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Does Matt Brown Have A Wife Or A Girlfriend?

A new (Season 14) of the docu-drama series, Alaskan Bush People premiered on 2 October 2022 on Discovery and DiscoveryPlus featuring the Brown family like old times. The new season comes after the demise of the family patriarch, Billy Brown. So, it should feature Ami and her kids Bam, Bear, Noah, Gabe, Bird, and Rain. But, Ami and Billy’s eldest son Matt Brown might not be featured. It seemed unlikely that he will return to the show. His absence has been noticeable since Season 8 (in 2016) after he went to rehab for alcohol addiction.

Does Alaskan Bush People’s Matt Brown Have A Wife Or A Girlfriend?

Alaskan Bush People‘s Matt Brown was not married or had a romantic partner as of 2022. Or maybe if he did, he had decided to keep it a secret. He never introduced any partner on Alaskan Bush People, on his social media Instagram, or during interviews.

But then, back in 2021, Matt admitted in an emotional IG confessional that, that year he fell in love with a married woman in Los Angeles. With this woman, who had two children, Matt was entwined for three years, until the relationship turned “toxic”. Matt then parted ways and moved to Washington. Matt later mentioned that she was also an addict and relapsed on Xanax. And once, when he caught her, he said, she tried to turn her issues on him and tried to get him locked up. So, in his words, he had to escape to Washington to find peace.

Also back in the day, in 2006, The Sun reported that Matt was dating Heather Bagayas who he rekindled with, in 2014. But, even they separated after five months together.

Does Matt Brown Have A Child?

Of course, Matt Brown also had no child as of the time of this writing.

Matt Brown’s Net Worth

While we have not been informed how much Matt’s alone is, the Brown family, according to The Sun, stood at a whopping $60 million net worth as of March 2020.

Family patriarch Billy Brown, still living then, was said to be worth $6 million. All his kids, including Matt, were said to have earned an estimated $40,000-$60,000 each for filming the Discovery Channel show.

Many of us have noticed when Matt alleged that production gave his family drugs and that his parents stole his money. In a video on Instagram posted in April 2019, Matt alleged that Alaskan Bush People are what led to many of his current struggles. He opened up that he has been “cold”, moneyless, and without anything to eat for the longest time.

Matt was apparently fired from Alaskan Bush People over sexual assault allegations. So, these days Matt continues to juggle his shunned life that fell apart after the rape accusations from two different women.

The first accuser was Jessica Jurges, a one-time personal assistant of the reality TV family, and the other was Shelly Dawn Early, Matt’s then-manager.

It’s been reported that since the accusations, many family members, including his siblings, have refused to speak or associate with Matt, making him all alone. But of course, he clapped back. He seemed to shade his family in a video post (in 2021) as he spoke that “some people” “still won’t accept” him after his addiction battle.

Did Matt Brown Attend His Father’s Funeral?

In a November 2021 special episode of Alaskan Bush People, fans mourned the death of Billy Brown. But, the deceased eldest son Matt Brown was nowhere to be seen.

The show did everything it could to make sure no one even mentioned Matt in the episode. At one point, they even claimed Bam Bam was Billy’s oldest son. But in reality, Bam was born in 1984 while Matt was in 1983.

Matt Brown Height

Matt Brown, with good looks, stands below  5’10” in height.

In early June 2022, Matt impressed his fans by showing off his new look (new haircut). Some fans were sad to see Matt had lost his curls, but they also eventually embraced his new look. Yet most lately, he has had his hair dyed silver or grey maybe.

Related FAQs

  • Is Matt Brown On Instagram And YouTube?

Yes. Matt Brown could be found on Instagram @mattbrown511 with 692 posts and 227K followers as of 4 October 2022.

He has been lying low since he left the family show. But, every so often, he treated his followers to a social media update, with his IG and YouTube channel.

Matt’s  channel, on YouTube, he says, is devoted to self-growth, self-understanding, recovery, and useful entertainment, as well as some cool adventures. Here, he entertained 27K subscribers as of the date.

  • How Old Is Matt Brown?

Matt Brown on 7 September 1983. So, he reached the age of 39 years old in 2022, and of course, he is a Virgo.

  • Where Does Matt Brown Live Now?

As of 2022, Matt Brown seemed to be dwelling around Washington.

As for his hometown, Matt grew up in the most remote parts of the Alaskan wilderness. He has been telling this more than once that it was like living on another planet compared to the rest of the world, that half of it was like a time warp to the stone age, and the rest was a mix between the wild west and a post-apocalyptic movie.

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