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Dr Zahi Hawass Family, Wife, Son, Religion, Netflix Unknown

Dr Zahi Hawass is the real-life Indiana Jones. He’s spent his life investigating the tombs in Egypt and is now on a hunt for the long-lost pyramid of a forgotten Egyptian king.

Keep reading to learn more about him.

Dr Zahi Hawass On Netflix’s Unknown: The Lost Pyramid

The desert sands of Saqqara are filled with mysteries. Dr Zahi Hawass knows this. However, he can only investigate one thing at a time. Thus, on Netflix’s Unknown: The Lost Pyramid, he chose to hunt the long-lost pyramid of a forgotten Egyptian king in a “patch of open desert,” while his protege, Dr. Mostafa Waziri, sought an unlooted tomb in an ancient necropolis.

But this wasn’t a race. It didn’t matter who made a discovery first. Dr Zahi simply wanted “the next big find” to be “made by Egyptians.”

“From unearthing the world’s oldest graveyard to a heart-pounding look at the use of artificial intelligence in warfare, get ready to embark on a thrilling expedition that will broaden your horizons and awaken the adventurer within,” the show’s official synopsis read.

As seen on the show, Dr Zahi’s team came across a limestone quarry, and soon, they discovered nine statues, which belonged to elite members of the Old Kingdom. This meant that a pyramid was close by, which definitely wasn’t looted and was worth digging in for.

After taking five years to find the tomb of Tutankhamun, his team then confirmed that the tomb had remained sealed and, therefore, untouched for over four thousand years, and a sarcophagus was discovered. They removed the stone cover, and discover a skeleton inside — which made sense because the process of mummification was not advanced during the Old Kingdom.

In the final month of excavation, Dr Zahi’s team discovered another sarcophagus — sealed and enormous. The coffin belonged to a woman named Nebet Hut, and the body was stored over 4,300 years ago. Unlike the previous, the body was well preserved, and her ornaments retained their blue-green colors even after remaining sealed for thousands of years.

Dr Zahi claimed that it was the oldest and most well-preserved mummy that has ever been discovered in Egypt. Also, he concluded that the person must have been an important figure since she had access to the mummification process and the gilded cane which indicated that she could possibly belong to the royal palace.

Thereafter, the team discovered a limestone leading Dr Zahi to believe it could be the pyramid he had been searching for.

How Much Is Dr Zahi Hawass Net Worth?

Dr Zahi Hawass flaunted a net worth of over $1 million in 2023.

Dubbed the Indiana Jones of Egypt, Dr Zahi is one of the world’s most famous archaeologists. He started his work as an Associate Excavation Director at Greco-Roman Site at Ashmunein, Middle Egypt in 1968. After numerous friend work, he’s now Director Of The Excavation Near To The Pyramid Of Teti, Director Of The Excavation Inside The Tomb Of Ramses II In The Valley Of The Kings, Director Of The Excavation Of The Lost Golden City, North Of Medinet Habu, Director Of The Egyptian Mummy Project,  Director Of Saqqara Excavations, In The Gisr El Moudir, And The Cemetery Of Teti, and many more.

He has also been a Consultant For Culture To Prince Badr Eldine ALSaud, Minister Of Culture Of Saudi Arabia in 2020

On top of that, he offered tours in Egypt via Archaeological Paths. “Thanks to Archaeological Paths I met hundreds of people from all over the world who stayed with us for 2 weeks and they had the best time in their life,” he said. “I will meet you at the sites and I will present to you my private lectures about the discoveries that I made in Egypt over the last 20 years. You’ll see the magic of the pyramids and you will smell the mystery of the Sphinx. These are the visits that you will never forget in your life!”

The world-famous archeologist has also penned over 30 books and has received awards such as the Polish Medal (2021), Man Of The Year (2017), Golden Pillar Award (2017), and Man Of The Year (2015).

How Old Is Dr Zahi Hawass?

Dr Zahi Hawass was born on May 28, 1947. That made him 76 years of age in 2023.

As per his birthday, Dr Zahi is of the Gemini zodiac.

Dr Zahi Hawass Wife

Dr Zahi Hawass was married to a woman from his home village named Fekhira.

Sadly, we don’t know much about his wife except that she’s a gynecologist.

Trivia: Thanks to Dr Zahi’s work, he was forced to live apart from his wife for many years.

Dr Zahi Hawass Son

Dr Zahi Hawass has two sons, one a physician and the other a restaurateur, both living in Cairo.

His son, Sherief married Eman, a graduate of Cairo University, at the Mena House Oberoi Hotel on November 7, 2007.

Did you know: An Italian magazine alleged that Dr Zahi was secretly married to an American lady and he has a daughter from her. 

What Is Dr Zahi Hawass Religion?

Dr Zahi Hawass is a Muslim. He was born in Al-ʿUbaydiyyah, Egypt.

Back in November 2022, Dr Zahi became a target of criticism after he questioned the need to amplify the calls to prayer across all mosques in an area. “The call to prayer disturbs tourists,” he said.  “There’s nothing shocking about my statements. Sheikh Shaarawi previously said the same thing.”

Related FAQs

  • Is Dr Zahi Hawass On Instagram And Facebook?

Find him on Instagram @zahi_hawass and Facebook @Dr.ZahiHawass.

Also, here’s his Twitter @Dr_Hawass.

  • How Tall Is Dr Zahi Hawass?

Dr Zahi Hawas stands tall at a height of under 5 feet 8 inches (173 cm).

  • Where Did Dr Zahi Hawass Receive His Education?

Dr Zahi attended a one-year postgraduate course in Egyptology at Cairo University

He then won a Fulbright grant and earned a place in the Ph.D. program at the University of Pennsylvania in 1980. There, he was an “outstanding” student, according to his thesis supervisor, David O’Connor, a senior Egyptologist who still digs in Egypt.

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