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Elaine Yuki Wong Bio, Age, Job, Dating, Physical 100

Elaine Yuki Wong, a Singaporean actress, has joined the cast member of Netflix’s new Korean show Physical 100. Who is she? What does she do for a living? What is her age?

Read all about it below in this article here.

Elaine Yuki Wong On Netflix’s Physical 100

Physical 100 is Netflix’s first Korean survival show. On January 24, the first two episodes on the streaming service were released, and a lot of viewers tuned in to see what it was all about. If the top 10 TV shows on Netflix are any indication, Physical: 100 is doing very well for itself. It is currently at No. 7 and doesn’t appear to be dropping off any time soon as of Jan. 26.

Jang Ho-gi is the creator of the reality competition program Physical: 100. There are nine episodes altogether, and each Tuesday, two new episodes are released on Netflix. The program follows 100 competitors with varying ages, genders, and physical characteristics. They engage in intense competition with one another to demonstrate their physical prowess and for the chance to claim the title of “most perfect physique.”

Of course, the winner will also receive a $300,000,000 (WON) cash prize. The cast includes members of the national team, weight lifters, actresses, bodybuilders, ice climbers, influencers, TV personalities, MMA fighters, and others from a variety of professions. In fact, you might be able to identify a few of the competitors.

One such competitor on the show is Elaine Yuki Wong among the sizable cast of 100. Wearing a white off-the-shoulder shirt, slacks, and stiletto boots, Elaine entered the Netflix show. She claimed that she “noticed the glances” as soon as she entered the room. Elaine added: “What is she doing here? What is she? I got that impression.” She said, “This is bad,” and said she wondered if she should have been there.

After the show premiered, Elaine posted on her IG, “A lot of people saw it and they said they were very surprised when I came out. Actually, I was more surprised to see the performers after they appeared.😅 Everyone is watching, right #physical100  #physical100 @netflixkr @netflix.”

Is Elaine Yuki Wong Dating Anyone?

Elaine Yuki Wong appears single and hasn’t shared much about her dating life. But, she has made numerous funny videos on her TikTok related to boyfriends. In Physical 100, she also said that she doesn’t do love triangles.

Elaine Yuki Wong Age

Elaine Yuki Wong was reportedly born on 8 November 1988. This means she is currently 34 years old.

Elaine Yuki Wong Job

Elaine Yuki Wong is an actress by profession. Reportedly in 2011, she became one of the few Singaporeans who was offered a full contract for up to 5-7 years from Alpha Entertainment, a Singapore-based entertainment company, to be a part of a five-member Korean girl group.

She reported auditioning at JYP & Alpha Asean Region Audition 2010 held in Singapore and Hong Kong in December 2010. She underwent a showbiz training boot camp in Korea. Elaine said at the time, “‘I didn’t expect it to be so tough. But since we are scheduled to debut in March next year, intensive training is necessary. We have to be at our best.” That is when she got her stage name, Yuki.

Elaine, who graduated from her studies in tourism and hospitality management at a private school in Kaplan, said: “I get hungry very easily and I would complain once every two to three hours. Luckily, my minders give me a banana or a few low-fat biscuits when I complain.” Elaine had no prior experience but has been consistently working as a freelance model.

Elaine had her concerns as well. She said: ‘Initially, I had my doubts. I had to shut down my blog which was my source of income through advertisements and I wondered what I would do if we didn’t make it big in a saturated market. However, I have decided not to think so much anymore. Since I have decided to go for it, I should work hard and perform well when the group debuts.”

Alpha Entertainment said at the time that it is investing $500,000 in each girl to turn her into a star. But she later dropped out to pursue other career paths and chose to become an actress.

According to her IG, she starred in movies like Fight In Causewaybay2 and SPY 1000 or 卧底1000. In addition, she has also appeared on TV shows like MBC Foreigner on Ep. 102 which premiered on 23 September 2020, and on Ep. 107. Later in November 2020, she also posted a clip from the set of the show on her IG.

She recently starred in a show called While We Sleep.

Did You Know? Elaine is also a painter.

Is Elaine Yuki Wong On Instagram?

Yes, Elaine Yuki Wong is on Instagram (@elainew__). On TikTok (@elainew__) she has 184K followers.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Elaine Yuki Wong From?

Elaine hailed from Singapore. She was reportedly born to Hong Kong-based father and a Singaporean mother.

  • When Is Elaine Yuki Wong Birthday?

Elaine Yuki Wong celebrates her birthday on 8 November.

  • How Tall Is Elaine Yuki Wong?

Elaine’s height measures above 5’9”.

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