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Elizabeth Killham Bio, Age, Job, Married, Race to Survive

Race to Survive Alaska is a new survival show on USA Network. It dropped on 3 April 2023 and introduced to viewers eight teams battling it out in the Alaskan wilderness, to win the hefty $500,000 prize. And among these athletes, wanderers, mountaineers, and experienced hikers were Elizabeth Killham and Robin Moore presented as a team. These two took on this challenge as two new friends who bonded over their passion for outdoor adventure.

In this writing, however, we shall tell you all about only one of them. It is Elizabeth Killham we shall tell you all about now in this ‘Elizabeth Killham Bio’.

Elizabeth Killham On Race to Survive: Alaska

As Race to Survive: Alaska documented the physical and emotional challenges of the race and the unique beauty of Alaska’s wilderness, viewers also loved the team formed by Elizabeth Killham and Robin Moore. People fell for their daredevil tendencies and strategic gameplay.

The two daredevils met in Egypt while skydiving over the Great Pyramids, per their introduction on the show. They told the cameras on the show their instant bond led them to partner up for this epic Alaskan wilderness adventure.

Robin, at the age of 45 is much older than Elizabeth. She is a licensed pilot and who has ascended the seven summits. And Elizabeth said she has backpacked all over the world. No doubt they seemed so determined to go all the way.

Elizabeth Killham Age

Elizabeth K Killham was born in 1986. So, she turned 37 years old in 2023.

Who Are Elizabeth Killham Parents?

Elizabeth Killham’s mother is Diane E Kuknyo and she turned 67 years old in September 2022. Back in the day, she studied at the University of Virginia. Her husband and Elibeth’s father Michael A Killham turned 70 in October 2022.

Elizabeth also has a bunch of siblings. But, not all of them are her full siblings. Only Timothy, AKA Tim, and Matthew Killham are her full siblings. Others are Lisa Killham of Charlottesville, Virginia, Anastasia Killham of Los Osos, California, Matt Killham who is married to Kelsey Savery, Jason Collier of Inlet, New York, and Byron Rupp of WSU Foundation and Alumni Engagement.

We also just learned that Elizabeth’s paternal grandmother, Danyne Rice Killham, of Bumpass, Virginia, passed away at the age of 85 in January 2014. And much before, in December 2007, Loretta V. Kuknyo of Geneva, her maternal grandmother also passed away.

Elizabeth Killham Job

Elizabeth Killham is a veterinarian. Since June 2016, she has been working as the associate veterinarian/medical director at Community Pet Hospital in Oregon. Her job here involves that of a general practitioner, i.e., treating primarily dogs, cats, and pocket pets, performing routine health prevention, disease management and treatment, and general surgical procedures, and also providing medical, operational, and support measures to employees, clients, and their pets.

In veterinary too, Elizabeth specializes in mentorship, soft tissue surgery, dentistry, internal medicine, and preventative care, with extensive knowledge in the care of large and giant breed dogs. Over the years, she has never stopped pursuing advanced care and a passion for dental care and surgery within her hospitals.

Between 2004 and 2008, Elizabeth went to William & MaryWilliam & Mary for a B.S. in Biology, and for another four years, he got his Doctor of Veterinary Medicine at Virginia-Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine.

Is Elizabeth Killham Married?

It is not clear if Elizabeth is still married. But, not long ago she used to be and to her husband Mike Bono.

Mike was born in the same year as his wife on September 15th. So, he turned 35 years of age in 2022. Before that he graduated from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University in 2012. He originally hails from Richmond, Virginia. And at this point, he and Elizabeth were based in Portland, Oregon. Professionally, he is known to be an Iraq/Afghanistan multi-tour veteran.

The couple likely got married in December 2012. Also, on social media, one can see them celebrating their marriage anniversary on December 15th.

household includes her husband Mike, Kaipo (a Great Dane), Duckie the “labraduck”, Keona (a domestic shorthair), Dogwood (a ragdoll/mix who dresses up and joins her mom every day at work), and Cupcake the Corn Snake. She and her husband spend their free time hiking, competing in adventure races, rock climbing, snowboarding, and any and all outdoor activities.

Until March 2017, Elizabeth’s household included her husband Mike, Kaipo a Great Dane, Duckie the “labraduck” Keona a domestic shorthair, Dogwood a ragdoll/mix, and Cupcake the Corn Snake. She and Mike were until that point spending their free time hiking, competing in adventure races, rock climbing, snowboarding, and any and all outdoor activities.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Elizabeth Killham From?

Elizabeth Killham originally hails from Portland, Oregon’s largest city, which sits on the Columbia and Willamette rivers, in the shadow of snow-capped Mount Hood.

  • When Is Elizabeth Killham Birthday?

Elizabeth Killham’s birthday is on March 31st and that makes her an Aries.

  • Is Elizabeth Killham On Instagram And Facebook?

Yes. Elizabeth Killham can be found on Instagram and Facebook. As of 9 April 2023, her IG @dr.ekkill included 176 posts and 477 followers. And she also showed occasional glimpses of her life on ‘Elizabeth K-b’ Facebook.

There were also a few followers on her ‘Elizabeth Killham’ Pinterest account.

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