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Kim De Knop Bio, Age, Husband, Nationality, Instagram

Instagram is for people with dull life to look at the sneak-peaks of the lives of the people with glamour and fun (at least in appearance). And Kim De Knop is one of those high-profile Instagrammers, who are living fun and exciting life.

Read everything you need to know about Kim today.

Meet Kim De Knop On Instagram

Kim De Knop is a co-pilot who works for a cargo airline called Challenge Aircargo. Kim flies around the world for her job. And when she lands in different places, she goes for the exploration of the city. She usually explores on foot because she thinks that is the best way to “discover a city”.

Also, getting a lot of allowances from the airlines helps her enjoy the destination at its best, be it food or entertainment, or accommodation. Then, of course, she shares her incredible life on Instagram.

Her Instagram page @737pilotgirl has over 122k followers. She started her Instagram journey in 2015. And had reached 50k subscribers by August 2016. You can also find her on Facebook.

And Kim started her professional career with a training stint for a Romanian airline called Blue Air. She was only 19 years of age at the time. She became a qualified pilot at the age of 21 and started working as a pilot for Blue Air.

In 2017, Kim left her job for Blue Air and joined Norwegian airlines. And she announced the news on her Instagram. She worked for Norwegian and was posted in Alicante, Spain for three years. While in Alicante, she bought a house near the airport.

Kim had to leave Norwegian because of the COVID pandemic. Once the pandemic hit and the flights in Europe were mostly shut down, she was put on furlough. She had to quit her job for Norwegian and join Challenge Aircargo. And she has been working as a cargo pilot ever since.

Kim started her pilot career with Boeing 737. But currently, she flies Boeing 747-400. Both of the planes are huge high-flying planes used for long-distance flights.

Despite her success as an Instagramming pilot, many people do not believe that a blonde woman of her age could be a pilot. People often mistake her for a cabin crew. However, Kim is quite proud of her profession. And she was especially proud “to be a part of the five percent of women flying around the globe”.

Of all the cities Kim has been to, she says that New York is her favorite city.

As an Instagrammer, she is currently being sponsored by Breitling, a luxury watch company.

Kim De Knop Age

As of December 2021, Kim De Knop was 27 years of age.

Does Kim De Knop Have A Husband?

No, Kim De Knop is not married yet. But she does have a boyfriend, who could soon become a husband. His name is William Cochrane. The two of them first met when Kim was working for Norwegian, in June 2018. They celebrated their 3 years together in June 2021.

When Kim arrived at her posting for Norwegian, William was a pilot-in-training for the Norwegian. The pair were instantly attracted to each other and started dating. And it was not long before William moved in with her.

At that time, Kim had to divide her time between her base in Alicante and Norway. William, on the other hand, was training in Alicante. However, since Kim only had short-distance flights, she could find time to see William.

When the pandemic arrived and Kim quit Norwegian (see above) to join Challenge Aircargo, William also joined Challenge with her. William had completed his training by that time and was also able to become a cargo pilot.

Both Kim and William are co-pilots (or first officers). And if they want to become pilots (or captains), they would have to finish 4000 hours on the air. 4000 hours is a requirement in Norwegian. It might differ for other airlines. As of now, Kim has 3500 hours on her resume and William has 2500 on his.

Kim De Knop Nationality: Where Is Kim De Knop From?

Kim De Knop is actually from Belgium. And thus, her nationality is Belgian.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Kim De Knop Birthday?

Kim De Knop has not revealed her exact birthday yet.

  • How Tall Is Kim De Knop?

Kim is a quite tall woman who stands at a height of 5 ft 7 inches.

  • How Much Is Kim De Knop Net Worth?

As of December 2021, Kim has accumulated a net worth of over €350 thousand.

According to our sources, a first officer in Belgium earns an average salary of €4.3k per month. Also, a co-pilot for Norwegian Airlines earns an average salary of about €6.2k. Kim might be earning somewhere between those two numbers. And that salary is the source of her current net worth.

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