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Lauren Kent Bio, Age, Job, Family, Height, Love In The Flesh

Adding to the realm of dating reality shows, BBC Three came up with Love In The Flesh, a dating show that premiered on 23 March 2022. It sees five couples meet offline for the first time in a Greek lush beach house: to see whether their digital connection rings true in the real life. Then spicing things up, the show installs six singletons in order to disrupt the online bonds that have been created between the original five couples. Lauren Kent, who we are going to discuss here, is one of them, the Singletons cast.

Lauren Kent On Love In The Flesh

So, Lauren Kent describes herself in Love In The Flesh as a people person through and through. So, she went on this show ready and all set to break up the bonds of some of the couples believing that what one remembers is real-life experiences as opposed to online messages. But then, other than breaking the bonds she actually seemed interested to fall in love herself. (Of course) she also found the girl band that she never thought she needed in her costars Ana Asatiani of Miami and Edwyna Jessyca of London.

Like Lauren, Ana and Edwyna are singletons on the show and are also joined by Caz, the 26-year-old business owner; Dan, the 27-year-old insurance broker; and an engineer by training Joe who is 24.

As for the couples, the participants were Christos & Niki, Millie & Shelby, Hannah & Brandon, Jess & Kwame, and Chibz & Shazelle. (Of course) you will also see the gorgeous show host Zara McDermott of Love Island and Made in Chelsea more than often.

Over eight episodes of Love In The Flesh, the couples are allowed to learn about each other face to face rather than behind a screen. They, then, compete, in challenges to explore different sides of their relationship. Only then the singletons, including Lauren, are en route to the beach house to crash the party. Will they be able to disrupt the online bonds that have been created between the original five couples? Or, will it make their connection stronger than ever?

Love In The Flesh aired weekly on BBC Three from 10 p.m. Both episodes will be available to stream on BBC iPlayer on the Wednesday of each week.

Is Lauren Kent Dating Anyone?

Laren Kent appeared to be single as of December 2021. What made us believe this is also the fact that she mentioned no boyfriend in her “Day In My Life TikTok”. Clearly, the other hint is she decided to go on a dating reality show, and that too as a ‘single’.

Lauren Kent Age

In 2021, Lauren Kent turned 27 years old.

Lauren Kent Job

In her introduction to Love In The Flesh, Lauren Kent claims to be a personal assistant, professionally. The details of it could not be found but we can tell you that she should have likely made on average £34,403 yearly from this job working around West Midlands in the United Kingdom.

Other than that, she appears to have a theatre background too. She trained at The Albany Theatre, a multi-purpose arts center in Coventry, West Midlands.

On her social media, people also saw her feature on the stage production of “King Lear” along with her fellow pupils from Coventry University. Yes. It seems Lauren attended the public research university in Coventry, England.

(Of course), on social media, Lauren also posts videos of her singing beautiful covers of the artists that she loves making people wonder if she also sings professionally.

Is Lauren Kent On Instagram?

Yes. Lauren Kent could be found on Instagram @lauren_kent_ where she entertained 142 posts and 3,342 followers as of 31 March 2022.

Other than that she had social media activity on TikTok @kentlb25 as well with some 1,404 followers.

Lauren Kent Height

Beautiful and “sexy” (as they call her on the show) Lauren Kent stands below 5’7” tall in height. Like us, you also must have noticed that whenever she not putting on makeup she loves to flaunt her freckles.

Lauren Kent’s Family

Lauren’s mother Jenny Kent is on Instagram at @kent.jenny. And as per her LinkedIn, the matriarch is a self-employed holistic therapist and actress; studied B. Ed. in Physical Education major and Music as a subsidiary at the University of Chester (1981 – 1985). Also her BIO on the Mandy Network, a platform for cast, crew, and creative professionals. It goes not to say that her hair is grey, her eyes, just like Lauren’s are blue, her ethnicity is Caucasian, and her age is between 49 and 59.

The only thing we know about Lauren’s dad is that his name is Steve Kent and he is on Instagram @stevekent2.

Lauren also briefly mentioned a younger-looking brother, maternal grandfather, Jim, and best friend, Lily Mumford.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Lauren Kent’s Birthday?

Every year the 23rd of October marks Lauren Kent’s birthday making her a Scorpio.

  • Where Is Lauren Kent From?

Lauren Kent hails reportedly from Coventry, England, United Kingdom.

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