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Nico Porteous Parents: Chris (Mom), Andrew Porteous (Dad)

To bag that gold medal in the men’s Freeski halfpipe final at the Beijing Winter Olympics 2022, even after a crash! Nico Porteous has earned every right to hold his head high. But at that movement, two people were even prouder than the athlete — his parents, Chris and Andrew Porteous!

Who are they? Well, this article explores everything you need to know about Nico Porteous’ parents.

Who Are Nico Porteous Parents?

Nico Porteous’s parents Chris and Andrew Porteous are the reasons why the athlete is basking in glory today. Reportedly, Nico’s parents introduced him to skiing when he was just 4. So, as Nico found his passion in the sport, they let him practice at the best training centers and even home-schooling him while they were away for training and competitions.

“We know those other guys are incredible competitors and could land runs that would have beaten that score,” Andrew (dad) shared after watching his son Freeski that halfpipe at the Olympics. But given the weather and with some luck Nico held the lead and claimed victory.

“It’s unbelievable. We’re relieved, and just so proud.” Chris (mom) added.

It seems that the elated parents watched the final from Wānaka’s fan zone with the families of several other Olympians.

But this wasn’t the first time, Nico’s parents saw him succeed. They were also present when Nico received his Red Bull helmet, as the youngest athlete in the Red Bull New Zealand portfolio, in 2016. 

“Ever since I saw someone with that iconic blue and silver on their helmet I was like, I want to be that person. It’s a big thing,” Nico shared at the time.

Meet Nico Porteous Mom, Chris Porteous

If we had to choose, it would be Nico Porteous’s mom Chris Porteous who’s contributed more towards her son’s success. She traveled around the world with him and even homeschooled him when he couldn’t make it to class.

And like every mother does, Chris has a nickname for Nico. It’s “Nipsy.”

But actually, “Nipsy” came from Chris’ grandfather who said that he would often “doubt around and Nippon to things.”

  • Chris Porteous Age

Chris Porteous was reportedly born before 1975. So, couldn’t have been any younger than 47 years of age when Nico won that gold medal.

Her son, Nico was 20 then.

  • Chris Porteous Job

As mentioned before, Chris traveled the world with her sons. So, the mother never actually had time to build her career. And her sacrifice was worth it after all.

Guess, we can label her job as a “homemaker.”

Here’s her IG Facebook @chris.porteous.351.

  • What Is Chris Porteous Nationality?

Chris flaunts a New Zealand/Kiwis nationality.

She hails from Christchurch, New Zealand, and has a thick New Zealander accent.

Meet Nico Porteous Dad, Andrew Porteous

Nico Porteous’s dad Andrew Porteous is a decent skier too. He was the one who took the Olympian to the slopes when he was 4. But even before Nico couldn’t ski, his dad would carry him in a baby carrier, and take him on rides down the mountain.

No wonder, Nico called him “The OG.”

  • Andrew Porteous Age

Andrew Porteous was believed to be the same age as his wife.

So, that makes him older than 47 as of 2022.

  • Andrew Porteous Job

Andrew Porteous was a miner who worked for a company in Perth, Australia.

Well, since his job required him to be stationed at a place, he couldn’t travel around with his sons. However, the guy rarely missed his sons’ competitions.

  • What Is Andrew Porteous Nationality?

Andrew Porteous’ reported hometown is Christchurch, New Zealand.

So that would make him of the New Zealand or Kiwis nationality.

Related FAQs

  • Are Nico Porteous Parents Still Married?

Yes, as of 2022, Nico’s parents Chris and Andrew Porteous were still married.

  • How Many Kids Does Nico Porteous Parents Have?

Nico’s parents have one other kid named Miguel Porteous, Nico’s 1-year-older brother.

Their son, Miguel is a brilliant skier who appeared in Winter Olympic Games 2022, coming 11th in the men’s Freeski halfpipe. Also, this was Miguel’s second Winter Olympic Games, following his participation 2018 New Zealand Winter Olympic Team for Freestyle Skiing.

“I’m proud to call him my brother,” Nico shared (after the victory) before labeling him as his “role model, inspiration, and best mate.” It seems that Nico always looked up to his older brother. “We encouraged each other to try new tricks,” he added.

If you saw the Olympics, Miguel was even seen carrying Nico and skiing around, after he was named the gold medalist.

To mention, Miguel’s achievements, he’s come first in the Dew Tour Modified Halfpipe team event, second in the 2018 Copper World Cup Halfpipe, and third in at the Winter X Games 2017.

  • Where Do Nico Porteous Parents Live?

Chris and Andrew Porteous resided in Wanaka, New Zealand as of 2022.

Here’s Nico’s IG @smashtestbunny, FB @andrew.porteous.188.

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