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Elizabeth Rowe Bio, Age, Married, Height, Is It Cake, Too?

Elizabeth Rowe from Texas is one of the cake artists competing on Is It Cake, Too? Who is she? Is she married? What is her age?

Read all about Elizabeth as this article proceeds.

Elizabeth Rowe On Netflix’s Is It Cake, Too? Season 2

Elizabeth Rowe, a Brit living in Texas, is ready for a bake-off as she goes against 9 other contestants on season 2 of Is It Cake, Too?

Is It Cake? a show modeled on a viral internet trend that is most frequently seen on TikTok, debuted in March 2022, and its concept is distinctive in that it is. You may have seen internet posts and discussions requesting assistance with determining whether a seemingly ordinary household object is actually real or fake. Literally, anything could be cake, which became a running joke.

On Friday, June 30, 2023, the outrageous cookery program will return for its second season. The new season’s episodes will all air simultaneously. Season 2 also consists of eight episodes and is hosted by returning host Mikey Day from SNL.

Elizabeth is one of 10 chefs hoping to take home their share of a $120,000 prize pot on June 30.

Before the show’s premiere, Elizabeth took to her IG and shared, “Hiya! Oh, my bloody gosh!!!! Can you believe it! Season 2 of Is It Cake? is going to be insane! I’m so excited for you all to finally see this season and all of the amazing cakes that we made. I’m so excited to show y’all the hard work that we put into our cakes and they really were incredible! Make sure to come see my new cake peeps and I. The show comes out on June 30th on Netflix, so don’t forget to add it to your watch list!  #netflix  #isitcakenetflix  #isitcake  #cakes #wow #thelondonbaker.”

Elizabeth Rowe Job

Elizabeth Rowe is the owner of The London Baker (Castle Hills The Colony, Texas) since 2005. Via her business, she has started out bringing American dessert staples to her native country, England. She then decided to bring England to America when she moved to the Dallas-Fort Worth area and opened The London Baker.

“I just wanted [The London Baker] to literally just be like someone is taking a trip to London,” Elizabeth said. “They can leave basically their troubles behind, their lives behind and just feel like they’ve stepped into somewhere different. I wanted them to feel special.”

For seventeen years, Elizabeth has been making cakes. Her goal of starting her own company came true in 2018 with the opening of The London Baker’s first location in Castle Hills. She developed a second location close by at The Realm at Castle Hills and it soon outgrew the original one.

According to Elizabeth, The London Baker wants to give Lewisville a taste of London. Custom cakes for weddings and other events are the bakery’s specialty. Standard options on the tea menu include lattes made with Earl Grey and London Fog.

The London Baker is unique because of its authenticity, according to Elizabeth. Everything is handmade from scratch. The deep-dish chocolate chip cookies, lemon blueberry scones, and sausage rolls are some of the most well-liked treats. She stated, “[We want] to get [the food] as close as we can to an authentic taste you’d find in Britain.”

Elizabeth’s cake artistry has been featured on several Food Network television shows, such as “Cake Wars” and “Dallas Cakes.” Cakes start at $45 and have gone up to $6,000— the most expensive cake Elizabeth has made to date. “It’s literally all hands on deck to make sure that it’s done within a 48-hour timeframe,” she said.

How Tall Is Elizabeth Rowe?

Elizabeth Rowe stands tall above height of 5 feet 8 inches.

Elizabeth Rowe Age

In December 2022, Elizabeth Rowe turned 38 years old.

Elizabeth Rowe Family

Elizabeth Rowe was born to her Brit parents. Her anonymous father died in January 2021.

After his passing, Elizabeth took to her FB and wrote, “Goodbye Dad!!! You were always there for me, which I don’t say lightly. You were always willing to make a project happen for me and I loved getting to all our building and DIY projects together and was so looking forward to you coming out and helping me in March. When you lose a parent the world just seems that much more scarier and lonely! We had no warning and no signs and we are all still shocked.”

She has mentioned her mum a few times but there are no details about her mother. On her business website, Elizabeth shared, “Like a lot of budding cake decorators my interests were peaked early, from playtime; baking cupcakes with friends to Mother’s Day cakes, gifted for Mum.”

Is Elizabeth Rowe Married?

Yes, Elizabeth Rowe is married to her husband Cody Daniel. They have been married since April 2023.

Cody proposed to Elizabeth before September 2022. They have been in a relationship since April 2020.

In January 2023, Elizabeth announced on her Facebook, “Hey Everyone we’re getting married!!! April 16 this year!! I know everyone keeps asking what is your wedding cake going to look like when you get married… The answer is I have no idea because as a wedding vendor, I’m too busy making sure everyone else’s wedding cakes are perfect lol.”

The married couple kept things small with only 40 – 45 attendees on the most important day of their life.

Talking about her husband, Cody is working as a Props, Production assistant, and Special Effects in Film Industry. He is also an actor and some of his notable works are Phobia, Chef, Reborn, Jurrasic World, I Saw the Light, Queen of the South, Color Me You, and worked in stunts in Captain America: Civil War.

Cody studied Dennis O’Nell School Of Acting.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Elizabeth Rowe Birthday?

Elizabeth Rowe’s birthday is on 6 December.

  • Where Is Elizabeth Rowe From?

Elizabeth Rowe hailed from Southend-on-Sea, UK. She has been living in Texas for more than one and a half decades. She is based in Carrollton, Texas.

  • Is Elizabeth Rowe On Instagram And Facebook?

Yes, Elizabeth Rowe is available on both Instagram (@thelondonbaker) and Facebook.

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