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Does Luxmy Gopal Have A Partner? Her Bio, Parents, Height, Net Worth

Luxmy Gopal isn’t a new face if you’ve been a fan of BBC morning programs. This talented host has regularly stepped in to replace other presenters, and this time she’s here to replace Sally Nugent on the iconic BBC Breakfast.

But today we aren’t discussing Luxmy’s onscreen achievements. Rather get to know her partner, and parents as this short bio proceeds.

Does Luxmy Gopal Have A Partner?

Not confirmed, but Luxmy Gopal allegedly had a partner named Martyn Williams. The rumors about the pair first started after they were often spotted together, attending various public and private events together.

The last we saw them, the duo was attending a friend’s wedding in 2019.

Luxmy even took it to her IG at the time to upload a few posts featuring her alleged partner. Over one of the posts captioned, “Pose like you own the place,” the two were cozied up in each other’s arms; which even caught the Welsh journalist Owain Wyn Evans’s eye as he commented with a love eyes emoji.

Also, another post where Martyn happily put his arms around Luxmy was captioned, “You know you’re old when that friend you never thought would grow up is now grownup (ish!) & married.”

Who Are Luxmy Gopal Parents?

Born to Indian parents, Luxmy Gopal has established herself pretty well in the biggest British broadcasting channel. She first joined BBC as an investigative journalist in 2011, and now, she’s already hosting the BBC Breakfast. However, this isn’t her first time on the morning show. Back in 2016, she also hosted the popular 6-to-9-weekend show for quite a while.

Besides her parents, this talented journalist also has her sister to thank for all the encouragement.

Also, we can’t forget her lovely cat, who isn’t just a pet to her. “Cosmo the Maine Coon,” is Luxmy’s child. He owns his own IG @mainecosmo with over 300 followers and 294 posts.

But although Luxmy might be a cat person, she also loves dogs. She often volunteered to dog-sit for her family’s German Shephard dogs.

Luxmy Gopal Height

Luxmy Gopal stands tall at a height of 5 feet 7 inches (170 cm).

Mentioning her distinct features, she has big dark eyes and a triangular face.

Luxmy Gopal Net Worth

Luxmy Gopal garnered a net worth of at least £250 (around $335) thousand by 2021.

Talking about her career, Luxmy started her journey as a manager working at Explore Learning in 2009. Then, she went on to work as a journalism student at the London College of Communication in 2010, and the next year she first started her journalism career at Exaro News but quit within 5 months.

Finally, in September 2011, Luxmy landed her dream job at BBC. She joined the broadcasting channel as an investigative journalist and went on to work on shows like BBC Inside Out South East, BBC South East Today, BBC Jersey, and BBC Look North.

It was January 2016, when Luxmy was promoted to video journalist and presenter. She then worked on BBC Channel Islands for almost 2 years, and BBC Look North for over 4 years.

As of 2021, Luxmy was working as the host of the iconic BBC Breakfast.

Luxmy’s passion for current affairs and broadcasting is born from her love of revealing big news stories with audiences and giving them a voice to share their stories with the world.

When Luxmy isn’t working, she loves to travel. Over the years, she has visited multiple countries including Italy, Cuba, South Africa, and Spain. Her main pastime activity to be to go hiking or lie at the beach.

Also, she is a pretty good singer. This talented journalist has voiced for’s initiative to bring everyone together during the Covid-19 pandemic

“I’m so proud to be part of this initiative, Living with Covid-19 has made things very different for everyone across the world and the LNER Song for Yorkshire is just what we need to bring together everyone,” Luxmy shared.

Is Luxmy Gopal On Instagram, Facebook?

Yes, find her on Instagram @luxmy_g, and Twitter @luxmy_g.

Sadly, we couldn’t find her over Facebook.

Related FAQs

  • How Old Is Luxmy Gopal?

Luxmy Gopal was born on May 28, 1992. That made her 29 years of age as of 2021.

Corrpesding to her birthday, Luxmy is of the Gemini zodiac.

  • Where Is Luxmy Gopal From?

Luxmy was born and raised in Luxmy Gopal.

But as of 2021, he resided in Leeds, Yorkshire.

  • Where Did Luxmy Gopal Recieve Her Education?

Luxmy attended Lyndhurst School in Camberley, and later graduated from Sir William Perkins’s School, an independent day school for girls. Finally, she then went on to get her bachelor’s in arts with honors in History and English literature from the University of Durham.

Back in Oct 2020, Luxmy also appeared in an education podcast with the Teacher Toolkit founder, Ross McGill.

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