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[Dustin Tavella’s Wife] Kari Tavella Bio, Age, Job, Instagram

People now know Kari Tavella as the wife of America’s Got Talent (AGT) winner Dustin Tavella. The couple went through a lot in their lives together and still supported each other’s dreams.

Learn more about her age, job, Instagram, and other details in this article.

How Old Is Kari Tavella?

On 16 March 2021, Kari Tavella turned 36 years old. She received birthday wishes from her husband, family, and friends.

How Tall Is She?

Kari Tavella should stand tall to the height of at least 5 feet 7.5 inches (1.71 meters).

Is Kari Tavella On Instagram, Facebook?

It appears Kari isn’t the only one who isn’t big Twitter account with the handle (@_karigibson) is the only place she could be discovered. The platform gathered 470 followers and she only posted 258 tweets on it. She was active the last time in April 2013.

Kari Tavella Family, Maiden Name

Kari Corinne Tavella (maiden name Gibson) hails from her hometown in Celina, Ohio. She also lived in other places in California which includes Long Beach, Marina del Rey, Los Angeles, La Crescenta, North Hollywood, and also in Tennessee, New York, and Texas.

While most of the family members stay away from her public attention, one person related to her includes Aaron J Gibson. Apart from that, all the other family members chose to remain a mystery.

Kari Tavella Job: What Does She Do For A Living?

Like Dustin, his wife, Kari Tavella had a job as a musician and model. She is on different music streaming platforms like Apple Music, Spotify, and SoundCloud. She made two songs New Beginnings and Simple and has 3 monthly listeners on her Spotify.

Kari also gave her vocals to the son Lips on Mine by her husband Dustin Tavella.

Moreover, Kari runs an eponymous YouTube channel. The channel has 97 subscribers and five videos in total.

In her first video, Kari shared about her modeling experience which was in 2008. She moved to LA and signed with LA Models. Her very first modeling gig earned her $1,500 for just a couple of hours which was supposed to do a runway show. She modeled for Denim line called Ed Hardy.

Or, she thought she was. Instead, Kari and 11 other girls were going to be angels and demons with body paints and thongs. She became a demon and served them orders. She couldn’t quit because she would lose her agent, and couldn’t go through it because she was completely stuck.

Kari turned to alcohol as she felt exposed and insecure. In the middle of it, she had blacked out and one of the models contacted the last person to speak on her phone, which was Kari’s brother. Because of the high-profile nature of the party, her brother wasn’t allowed into the party. But, after begging, fighting, and arguing, one security guard escorted him to her and they got her out of there.

She further shared about battling with depression on her video I Was told I needed “Professional Help.”

Kari also started a fundraiser with a $20,000 goal of which $3,275 was the collection to date.

She also collaborated with her husband to create a YouTube show called D Plus with the help of friends and family members. The goal as they stated was to entertain while also inspiring people to step outside of their comfort zone and get to know someone different than them. Sometimes the most powerful thing a person can do for someone just includes them. And, sometimes the most fulfilling thing a person can do is take action.

The videos are posted on her husband’s YouTube channel.

Kari And Dustin Tavella’s Relationship, Their Adopted Son

Kari and Dustin Tavella have been together since at least 2017. When he met his wife for the first time, Kari disclosed to her that he was a magician. So, whoever knows Kari, she cares for other people, so she remarked that her now-husband should use it to help people.

Dustin credited his wife, Kari for kicking his interest in using magic to help others to the next level.

The AGT winner also shared that, what he does now is because of Kari. And his friends have accepted that she is the most supportive of all of his girlfriends on Dustin’s YouTube channel.

Sadly, the couple had to go through the heartbreaking moment, when Kari had a miscarriage at four months old. However, when the couple was helping out at a home for women in crisis, one woman offered if she would adopt her son Xander. She also asked if they would adopt the elder brother of Xander named Sylas, which they accepted.

Hence, Kari and her husband became the parents of two adoptive children.

Financially, Kari and her husband struggled, to the point that he moved into his parents Pete and Patti Tavella’s basement. After winning the show, he became $1 million richer that would further support his dreams and his family’s needs.

The couple had posted the wedding itinerary on Dustin’s YouTube and wedding details and the health crisis they faced also on Dustin’s YouTube.

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