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Dr Petra Young Bio, Age, Net Worth, Rocky Mountain Vet

Veterinary “maverick” Dr. Jeff Young and his team of vets and techs returned with an all-new season of DR. JEFF: ROCKY MOUNTAIN VET on Animal Planet (on 26 March 2022). And fans being fans, on seeing him share his workspace with his wife has been curious about her. She is called Dr Petra Young and the rest of the writing is just about her age, net worth, life with her husband, Rocky Mountain Vet escapades, and more.

Dr Petra Young On Rocky Mountain Vet

In the season premiere, Dr. Jeff is shown rolling up his sleeve and heading to Leadville, an old Colorado mining town, to transform an abandoned restaurant into a new clinic. Accompanying him his team of people including his wife, Dr. Petra Young. Here they aim to provide desperately needed vet care to an underserved mountain community, to make vet care affordable for everyone around there.

So, this way, the show continues as Jeff and Petra trade their scalpel for a sledgehammer, and restaurant demolition is underway.

Also this season, viewers get to see Dr. Jeff treat a puppy who needs reconstructive surgery to survive and Dr. Baier remove a fishhook from a wild goose. When clinic receptionist Jerri’s newly adopted puppy becomes seriously ill, Dr. Petra steps in to save the pup’s life. Petra also treats Khalessi, a young golden retriever pup, with a cleft palette that causes her to have a difficult time taking in the food she needs to grow.

And between Dr. Jeff and his team taking on complicated procedures, he digs a swimming pool for his beloved dog Fred. Amid all this. Dr. Jeff and Petra’s daughter Melody also discovers a worrisome mass on her rescued dog Fraya.

Rocky Mountain Vet, however, was not always a walk in the park for Jeff and his wife. They lost money in the first season, and Jeff especially did not enjoy being handled by the film crew. So, at the time, they never anticipated the show to get popular.

And now, despite the new fandom, Dr. Jeff is not negligent of the fact that this venture is not a one-man show. He believes the support of his staff has been incredible.

In the meantime, Dr. Jeff’s viewers have also shown him as much faithfulness; especially during Season 2 when he revealed his cancer diagnosis, B-cell Lymphoma.

Dr. Jedd was diagnosed with cancer after doctors discovered an 8 cm mass in his lung. It was at this time, that he cut his signature shoulder-length graying hair because of the chemo. Hector Martinez, his co-worker/friend since high school, had said it choked him up watching all of it on TV.

Fast forward to now, it is not clear if Jeff has been cancer-free. What we know is he has not let it affect his work. But then the cancer scare did affect people around him.

Is Dr. Petra Young Still Married To Dr. Jeff Young?

Dr. Jeff married Dr. Petra Young on 9 December 2014. As of 2022, they still seemed together and married.

Petra, however, is not Jeff’s first wife. He was married before her to Deb Burns of Fort Collins, Colorado. Deb, as per her Facebook, worked at a brewery company called Anheuser-Busch.

Deb, once a Rantoul Township High School student, also remarried following her separation from Dr. Jeff.  And because Dr. Jeff’s daughter Melody Obuobisa turned 41 in November 2021, she is more likely Deb’s daughter and not Petra’s. As for Deb, she turned 64 in July 2021.

Speaking of Melody, she has worked as a practice manager at Planned Pethood Plus, Inc. (PPP), a low-cost spay/neuter clinic established by her dad in 1990, since 2001. She even adopted her beloved Franky and Freya from here. Other than these animals, her life is also very busy with three “amazing” children, Austin, Eddie, and Malia, and an “incredible” husband named Theo.

Melody, so you know, married now 48-year-old Theo on 9 May 2009.

Dr. Petra Young’s Age

Reportedly born in 1969, Dr. Petra Young reached the age of 52 in 2021.

Dr. Petra Young’s Net Worth

Dr. Petra Young reportedly had less than $500 thousand as her net worth as of 2022.

On Mother’s day, a few years back, Dr. Jeff: Rocky Mountain Vet celebrated International Women’s Day with Dr. Jeff and Petra’s Planned Pethood International and gushed about Petra. They described Petra as more than Dr. Jeff’s wife. They stressed how she is one of the most talented vets at the clinic and that her surgical skills and thirst for knowledge are invaluable.

Is Dr. Petra Young On Instagram?

Dr. Petra Young did not seem to be on Instagram as of 17 May 2022. And while her Facebook ‘Petra Míčková’ could be found, even there she had not posted anything; except for a profile picture of the red-haired Princess Ariel of The Little Mermaid.

Dr. Petra Young Height

Flaming, fiery red hair beauty Dr. Petra Young stands below 5 feet 6 inches tall. If like us, you had been wondering, if or not Petra’s ginger hair is natural, the answer could not be found as of yet.

Dr. Petra Young Family

Dr. Petra Young was to tell her fans about her family. In the meantime, they must already be aware of her mother-in-law, Esther Stevens of Bloomington. It is believed, that Petra and Jeff are often invited over to Esther’s home. And Esther too seemed to visit her son and daughter-in-law on a regular basis.

Talking to her local paper BLOOMINGTON, in 2019, Esther said she is very proud of her son whose show’s at the time, averaged more than 1 million views per episode (in its sixth season). “He’s done very well”, she had told the newspaper.

Then there is also Jeff’s nephew Tyler Hedge who, in his uncle’s words, is a wonderful young man with a fantastic family.

Related FAQs

  • What Is Dr. Petra Young’s Nationality?

Dr. Petra Young is a Slovak; Slovakia, officially the Slovak Republic and a landlocked country in Central Europe. It was 2010 when she came to the States for vet training.

  • What Is Dr. Petra Young’s Maiden Name?

Petra Young goes around on social media by her maiden name and that is, Petra Míčková.

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