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Meet David Jessop, Robyn Brown Ex! His Family, Now

Sister Wives’ Robyn Brown rarely spoke about her ex-husband but we know that she was married before to her ex-husband David Jessop. Who is David Jessop? What does he do for a living? Where is he now?

Find a few details here which we’ve gathered from the web.

Meet David Jessop, Robyn Brown Ex

David Jessop and Robyn Brown married on 8 June 1999 when the bride was 22 years old, according to Ravalli Republic Newspaper. She opened up about experiences related to her first marriage in April 2021 episode. She said in the episode, “I was married before, and in that marriage, there was a lot of fighting and there was a lot of pain.”

Robyn added, “I promised myself as I came out of my divorce, I was like, ‘If I ever marry again, I’m just going to be more cautious and more careful.’ ” Robyn also compared her current marriage to her current husband Kody. Robyn explained in confessional, “Let’s just say that it’s rare that I fight with him. I probably could name five real fights in the last 10, 11 years we’ve been together. Probably five real fights. Maybe not even that.”

The marriage lasted for 8 years and they shared three children named Dayton, Aurora, and Breanna during that period. “Just to clarify, I do not tolerate my kids getting bullied,” she tweeted at the time of the episode. “I ended my first marriage because of abuse. My kids come first ALWAYS.”

Robyn said that during the period of the marriage she had to endure different abuses; financial abuse (leaving her in debt, not buying the baby’s cribs, not providing) emotional abuse, and even come short of saying sexual and physical abuse as well.

Robyn also accused her husband of not seeing their children or paying child support. She explained their reasons for divorcing in the Brown family memoir, Becoming Sister Wives- The Story of an Unconventional Marriage.

“I tried my hardest to make the marriage work, both for our own sake and for the sake of the three children my ex-husband and I had together. But what started off as unstable disintegrated into something destructive. After seven and a half years of marriage, we separated. A year and a half later, we were divorced,” Robyn penned. “Both my marriage and its collapse were incredibly difficult for me. I suffered a lot of pain and hardship. I had been badly mistreated and misled by my ex-husband. While I knew that he was the source of a lot of my grief, part of me still believed that I was a failure because I hadn’t been able to make my relationship work.”

After the divorce, Robyn met Kody Brown at a church dance and soon they began courting. Kody and Robyn got hitched spiritually on May 22, 2010. Then, Meri Brown granted Kody’s divorce so that he could wed Robyn officially and then seek to adopt Robyn’s children. Kody and Robyn were lawfully wed on December 11, 2014.

Is David Jessop Related To Kody Brown?

In 2018, when David Jessop was arrested and his mugshot was released, Robyn’s first marriage turned heads again. They commented that her first husband David bore a striking resemblance to her current husband Cody Brown. So the question is are they related?

It turns out that yes, they are. The two men who married Robyn shared a familial gene. Actually, one Redditor commented that they discovered that David and Kody were third cousins. To which fans of the show joked that Robyn kept it in the family. Moreover, it is common for Mormons to be related to due to the small pool of ancestors.

The commenter also shared that Kody was related to his now ex-wife Christine as they were first cousins. They were related by great-great-grandparents.

Where Is David Jessop Now?

It appears that David Jessop is currently residing in Pinesdale, Montana. What he has been up to lately and if he is currently married to someone is not public yet.

The only time David turned heads was in 2018 when he was arrested for assault. In court papers obtained from Hamilton City Court in Montana, Jessop was arrested on January 12, 2018, for partner or family member assault, causing bodily injury. He was released four days later on January 16, 2018.

David pled not guilty and the charge was amended to disorderly conduct on August 31, 2018. He was ordered to pay fines.

David Jessop Family

David Preston Jessop is a private individual who doesn’t share much and his ex-wife Robyn has no interest in discussing a man from her past. However, some of the people she is related to are Rulon Jessop, Ronald Jessop, Tamara Jessop, and Leslie Jessop.

Is David Jessop On Instagram And Facebook?

No, David doesn’t seem to be on Instagram or Facebook.

David Jessop Age

In August 2022, David Jessop turned 43 years old. 1979 marked the year he was born.

David Jessop Job

At the time when David Jessop was married to Robyn, he reportedly owned an HVAC business. He had also worked in construction. However, he is very private about his current life so the job that he has now eludes public knowledge.

Related FAQs

  • Is David Jessop Related To Fred Jessop And Warren Jeffs?

David Jessop could be distantly related to Fred Jessop and Warren Jeffs by blood/by marriage. David appears to be related to Montana’s Rulon Allred who started the Apostolic United Brethren (AUB) community. Rulon is Kody’s wife Christine’s grandfather. Moreover, Rulon married Rylon Jeff’s sister Leona. So, they seem to have a distant relationship.

  • Has David Jessop Appeared On Sister Wives?

No, David hasn’t appeared on Sister Wives. He most likely will never appear on the show.

  • Is David Jessop’s Family Tied To FLDS?

David Preston Jessop is a member of Apostolic United Brethren (AUB), a small sect from FLDS. However, the community doesn’t operate under the same principle that FLDS does.

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