interested in acting and drama while growing up. So, he always did local amateur theatre. And at one point, his mum made him sign up for 5 different acting lessons at once. When he recalled all these, he shared what his mum had told him at the time, “Joe, I really need you to pick just one or two because you have zero free time!”.

Then, when Joe turned 16, it was also his mum to suggest he connect with a talent manager. Considering it, he had been in contact with London’s Markham, Froggatt & Irwin, after which Richard Gibb became his repp.

Anyway, Joe’s parents appear to have been separated as his mum is now married to Stephen Campbell; Joe also happens to have a stepbrother named Dylan Goldie.

The other people from Joe’s family would have to be his grandparents, Peter and Sandra Locke of Onchan, Isle Of Man.

How Old Is Actor Joe Locke?

Joe, with the full name Joseph William Locke, was born in the year 2003. So, he turned 18 years old in 2021.

Related FAQs

  • What Is Actor Joe Locke Ethnicity?

Joe Locke was born to his parents on the Isle of Man, which happens to be a self-governing British Crown dependency in the Irish Sea between England and Ireland. As for his ethnicity, he inherited the White British lineage from his parents.

  • When Is Actor Joe Locke Birthday?

Joe Locke’s birthday is on September 24th. And for people born on this day, the zodiac sign is Libra.

  • Is Actor Joe Locke On Instagram?

Indeed! Actor Joe Locke could be found on Instagram @joelocke03, where he had 21 posts and 369K followers as of 23 April 2022.

Then, Joe also kept his fans posted on TikTok @joelocke03 (104.5K followers) and on Twitter @joelocke03 (59.8K followers).

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