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Ellie Zeiler Parents: Sarah (Mom) And Rick Zeiler (Dad)! Age, Job

The TikTok star, Ellie Zeiler who boasted over 10 million followers over TikTok found herself in the middle of controversy after posting a video about the reasons for soaring gas prices in 2022. And it wasn’t long before her Tiktoker parents also got caught up in the storm.

But who are they? Learn all about Ellie Zeiler’s parents: Sarah (mom) and Rick Zeiler (dad) including their age and job, as this article proceeds. 

Who Are TikTok Star Ellie Zeiler Parents?

Ellie Zeiler’s parents are Sarah and Rick Zeiler, who you might already know about if you’ve been following the star on TikTok. They were often featured over Ellie’s Tiktok @elliezeiler and thanks to this, they’ve also garnered a lot of following on their respective TikTok accounts.

According to Ellie, her father is her best friend and he has always been there for her. No wonder, on Rick’s 2021 birthday she promised to “always be there” for him as well.

As for her mother, Ellie shared that Sarah was her best friend with whom she falls in love “more and more every day.” On Mother’s day 2020, she posted an IG pic from her childhood with her mom and wrote, “I am SO grateful to be raised by such an amazing woman. you & me forever mama.”

And the feeling’s mutual. On Ellie’s turning 18th birthday (i.e on March 7, 2022), Sarah took it to her IG to write, “Most of all, feeling grateful to our loving family and friends for making time to celebrate with us. Happy Birthday, Ellie! You are so very loved!”

Despite the TikTok “gas price” controversy that was also spilled upon them, Ellie’s parents aren’t one bit mad at her. They love their queen of a daughter unconditionally.

In case you missed the “gas price” controversy — Ellie made a video on TikTok breaking down inflation and supply-demand economics, as well as how Russia’s role in global gas supply has been impacted. The video came after Ellie was chosen as one of the big TikTokers by the White House, who were briefed on the Ukraine invasion.

But little did she know, fans would call out her for being “manipulated” into spreading these messages.

Meet Ellie Zeiler Mom, Sarah Zeiler

Ellie Zeiler’s mother, Sarah Zeiler is her best friend and her manager, who left her career behind to aid her daughter in her TikTok journey. But in doing so, she’s gained a lot herself.

Her maiden name is “Grossman.”

Keep reading to learn more about her.

  • Sarah Zeiler Age

Sarah Zeiler was born on November 27, 1973. That made her 48 years of age in 2022.

She had Ellie when she was 30.

  • Sarah Zeiler Job

Sarah Zeiler is a public relations, and branding and communications specialist. She spent over 8 years working as the president of Zeiler Spirits LLC from Dec 2013 to Dec 2021. Then, she quit her job after Ellie’s career as a content creator took off and went on to become her digital talent manager.

Her prior job venture in public relations is accompanied by companies like Evereve (Oct 2018 – Mar 2020), Clase Azul SpiritsClase (May 2012 – Jan 2014), Sidney Frank Importing (Apr 2001 – Jan 2009), Yada Yada Inc. (May 2000 – Apr 2001) and S&S Public Relations (Jun 1995 – May 2000).

  • How Much Is Sarah Zeiler Net Worth?

By 2022, Sarah Zeiler garnered a net worth of above $1 million.

  • Is Sarah Zeiler On Instagram?

Yes, as of March 2022, find her on Instagram @sarahzeiler with 15.3K followers.

Also, her TikTok @sarahgzeiler then flaunted 297K followers,

Here’s her Facebook @sarah.zeiler and Pinterest @sarahzeiler

Meet Ellie Zeiler Dad, Rick Zeiler

Ellie Zeiler’s dad, Rick Zeiler is a funny man. His TikToks are hilarious. But most of his fan following comes from his star daughter.

Find out more about him below.

  • Rick Zeiler Age

Rick Zeiler was born on Ocotber 31, 1973. That made him 48 years of age in 2022.

He’s just a month older than his wife/Ellie’s mother, Sarah Zeiler.

  • Rick Zeiler Job

Rick Zeiler is the founder and CEO of Zeiler Spirits LLC (where Ellie’s mother was previously employed) — a distilled spirits supplier and the creator of COLDCOCK American Herbal Whiskey. He handed new product development, and sales and marketing strategy there.

Before that, Rick worked as the director of Jagermeister and Grey Goose Vodka for over 18 years. Reportedly, he joined the company back in April 1994 and oversaw large national promotions including music operations for Jagermeister.

Meanwhile, Rick was employed at Jagermeister and Grey Goose Vodka, Rick also took the job as the director of strategic marketing at Sidney Frank Importing Co (for over 18 years as well).

As for his education, he went to Palomar College for his marketing degree from 1992 to 1994.

  • How Much Is Rick Zeiler Net Worth?

Rick Zeiler’s net worth was above $3 million in 2022.

  • Is Rick Zeiler On Instagram?

Yes, as of March 2022, find him on Instagram @rickzeiler.

Also, here’s his TikTok with over 154K followers.

Related FAQs

  • Are Ellie Zeiler Parents Still Married?

Yes, as of 2022, Ellie Zeiler’s parents were still married.

Having tied the knot in April 2001, Rick never had a day when he didn’t find his wife “hot-hot and incredible.”

  • How Many Kids Do Ellie Zeiler Parents Have?

Ellie’s parents have three kids in total — Ellie and their twin sons, William and Benjamin Zeiler.

Like Ellie, William is a content creator who has amassed over 130 thousand followers on TikTok.

While Benjamin preferred secluded life and was more into snowboarding and golf. He even participated in quite a few gold tournaments.

  • Where Do Ellie Zeiler Parents Live?

Ellie’s parents resided in San Diego, California in 2022.

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