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Flor Zaccanti [Too Hot To Handle: Latino] Bio, Age

Netflix seems to be earning a lot of money from its dating reality competition Too Hot to Handle. After the success of the first two seasons with American youth, Netflix is throwing its money on Latino singletons. In this article, we cover Flor Zaccanti.

So, who is Flor Zaccanti? If you are curious about Flor, keep reading.

Flor Zaccanti On Too Hot To Handle: Latino

Too Hot to Handle: Latino is the new spin-off of Netflix’s original Too Hot To Handle. So far, the first three episodes of the first season have been out on Netflix. The show was shot in a tropical beach resort in Mexico.

The premise of the show is the same: 10 young hormone-filled, sex-crazy youngsters are put together in a villa but are forbidden from having any kind of sexual activity, no kissing, no petting, and absolutely no sex. There is a prize pool, if any of the contestants do anything remotely sex-related, the prize pool is deducted. At the end of the season, whatever money remains and however people are left in the show, the prize is distributed among them.

The ten hot contestants of Too Hot to Handle: Latino are Carolina, Zaira, Manuela, Flor, Lilia Israel, Nico, Joel, Nick, and Dadvian.

Flor, in particular, is from Argentina and is attracted to both men and women. Also, according to Flor herself, she is very “talented with her mouth”. To find out what she means by that and if she ever gets to make use of her “talent”, you have to watch the show for yourself.

Flor Zaccanti Age

Flor Zaccanti was born on 3 January 2021. Thus, as of September 2021, she was 32 years of age. And because she celebrated her birthday every year on the 4th of January, her zodiac sign was Capricorn.

Her Family, Hometown

As you already know, dear readers, Flor Zaccanti is from Argentina. And to be a little more specific, her hometown is Villa Carlos Paz, Cordoba Province in Argentina.

Talking about her family, Flor is the daughter of famous Argentinian footballer Cosme Zaccanti. Nothing else is publicly known about her family, but there is a harrowing story about her childhood.

In a 2017 interview with Nicolas Magaldi on his program Vino Para Vos, Flor confessed that she was abused as a child.I was five years old, there was a family friend and a little boy who at that time was 15… We played hide and seek and today when I start thinking about those things and what he asked me to do I see that it was abuse.”

That is not the only experience of abuse for Flor. A very different, but equally harrowing thing happened to her when she was much older. In 2018, an Instagram follower of hers threatened to rape her. The message she received on Instagram read:

“Tonight you’re going to be mine. You are a whore, you like to provoke with your body, and today I rape you. I’m going to enjoy raping you tonight. Whores like you have to be raped…No matter where it is, I’m going to rape you. I promise you”

Although Flor filed the case against the man and worked with her lawyers towards the solution, she had to remain inside her house for a long time because of fear. What happened afterward was not known to the public.

Flor Zaccanti Measurements

Returning from the dark waters, let’s talk about how hot Flor Zaccanti is. She has a beautiful curvy figure with measurements 38-24-36, a tall height of 5 ft. 8 inches, a sensual tattoo in a sensual spot in her body, on the side of one of her breasts.

The secret to Flor’s incredible body seems to be her completely vegan, only plant-based diet.

Her Instagram, Facebook

Flor Zaccanti is present on all three major social media platforms, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. And she is very famous for them. For example, on her Instagram handle @florzaccanti, she had 245k followers. And on her Twitter handle, @florzaccanti, she had 114.4k followers.

Flor Zaccanti Job

According to her Instagram, Flor is a personal trainer. However, these days, what with so many reality show gigs, we doubt she is working as a personal trainer. On Wikipedia, she is introduced as a “model, television personality and reality star”, which seems more appropriate designation.

Before Too Hot to Handle, Flor had been one of the contestants in Big Brother Argentina, or Gran Hermano, season 8. She was the 11th contestant evicted from the house. She has also guest appeared in a lot of other reality shows like Nosotros a la mañana (2017), Morfi, todos a la mesa (2016), Tocala (2016), La Noche (2015), and AM – Antes del mediodía (2015).

Before all that, Flor had spent 7 years working as a promoter in Argentine motorsport. She even came to the defense of all the women working as promotors after F1 decided to eliminate the presence of promotors. Flor denied the objectification argument and instead maintained that eliminating the promotor’s presence would put a lot of girls “on the street”.

You can meet Flor yourself and get to know her for yourself, if you just tune in to Netflix and start watching Too Hot To Handle: Latino.

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