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Edward Smock Bio, TikTok Sister Cindy Husband, Age, Job

Edward Smock is the late husband of TikTok Sister Cindy. Learn all about their relationship, his age, and job in this piece below.

This Edward Smock bio attempts to unfold all the information.

Meet Edward Smock, TikTok Sister Cindy Husband

Edward Smock or George Edward “Jed” Smock Jr. is the husband of an evangelical street preacher and TikTok star Cindy Smock or Cynthia D. Lasseter Smock.

They reportedly met each other at the University of Florida in December 1977 where he called her a “wicked woman” and “disco queen”, and told her to “repent of her sins”. Cindy who was a sophomore responded by laughing. She frequently came to hear Brother Jed’s sermons with her friends since they saw it as a sort of free entertainment.

Afterward, Edward moved to the next campus but Cindy continued at the University of Florida. When he returned back, Cindy was a junior majoring in journalism and working for the student newspaper. Ed shared: “I quickly noticed her in the crowd but she did not seem to be mocking this time. Later in the week, Cindy asked me, “Brother Jed, can I take you out to dinner?”

“No,” Edward answered, “but I will take you. First, go home and put on some modest clothes.”

When Edward returned with modest clothes, he took her out for a steak dinner. Ed added, “I preached to her the whole time and she seemed open to the things of the Lord. She accompanied me to a revival service that evening but she refused to repent of her sins and commit her life to the Lord Jesus Christ. Convinced that Cindy was ripe for salvation, I invited her to the revival meeting the next night. When I brought her home, we stopped in the parking lot to pray before I walked her to the door.”

After their prayer, Cindy asked Edward: “Brother Jed, I’ve heard you say on campus that you haven’t kissed a woman in six years. Is that true?” “Yes, that’s correct, Cindy,” After Cindy confessed her seductive intentions, Ed dropped her at the dorm. Cindy cried all night thinking about the divorce in her family.

Four years after their first meeting, Cindy became married Edward’s wife. Before their marriage, she converted herself and started preaching in colleges. Edward shared in an interview: “Sister Cindy preached salvation for four-and-a-half hours straight in the most truthful and moving way I have ever heard. Such truth coming from the mouth of a moral and virtuous woman was a delight to my ears. She is a gift from God, truly a jewel amongst the broken fragments of humanity. I could scarcely believe my eyes and ears as I walked up to the jeering and laughing crowd at the Art Center square Thursday, May 19, 1983.”

The married couple shared five daughters. They are Evangeline (David) McKay, Charlotte (Ryan) Vatandoust, Justina (Auston) Adams, Martha (Robert) Ross, and Priscilla Liberty Smock. Additionally, he was grandfather to 10 grandchildren, Iris, Reagan, Phineas, Penelope, Aralyn, Hudson, Nixon, Liberty, Jaxon, and William.

Edward Smock Age

Edward Smock was age 79 at the time of his death. He died in June 2022.

Edward Smock Job

Edward Smock AKA Brother Jed’s self-described lifestyle of “drunkenness, dissipation, and debauchery” began while he was a freshman in high school. However, after being preached to in Morrocco, Edward reportedly converted to Christianity in 1972.

He began attending Indiana State University in 1960, studying social studies and English. Brother Jed stated in his autobiography that, despite his lifestyle, he graduated near the top of his class. Jed earned a B.S. in Social Studies, an M.S. in U.S. History and did postgraduate work in counseling and psychology.

While pursuing his graduate education at Indiana State University, Edward wrote a thesis on “the personal effects of smoking seven straight joints of marijuana” and received a master’s degree in history. He also worked as a research assistant in psychology for the Institute of Research into Human Behavior while at the university. He spent a year teaching history at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse.

Edward started visiting the University annually for more than 40 years. While students haven’t welcomed him with open arms, Smock is no stranger to college campuses. “Being a former professor, I knew students were not listening to the word of God in the classroom,” Edward has said. “Most students are not actively participating in Christianity.”

Edward taught for five years at the junior high, high school, and college levels. After his conversion, in 1972, he returned to the universities to proclaim the great salvation of our Lord.

Several videos of him saying “kissing is a sin” and “bikini underwear is ungodly,” has gone viral.

Edestf spontaneously decided to preach at Indiana State University in 1974. “I began to preach to a crowd that grew larger and larger as the day went on,” he said. “This is when I realized I could reach out to students.”

Edward branded this method as “confrontational evangelism.”

During his travels to Purdue, Brother Jed, and Sister Cindy drew large audiences of students, some to be entertained and others to quarrel. To spread their messages, they have utilized technology. On TikTok, where she manages a well-known account, Sister Cindy advertised a 2021 event and instructed students to congregate near the John Purdue statue on Memorial Mall. Brother Jed stood and stared out, filming the students in the immediate vicinity.

Was Edward Smock On Instagram?

No, Edward Smock was not on Instagram.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Edward Smock From?

Edward Smock hailed from Brookings, South Dakota. His parents were named George and Charlotte Smock. His late father was head of the English Department at Indiana State University.

Edward had three siblings: a sister named Catherine McFall and two brothers James Smock and William Smock.

  • When Is Edward Smock Birthday?

Edward Smock’s birthday was on 4 January.

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