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Ernest Bartholomew Bio, Age, Wife, Job, Queer Eye Hero

Ernest Bartholomew appeared on season 8 of Netflix’s Queer Eye. Who is his wife? What job does he do? How old is he now? Who are his daughters?

Tag along and read all about it here.

Meet Ernest Bartholomew, A Queer Eye Hero

Ernest Bartholomew is one of the brave heroes of season 8 of Queer Eye, and we have the information you need to learn more about him and his current predicament. ‘Queer Eye’ on Netflix is a reimagining of the 2000s Bravo series of the same name. It truly lives up to its reputation in every way, even with its constant compassion.

It is, after all, centered around five experts who help people from diverse backgrounds enhance their personal lives and routines to the point where they can ultimately be content with their circumstances.

Given his loud, haughty demeanor and his intense desire for comfort above all else, the term that best describes Ernest (at the time of filming) would have to be simply odd. During the filming, the 68-year-old was shown eating wild animals by himself in his garage/man cave, typically wearing loose t-shirts, scrubs, zip-tied large pants, and suspenders. This was a big problem because he had a great wife named Miranda, but they were becoming less and less close as a result of their different interests and lack of quality time spent together.

Ernest needed to put in effort for himself as well because the Fab Five showed him that although it was great that he fulfilled all of her requests, it wasn’t enough because her preferred method of expression for love was different. Luckily, Ernest was open to change and his heart, which ultimately worked out beautifully because he and his wife shared the same goals and were prepared to work toward a future together.

Ernest was obviously not very good at communicating, but she gradually made him better by being vulnerable and sharing her feelings, and as a result, they were closer than they had ever been. Thus, the couple’s week was spent celebrating their 39th wedding anniversary and anticipating the years to come in which they would live together and pursue common goals.

Ernest Bartholomew Wife

Ernest Batholomew is married to his wife Miranda Bartholomew. They have been happily married for 39 years in 2023. They originally met at the same Sears shop where he worked, and she later became his ex-partner.

Ernest’s capacity to be loud and laid back with his wife is demonstrated by the manner he ate wild meat in his man cave/garage while dressed in scrubs, loose t-shirts, big slacks, and suspenders. He was proud of his family while growing up on the Louisiana Bayou. He later moved to the city to give his family the best possibilities for marriage, and he realized that the reason he chose Miranda over Marten was that he wanted to marry a close-knit family member—possibly a cousin.

However, Ernest admitted that he doesn’t put much effort into it because he would rather cook nutria, muskrat, or raccoon at home while his wife enjoys trying different cuisines. However, the fact remained that they wanted to work out their marriage; they just didn’t know how to compromise.

Miranda mostly spent her time cooking at home, gardening, and caring for Monarch butterflies. Despite this, Ernest admitted that he does not put out much effort since he likes to create new foods rather than depend on his wife’s familiarity.

The married couple discovered they had very little in common, prompting them to live separately in the same home. That’s when their daughter introduced them to the Fab Five, who helped them get there.

The married couple share two adult daughters named Dominique and Ariel.

More about their daughter, Ariel is working as a Consultant Pharmacist at PCA Pharmacy in Columbus, Ohio. While attending Kenyon College she played Women’s basketball. She holds a PharmD from the University of Kentucky.

Ariel turned 32 in February 2023.

In 2023, Ariel started a GoFundMe for Dominique. Dominique was diagnosed with breast cancer and has had to put a hold on her dog board/train business. Dom has been transforming dogs’ and owner’s lives, by training and rehabilitating dog’s behaviors so both owners and dogs can live a much happier life. In her 4 years of working with dogs, she has shown love and care to over 150 dogs. Working and training dogs is extremely taxing physically.

Dominique started chemotherapy weekly and her body is adjusting to treatments. They were able to raise $16,833 with the fundraiser.

Dominique works as a trainer at OLK9 Training per her LinkedIn. She is 35 years old now.

Is Ernest Bartholomew On Instagram?

No, Ernest Bartholomew is not on Instagram.

Ernest Bartholomew Age

Born in 1954, Ernest Bartholomew reached the age of 69 years in 2023.

Ernest Bartholomew Job

Ernest Bartholomew worked at Sears store. He priced tools in the back.

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  • Where Is Ernest Bartholomew From?

Ernest Batholomew is from Gretna, Louisiana

  • When Is Ernest Bartholomew Birthday?

Ernest Bartholomew celebrates his birthday in March.

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