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Elle Watson Bio, Height, Family, Age, Job, Byron Baes

Elle Watson was the least socially followed cast member of Netflix’s 2022 controversial reality show Byron Bay. Yes, while others boasted hundreds of thousands of followers, she entertained only 3K IG followers then.

So, who is she? This Elle Watson Bio explores her life.

Elle Watson On Byron Baes

Netflix’s Byron Bay premiered on March 9, 2022, and it saw a cast of 14 influencers including Elle who helped each other grow their businesses, connections, and social followings in the Australian beach town of Byron Bay.

On the show’s first ep, Nathan Favro referred to the cast as a “tight crew of content creators” while Cai Leplaw labeled the coastal town “a mecca for influencers.”

So, you get the theme.

But while the show’s undoubtedly addictive, many Twitter critics described Byron Baes as “cringeworthy” and “brain-numbing.”

“Byron Baes is horrific. But I will watch the entire thing,” a fan wrote.

However, this wasn’t Byron Bay’s first criticism. Back when the show was still being filmed, locals began raising their voices in “alarm, disgust, and outrage” that the production flouted filming and environmental protocols. They alleged that the show presented a glossy and false impression of the place and cast out-of-towners as locals.

Producer, Paul Franklin acknowledges the local’s anger but shared they “got a lot of positive feedback too.”

As for the question, if the show’s scripted or not — a participant Saskia Wotton shared it was “pretty much 100 percent organic.” Likewise, another participant, Sarah Tangye, said, “it’s not scripted. It’s sort of art imitating life, and life imitating art.”

Joining Elle in the inaugural season of Byron Bay were co-stars — Sarah Tangye, Jade Kevin Foster, Simba Ali, Elias Chigros, Nathan Favro, Alex Reid, Dave Frim, Saskia Wotton, Hannah Brauer, Cai Leplaw, Elle Watson, and Jessica and Lauren Johansen Bell.

Recalling her filming experience on the show, Elle shared that it was a “total blast.” Also, she added that there were a lot of “laughs and hilarious Byron Esq moments” to the viewers will soon be able to see.

What Is Elle Watson Relationship Status?

Elle Watson was single as of 2022. Or at least this was what her Facebook status shared.

For those of you wondering what’s her relationship with her co-star Nathan Favrom, the two are just close friends. Also, since the two were housemates, it was only natural for Elle to feature him over her IG posts.

Talking about their “friendship,” Elle shared that Nathan was the “other half of (her) Zimmer frame! —  Always lifting each other when we need it most.”

Also, she confessed that she was “incredibly grateful” for Nathan. He always had her back, and visa versa. “When you find people like this in your life, cherish it,” Elle praised him.

Elle Watson Height

Elle Watson stands tall at a height above 5 feet 7 inches (170 cm).

Mentioning her distinct features, Elle has a long triangular face and hazel eyes. Also, she has a small tattoo on her left arm and forearm.

Elle Watson Family

Elle Watson didn’t talk much about her family. However, she did often share IG posts with her “incredible community of lifelong friends that (she) considered family.”

A few of her tagged “family” that she always put first were — Kate Elsworth, and Nicolas Blistene (both are musicians).

Is Elle Watson On Instagram?

Yes, Elle was on Instgram @iamellewatson.

Also, here’s her Facebook @MiSs.3lle.

Elle Watson Job

Elle Watson is a self-described “empowered businesswoman, and a philanthropist with style, funding impact projects that save the planet.”

With over 2 decades of experience in local, domestic and international business, Elle has managed to imbue herself within a diverse range of fields and ultimately infuse her life with meaning by being of service to the collective.

During those 2 decades, she has lent her services to finance, sustainably, humanitarian, marketing, and musical works.

As of 2022, Elle was working as an executive director of ONE – Sustainability Fund.

Before that, she was a managing partner of Providus Investments (from Feb 2020 – Feb 2022), board member of Beyond Coral Foundation (from Nov 2020 to Nov 2021), and board member of Good Human Factory (from Oct 2020 to Oct 2021).

In June 2014, Elle also founded MODE Agency and went on to work there for 5 and a half years.

Before that, Elle has ventured into jobs such as artist manager, event manager, campaign manager, and advertising executive.

Elle Watson Age

Elle Watson was born before 1990. So, that made her at least 31 years of age when she appeared on Byron Bay in 2022.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Elle Watson Birthday?

Elle celebrities her birthday on May 30, making her of the Gemini zodiac.

  • Where Is Elle Watson From?

Elle hails from Terrigal, New South Wales, Australia.

But after filming Byron Bay, she moved to Los Angeles, California.

According to her official page, it was because she grew up in a small coastal town surrounded by beautiful vast beaches and lush tropical forests, she developed a strong sense to protect the environment.

“I would pick up rubbish on the beach or street, plant trees, recycle and minimize food wastage where possible,” Elle recalled her childhood.

  • How Much Is Elle Watson Net Worth?

By 2022, Elle garnered a net worth of under $1 million.

Reportedly, her job as an executive director in CA earned her around $98 thousand per annum.

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