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Elliott Neese Age, Dad, Deadliest Catch, Is He Still Alive?

The appearance of Elliott Neese on The Deadliest Catch sparked a lot of controversies, and the crabber now has a love-hate relationship with both his coworkers and fans. Fans have been curious about the long absence of the resident bad guy of the Bering Sea since season 11 of the program.

The commanders of several fishing vessels and the crew members that work on them in the Bering Sea during the Alaskan King crab, snow crab, and bairdi crab fishing seasons are the subjects of the reality television program “Deadliest Catch.” Due to their bravery and abilities, many of the captains have won over the audience’s hearts.

However, one captain in particular—Elliott Neese—has consistently made headlines, often for the wrong reasons. But where is he now?

Deadliest Catch: Is Elliott Neese Still Alive?

As of October 2023, Elliott Neese is alive and is recently released after doing his time at the FPC Duluth, a minimum-security prison in Minnesota.

Elliott revealed in 2017 that he had achieved 90 days of sobriety, but in 2021 he admitted to drug selling. He entered a guilty plea to one count of possessing a controlled narcotic with the intent to distribute, according to Alaska Public Media. According to the plea deal, which is quoted by the source, “Neese admitted to investigators in an interview that he is engaged in a large narcotics trafficking operation on the Kenai Peninsula and that he distributes primarily heroin throughout the area.”

Elliott was reportedly facing a sentence of five to forty years in 2021. According to court records obtained by Soap Dirt, he was given a sentence of 2.5 years at Sheridan Federal Prison in Oregon and was expected to be released on 7 July 2024.

However, Elliott hasn’t provided any updates on his socials about his release.

As for how he came across on the series, Elliott told KTVA, “I don’t think the role of the villain is fair, but I signed on to be part of this show. They can portray me in whichever way they like. I don’t necessarily agree with it or like it, but I have to deal with it.”

Elliott Neese Age

Born in 1992, Elliott Neese reached the age of 41 in 2023.

Who Is Elliott Neese Dad?

Elliott Neese’s dad is named Mike Neese. Mike has also appeared on Deadliest Catch. The father-son duo have shared a special bond, but right now, their relationship is a bit on the strained side after last season.

“I have my boat out and a crew will be on it. I won’t be on it and neither will my dad,” Elliott said. “He basically was on there to hang out with me. A TV captain will be on the show — Jake Anderson. The real captain won’t be seen on the show.”

Michael is 67 years old as of 2023.

Speaking about their family being filmed, Elliott said, ” I would have felt better if they had told me the truth. They told me they were going to film fun stuff with my family They filmed for 5 days, and only showed the bullshit. They didn’t show the fun family stuff we did.”

Elliott Neese Career

Captain Elliott Neese appeared in five seasons, leading F/V Ramblin’ Rose and F/V Saga. The youthful captain immediately established himself on the program, faced off against seasoned veterans, and frequently quarreled and argued with other captains. He finally took the helm of the FV Saga, one of the most well-known and reputable fishing boats on the program. During his time on the show, his substance use issues were known to the cast and often left them concerned.

Elliot received recognition and admiration from his colleagues in season 10 for risking his own safety to rescue the lives of six FV Arctic Hunter crew mates. His boisterous and irritable demeanor, however, continued to cast him in a negative light and produced a ton of drama for the show. Elliott’s erratic behavior and adversarial demeanor infuriated the audience, and there was a fan petition to have the actor fired from the program.

Elliot Neese’s exit from the popular reality series was ultimately caused by personal hardships rather than behavioral problems.

He also discussed being misrepresented on the show. Elliot added, “Misunderstood? No. Mis-portrayed? Yes. I feel like if they would just show the truth, things would be great. It’s like playing a game with somebody who already knows the outcome. They just twist and turn everything the way they want. If I was such a bad guy to work for, why do I still have guys working for me that have been with me a couple of years, and guys still calling me wanting jobs?”

Per his LinkedIn, Elliott graduated from Soldotna High School in 2000. He shared, “My goals for 2015 are to buy the other half of my company from my partner and purchase a Bristol Bay permit. Get my contract back with Discovery Channel so I can be on Season 12 of Deadliest Catch.”

Is Elliott Neese Married?

No, Elliott Neese is not married. But, he shared two children with his baby mama Valerie Gunderson. According to TMZ, Valerie Gunderson obtained a temporary restraining order against the reality star in 2012. Court documents stated that she feared for her personal safety in the event that her ex snapped.

Valerie claimed that Elliott’s violent behavior was nothing new. She alleged that he attacked her in 2006 and smashed her belongings during an incident in 2010.

Per LinkedIn, Valerie is working as a dental assistant at SVT Health and Wellness.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Elliott Neese Birthday?

Every year, Elliott Neese celebrates his birthday in January.

  • Is Elliott Neese On Instagram?

Yes, Elliott Neese is available on IG and FB.

  • Where Is Elliott Neese From?

Elliott Neese hailed from Homer, Alaska.

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