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Elana Meyers Taylor Parents: Eddie And Janet Meyers

As Elana Meyers Taylor makes history as the most decorated Black American winter Olympian in February 2022 she not just makes her NFL father proud but the whole nation to cheer for her.

The 37-year-old took home bronze in the two-woman bobsled on 19 February 2020, making her the most decorated Black Winter Olympian with a total of five medals.

Now, find out how her parents have reacted to their daughter becoming part of a legacy that is bigger than herself.

Who Are Elana Meyers Taylor Parents?

Elana Meyers Taylor grew up in a very athletic family as both her parents, Eddie Meyers and Janet Meyers, are athlete stars in their own right.

Mom Janet played sports throughout high school. She was a cheerleader at one point and played softball as well. You name it, she played it, but at that time, which was soon after Title IX was passed, there were not a whole lot of opportunities and she did not have the chance to go to college.

While Elana’s father played football in college at the U.S. Naval Academy and then played in the NFL for the Atlanta Falcons.

That is Elana explains it was easy for her to make Olympics as her dream from a very young age. From a young age, her parents encouraged her and her sisters to be active. Even so, Elana says, they never pushed any of their kids to pick a certain sport and pursue it to an Olympic level.

So, self-driven Elana played all the sports she could to high school. Then at George Washington University, she started playing softball before taking up bobsledding. It was only then that her mom started coaching her. Because all other coaches she went to had told her “Well, you started too late. You’re never going to make it.” “My mom took it upon herself and said “You know what? If you want to make this happen, we can make this happen”, Elana said.

“Happy Father’s Day to a man who will go around the world and back for his daughter! Love u Dad!”, Elana also only has good things to say about her father.

Meet Eddie Meyers, Elana Meyers Taylor Father

Eddie Meyers after setting school rushing records at Navy in the early 1980s and was destined for the NFL. But first, he had to serve six years of military service.

For six straight summers from 1982-87, Eddie used his Marine leave to join the Atlanta Falcons training camp. Because the military refused to bend its rules he had to return to his post as supply officer at Camp Pendleton, California each summer. Finally, in 1987 after he got discharged, he returned to the Falcons. But even then he got hurt and was released before the first game.

Looking back Eddie, a-people-person, says there certainly were some bitter feelings not being able to play as long as he would have liked. But today he says it has worked out all right with the job of a regional president for Georgia at PNC Bank. A few years back he had told the job gave him thrills. “I’m blessed to do something I look forward to each day and I get paid well. How much better could it get?”

Meet Janet Meyers, Elana Meyers Taylor Mother

Janet Meyers, 62 years old as of 2022, is white and originally from Birmingham, Alabama. The matriarch played a big role in Elana’s successful career today.

It was her who after seeing a bobsled on TV had told her daughter “Why don’t you try this?”

It was again Janet who was there on the phone when Elana spent most of the time crying. At the time, though Elana was on the national team she was not very good. She was not getting a lot of opportunities to be on the ice, and she was frustrated.

Janet used to tell her that she could come back home and that she did not have to do this. But at the same time, she also would be encouraging her that it was not impossible.

Related FAQs

  • Are Elana Meyers Taylor Parents Still Married?

The last time we heard from in 2016, Elana Meyers’s parents were still married. “Married for 33 years, he lived in Atlanta, playing golf on weekends, and worked out to stay at his playing weight”, they wrote about Elana’s father.

  • How Many Kids Do Elana Meyers Taylor Parents Have?

Elana Meyers Taylor’s parents have three kids, that is of course including her. The others are Elisé A Brown (Meyers) and Erica Warren. Erica seemed to be the youngest of all. While Elisé, an Austell, Georgia resident, as per her social media is a wife, a mom, and a registered nurse supervisor at Wellstar Health System.

  • Where Do Elana Meyers Taylor Parents Live? 

Elana Meyers’s parents would be found based in Fairburn, a city in Fulton County, Georgia if in case they are still married and together.

On the other hand, one shall find Elana in her home in Lake Placid, New York with her husband Nic Taylor, a weight lifting monk at USA Bobsled/Skeleton and former strength and conditioning coach at United States Olympic Committee.

Together Elana and Nic are also parents to their dearest Nico.

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