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Doreen Ketchens Net Worth, Husband, Daughter, Queer Eye

“Lady Louie” Doreen Ketchens appeared on Netflix’s Queen Eye but she recently opened up about an unhappy incident that involved the production team. While we’re at it, also learn about her husband, daughter, and her age in this article below.

We got it all covered here.

Doreen Ketchens On Netflix’s Queer Eye

Local legend Doreen Ketchens is a well-known clarinetist in traditional jazz. She needed assistance taking over her family’s business, which is why “Queer Eye” cast her for Season 8. Doreen’s Sweets, her store, received a makeover by Bobby Berk of the Fab Five. A bit before Season 8 debuted, Doreen took to Instagram to criticize the ‘Queer Eye’ production crew for their mishandling of the show.

Doreen, who aired on Season 8 of “Queer Eye,” charged that the production crew exploited and destroyed property while filming. A screenshot of Doreen’s Instagram post went viral on January 13. In it, the local clarinet queen accused Queer Eye producers and Netflix of larceny and property destruction.

The production crew of “Queer Eye” faced criticism once more from viewers who claimed that the show’s mishandling and abuse of cast members caused Bobby from the Fab Five to leave the show before Season 8.

In addition, a security issue that surfaced during the eighth season of “Queer Eye” required the production team to make significant financial investments to guarantee the safety of the actors. A Season 8 Hero has now spoken out against mistreatment and mismanagement on the part of Netflix and the ‘Queer Eye’ production team.

Doreen needed help taking over her family’s business after being chosen as a Hero on Season 8 of “Queer Eye.” Bobby, one of the Fab Five, revamped Doreen’s Sweets, her store. The local clarinetist Doreen accused the ‘Queer Eye’ film team and Netflix of stealing and destroying property in an Instagram video that went viral on January 13. She said in her essay that the production firm was happy to mistreat the actors and had declined to take accountability for the losses.

Fans expressed their heartbreak in the Reddit discussion post. One fan wrote, “As a Nola Native who walks past the clarinet queen (almost) every day, I really hope this isn’t true. Very sad.”

One fan made the connection between the entire scenario and Berk’s departure from Queer Eye and said, “Maybe this is why Bobby left, the lack of critical thinking skills & professionalism on the side of the production/bosses? Since I’ve been following this page, I have seen more posts about the shadiness & laziness of this television show’s production team, than some celebrities have attached to their names.”

How Much Is Doreen Ketchens Net Worth?

Doreen Ketchens’ net worth is under $500 thousand. She primarily plays Dixieland jazz, sometimes referred to as hot jazz or classic jazz. This kind of jazz originated in New Orleans and developed around the turn of the 20th century.

In addition to being an amazing singer, Doreen led the way for women in the New Orleans music scene. She was one of the first female music educators and bandleaders in the New Orleans area. Doreen’s Jazz New Orleans, her band, plays at local music festivals and concert halls. As part of the Dixieland traditions of the Royal Street Performing Arts Zone, the band frequently plays in New Orleans’ French Quarter.

Doreen’s musical career has included performances for several well-known celebrities. Four US presidents—Bill Clinton, Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan, and George W. Bush Sr.—have heard her perform. Her passion and commitment to the music she plays have made her a cultural representative of traditional New Orleans music. She has also acquired the nickname “Lady Louis” due to her extraordinary ability to hit and hold high notes on her instrument.

In 1987, Doreen performed jazz in public for the first time at the Republican National Convention. Doreen’s Sweets was the name of the restaurant she used to own. She started her band after this performance and started earning money by performing on New Orleans streets.

It seemed as though Doreen’s Sweet Shop was prepared for business at the conclusion of the Fab Five’s week with her. However, there isn’t much information online about the store, which makes it seem improbable that it was ever formally launched. Or, if it opened, it has closed since then. At this moment, the shop’s address is unclear.

It’s also conceivable that Doreen needs more time before taking on a new business because she’s having trouble fitting it into her schedule. Having said that, Doreen should open the store right now since the episode probably brought in a lot of favorable press. However, details about Doreen’s Sweet Shop are still unknown.

How Old Is Doreen Ketchens?

Born on October 3, 1966, Doreen Ketchens is 57 years old as of this writing in January 2024.

Doreen Ketchens Husband

Doreen Ketchens is married to her husband Dr Lawrence H. Ketchens II. Lawrence and Doreen married in August 1982. They began improvising and busking in 1987.

In March 2022, on Lawrence’s birthday, Doreen wished him, “Hello everyone, please join us in wishing my wonderful & Talented Husband Lawrence, a Happy and Blessed Birthday! Thanks in advance, y’all!!!.”

Lawrence turned 60 in March 2023.

In August 2018, their daughter surprised the couple with a 36th anniversary party. Doreen posted, “LOOK at how our BEAUTIFUL DAUGHTER surprised us!!! Thank you God for my two most favorite people in the whole world and thank you LAWRENCE for 36 ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS YEARS!!! LOOKING FORWARD TO 40+ MORE…”

Additionally, Lawrence Ketchens II received a doctorate in music from Five Towns College, located on Long Island, New York. Dr. Lawrence Ketchens is who he is now! With Doreen’s Jazz New Orleans, Lawrence Ketchens performs the tuba, valve trombone, percussion, and piano. Being a versatile classical musician, he taught himself how to play jazz sousaphonist and created his unique style of tuba playing. Lawrence starts the band out well by laying a solid foundation.

Then, he unleashes a virtuoso improvisation that puts many horn players to shame. The first person to play the drums and the sousaphone at the same time is Lawrence Ketchens! For Doreen’s Jazz and Master Classes, Lawrence also composes, organizes, and produces music. He has shared the stage with Trombone Shorty, Al Hirt, Jon Faddis, Teddy Riley, Danny Barker, and countless others.

Doreen Ketchens Daughter

Doreen Ketchens and her husband share a daughter named Dorian Ketchens-Dixon. Like her parents, Dorian is also a musician who plays drums with her parents. Born in 2003, Dorian is now 20 years old.

At the age of four, Doreen made her stage debut at the Sioux Falls, South Dakota Jazz Festival. As the drummer with Doreen’s Jazz, she currently tours the globe. Standing ovations have greeted Dorian’s performances at festivals all around the world, such as the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival! Because her petite frame was hidden behind the drums, her admirers in Martinique dubbed her “The Ghost Drummer.”

Dorian has been performing for 14 years already, from the age of 18. She has played on fifteen of Doreen’s jazz CDs, on stages of various sizes, in motion pictures, television advertisements, and even in Beyonce’s “Lemonade” music video, where she plays the drums.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Doreen Ketchens From?

Doreen Ketchens is a native of New Orleans, Louisiana.

  • When Is Doreen Ketchens Birthday?

Doreen Ketchens celebrates her birthday on 3 October.

  • Is Doreen Ketchens On Instagram?

Yes, Doreen Ketchens is on Instagram (@doreen.ketchens).

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