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Raquel Pennington Tecia Torres: Still Married Or Divorced?

Fans have known about Raquel Pennington and Tecia Torres as they have been posting about each other since 2016. But it remains a mystery if they are still married or divorced.

So, let’s take a stroll through their relationship details in this article.

Are Raquel Pennington And Tecia Torres Still Married?

Raquel Pennington and Tecia Torres are still happily engaged, if not married yet (Yahoo! Sports referred to Tecia as her wife). Their recent posts date to 12 May 2022. Tecia posted a picture of the two visiting Canal Street Nola in New Orleans.

Tecia went into detail about her experience meeting her fiance. The fighter also revealed that Raquel is her first and only female relationship to date. “We met back in 2012 and we just became friends over the years”. Torres said. “One night something clicked and I was just super attracted to her. She’s my only female relationship.”

“The first time I was going to kiss her, I was so nervous I was about to have a heart attack.” The fighter continued. “She was like, ‘are you okay?’ I’m like, ‘Yeah, I’m okay.'”

“Then I finally just kissed her and it went away. Ever since then, everything has been so comfortable that it has been great”.

Although it has been widely shared that Raquel and Tecia married, there is no evidence of their nuptials. The rumor of their marriage was circulated long, as early as 2016. However, online sources reveal that they dated only a year before getting engaged in May 2017.

However, they met each other in 2012 during Invicta Fighting Championship while fighting on the same card. They have only fought in the same event once which was a few moments before they started dating in 2016.

Tecia announced the engagement Via an IG post, “She asked, I said YES!!!! #Engaged —- Our love began unexpectedly. It started as a crush and grew into an amazing love. At this moment you made my dreams for us come true. Every day you show me a love so true and pure. I am blessed to wake up to you every morning and fall asleep in your arms at night. I can’t wait to become Mrs. Pennington. 💚💜 I love you with my everything!! Always! @raquel_pennington“.

In March 2022, Tecia interviewed with MMA News and shared the impact of Raquel on her career. In the video, Tecia shared that Raquel brought adventure into her life in 2016. She talked about hiking together. She claimed to have an adventurous life, a great best friend, and a teammate.

They have been to Canada, Uruguay, Mexico, Brazil, Puerto Rico, and Japan among other countries.

Raquel said Tecia found the idea of fighting on the same night too stressful but made an exception this time. She was so on board with the idea that she moved her scheduled fight back a week to join Raquel. “I’m just happy I’m fighting first because I feel like I’m the more nerve-wracked one, so I’ll be able to get mine over with and then I can worry about her,” Tecia said.

On 9 April 2022, Raquel dedicated “a special post” to Tecia.

“I am beyond proud of you. I know your heart hurts but your head better remains high. Your growth in this camp has been incredible to watch. You may not have gotten your hand raised but you showed the world she wouldn’t finish you with her Jits and wow was your defense beautiful,” Raquel wrote on the post. “This is just a hiccup in the road. You are destined for greatness! It was fun to share another night on the same card as you in this wild career of ours”.

The engaged and allegedly married couple couldn’t stop posting and gushing about their love for each other on their social media. As much as they are active on Instagram, Tecia also features her on Twitter together.

In 2017, they had also purchased a house together which they showed off on their respective Instagram.

Raquel Pennington And Tecia Torres Wedding

Although Raquel Pennington and Tecia Torres are likely married, there is no evidence of their wedding. Raquel has referred to Tecia as a wife in a few posts. A few of her fans also inquired about their wedding in 2019.

A photographer reached out to Raquel and Tecia in January 2018. The post suggested that they had already planned the wedding and the photographer congratulated her. Amy tweeted, “I shoot weddings if you need a photographer! And for my tip: RemeMber that something ALWAYS goes wrong and the wedding is always still perfect! (so don’t sweat the small stuff) CONGRATS”.

However, Tecia deleted the main tweet regarding their wedding. Other fans were also tweeting about Amazon wishlist so fans get to purchase wedding gifts.

So, not many details about their wedding have been made public.

While being featured on Real Love | TOGETHXR which premiered in July 2021, they shared about being together for 5 years but never mentioned getting married.

Raquel Pennington And Tecia Torres Children

Raquel Pennington and Tecia Torres don’t have any children. However, Raquel is planning to have a child via the IVF method. She posted her journey on her TikTok. According to the TikTok, she injected and took pills for six weeks. Raquel also received a blanket from her 81-year-old grandma.

She also gained weight from all the hormones. She ended up retrieving 29 eggs by the time they went through all the phases she ended up with 3 healthy embryos. Raquel wrote, “I cried with my first injection from tears of joy, fears, and pure happiness”.

Raquel posted the same video on Instagram. She captioned the post, “Step 1 in my journey to starting a family”.

Moreover, Raquel can be seen taking pictures with her godson Silvi. Silvi turned 6 years old in October 2021.

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  • Who Else Have Raquel Pennington And Tecia Torres Dated?

Before dating Raquel, Tecia was dating a guy before. Raquel even joined Tecia and her boyfriend in Texas during a meet and greet.

  • Have Raquel Pennington And Tecia Torres Made Public Appearances?

Yes, Raquel Pennington and Tecia Torres have been known as a couple publicly since 2016.

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