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Edwyna Jessyca Bio, Height, Age, Job, Love In The Flesh

While there is a lot of dating shows on TV or the Internet, BBC Three’s latest dating show Love In The Flesh is one of a kind. Notice how there has been a boom in the online dating business since this COVID thing happened. Well, everyone who has dated someone online gets mixed feelings of excitement and anxiety when it’s time to meet your partner IRL. BBC Three’s new dating show more or less works on the same idea. The subject of this article, Edwyna Jessyca, is one of the cast members of Love In The Flesh.

Let’s learn about Edwyna’s Love In The Flesh stint, her dating life, job life, and more in this article.

Edwyna Jessyca On Love In The Flesh

Love In The Flesh sees five online couples meet each other first in real life in a Greek Lush Beach House to see if they click IRL and figure out if they have a future together.

Over the course of eight episodes, the couples are provided with an opportunity to learn about each other face to face rather than behind a screen. They also compete in different challenges to explore different sides of their relationship, according to Amid all that, the host of the show, Zara McDermott, shares invaluable advice with the couples and tries her best to make their relationships survive.

However, Edwyna Jessyca is not one of those five couples. Then, who is she? Well, there’s something we have not told you yet and it’s the thing that makes Love In The Flesh Love In The Flesh.

Besides five couples, six singletons are joining the couples at the beach house to try and crash the party, and beauty advisor Edwyna Jessyca is one of them. It will only be a matter of time before we will see whose bonds will be broken into pieces and whose will emerge out stronger.

Edwyna announced on March 30th that she would be joining the show, Love In The Flesh. Alongside the promotional video, Edwyna wrote, “SURPRISE! The secret is out. Catch me on Love in the flesh on @bbcthree. I’m entering the beach house tomorrow at 10 pm.”

Is Edwyna Jessyca Dating Anyone?

Reportedly, Edwyna is a deeply spiritual person and is looking for someone to establish a deeper connection with. If Edwyna’s Twitter is anything to go by, she is not someone who is gonna settle for less. One time, she even tweeted, “I’ll be single until there’s someone worth changing that for, never settle for less.”

That being said, we genuinely did not know if she was dating anyone in 2022. However, we assume she was single since she was entering the dating show.

Edwyna Jessyca Height

Edwyna Jessyca stands at a short height of 5 feet 6 inches.

Edwyna Jessyca Family

Although Edwyna is British by nationality, she is Jamaican by origin. Her family roots lie deep in the Caribbean. Her Instagram gives it away that Love In The Flesh star even visited Jamaica at end of 2021. Edwyna also visited Mexico very recently as she uploaded tons of pictures from her Mexico tour in March 2022.

Talking about her family, unfortunately, we don’t know much about them. However, we do know she has a great relationship with her mom. On Mother’s Day on March 6, 2016, she wished her and even called her “a queen.”

Where Is Edwyna Jessyca From?

Reportedly, Edwyna Jessyca is from London, UK.

Edwyna Jessyca Job

As stated earlier, Edwyna is a beauty advisor by profession, and yes it’s a real job. As a beauty advisor, she uses her knowledge of skincare and cosmetics to help customers find products that will meet their skincare needs.

Some of her other responsibilities include responding to customer questions and complaints, planning and taking part in-store events, handling door-to-door sales and meeting quotas and objectives, designing and maintaining attractive displays, among others.

A scroll through her Instagram reveals that Edwyna is a great singer as well. She has uploaded tons of covers of her favorite music. That being said, we are not sure if she pursues music professionally.

While we did not know how Edwyna earned as a beauty advisor, the average salary for a beauty advisor in the UK is around £19,255. We were quite unsure about her net worth too.

Edwyna Jessyca Age

According to, Edwyna Jessyca’s age was 25 as of March 2022.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Edwyna Jessyca Birthday?

Edwyna Jessyca celebrates her birthday in November. However, her exact birthday is still not public. On November 17, 2020, she uploaded a scintillating picture of hers and wrote, “Golden season…Late birthday post,” in the post.

  • Is Edwyna Jessyca On Instagram?

Edwyna is on Instagram @edwynajessyca. As of this writing, she had 7.3 thousand followers on the platform. You can also find her on Twitter @EdwynaJessyca, where she has 395 followers.

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