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Hannah Brauer Bio, Age, Job, Height, Family, Byron Baes

Byron Baes that debuted on Netflix on 9 March 2022 sees a cast of 20 and 30 somethings navigating the infamous influencer circles of New South Wales’s Byron Bay.

As per Netflix, the new docu-soap follows a group of 14 trendy hustlers, musicians, designers, spiritual healers, and artists as they grow their businesses, connections, and social followings. Hannah Brauer, whom we are going to discuss in the rest of the ‘Hannah Brauer BIO’ is one of them.

Hannah Brauer On Byron Baes

In the first episode, viewers got a quick insight into its key characters and believed Hannah Brauer to be one. (Especially after her white party soiree one practically screamed MTV Laguna Beach’s pilot.)

As the show progresses, the audience quickly gets that Hannah is very spiritual. Her famous white party involves a full healing ceremony. Some of us loved to see her excitement when newcomer Jade presents her with a healing crystal.

Then, there was Hannah and fashion designer Jessica Johansen-Bell’s on-again-off-again friendship that somehow becomes a central narrative to the show. However, details about what went between them were likely left as a story for some another time.

Before the show’s release, Hannah teased her participation on the show saying she is ridiculously proud and grateful for the whole experience.

The journey however was not all smooth. Only last year, Hannah was worried that she had made a big mistake signing with Netflix. “It was scary … I started second-guessing my decision to go on the show. I was literally like, oh my god, what have I done? I’ve only ever felt comfortable living in this town. I’ve only ever felt loved within this town. Have I destroyed my Byron life by going on this show?”, Hannah told GUARDIAN in light of the whole Netflix and the locals’ feud controversy.

As soon as the show was announced, Byron Bay locals quickly had protests and petitions questioning the streaming service to abandon its plans. Several Byron businesses had announced they would not allow the show to film on their property.

Hannah Brauer Relationship Status

Hannah was single when Byron Baes was filmed mid-last year (2021). However, she openly talked about her prior hookups with castmate Nathan Favro.

It remains to be seen if her relationship status has changed since then. Though we can say that she and her former beau turned costar on Netflix were still hanging out until January 2022.

Is Hannah Brauer On Instagram?

Yes. Hannah Brauer could be found on Instagram @misshannahdivine where she entertained 8,531 followers as of 10 March 2022. (

By the look of it, she loves to arrange parties and travel the world, whenever she is not working.

One could also look her up on Facebook under the handle ‘Crystal Moonshine’.

Hannah Brauer Age

Early in 2022, Hannah Brauer turned 30 years old.

Hannah Brauer Job

Hannah Brauer is the marketing manager/brand manager of her parents’ fashion business, Bisque Traders.

From what’s been written on the company’s website, her parents launched the company 11 years ago to create a look synonymous with the free-flowing energy exuded from the Byron community. Thus the clothing garnering the coined phrase, “the Byron look”.

What Do We Know About Hannah Brauer’s Family?

Hannah Brauer’s dad Ralph Brauer could be spotted on Instagram @bisqueboy. Wishing him on his birthday on 18 February 2022, Hannah adorably wrote “•~ Happy 66th Papa B ~•* I’ll always be your Mini Me!🖤🤍” on a social media post.

Ralph is a manager at BISQUE INTERIORS in New South Wales, Australia. Many years ago, he rolled to Africa to work as a chemical engineer for 18 months. He traveled south on a surf trip, and the first week of being in Cape Town fell in love with a South African Woman, who was going to be his wife and the mother of his kids.

Enters Hannah’s mom Kathy Coetzee Brauer, who is from Cape Town, Western Cape. As she turned 60-year-old on 31 December 2021, she had been married for 38 years to Ralph. As per her Facebook, she is the owner of Bisque Traders and Bisque Interiors. And back in the day, she also studied Nursing at Carinus Nursing College.

There are three people in Hannah’s family, and yes, their favorite golden fluff ball, named Cinnabar Goldy Yogi Bear.

The Brauer family has been Byron Bay locals since 2010.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Hannah Brauer’s Birthday?

The 14th of January marks Hannah Brauer’s birthday and this time around, every year she makes sure to have a blast. She has to have a party, be it a super last-minute one.

  • How Tall Is Hannah Brauer?

Wavy-Brown-haired, blue-eyed Hannah Brauer stands below 167 cm / 5-foot-6-inch tall. also listed that she weighed 49 kg / 107 lbs.

  • How Much Is Hannah Brauer’s Net Worth?

Hannah Brauer reportedly held $300K as net worth as of March 2022.

You should also know that Hannah began theatre group at the age of 8 which she continued onto early high school years. This involved a variety of musicals and plays. Eventually, she performed as a leading character in 2 short films and 2 plays for Drama HSC.

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