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Linda Okoli Bio, Boyfriend, Family, Age, Surviving Paradise

Surviving Paradise on Netflix cast was quite sure they were having some lavish villa getaway. But instead after having had their phones and jewelry removed, they were told that they had been appointed as the cast members of this show which is a crossbreed of Survivor and Big Brother again blended with Love Island. It is called Surviving Paradise on Netflix and it stars Linda Okoli among others. Keep reading and you shall discover all that you have been looking around trying to find out about her.

Linda Okoli On Netflix’s Surviving Paradise

Linda Okoli is introduced to viewers on Surviving Paradise as an alumnus of Baylor University, where she worked as an office assistant until 2015. People are also told that this very contestant of theirs is also a fashion consultant.

Except for Linda’s excitement about the show, not much has been yet made known about her journey on the show. When she was finally allowed to talk about it on social media, Linda described in a post that it was a blessing to finally announce that she would be on Season 1 of Surviving Paradise. “From tears to laughter, to all the tea in between – get ready for a journey that you definitely wouldn’t expect, but don’t want to miss! So clear the schedule, grab some wine, and get ready for October 20th, because we’re unlocking a lot more than looks in Paradise, baby! 🤞🏾✨♥️”, she gushed.

Linda Okoli Boyfriend

It was not understood if Linda Okoli had a boyfriend as of October 2023. She did not give away any hint related to it on her social media or other places.

Linda Okoli Job

As per LinkedIn, Linda has been an on-air personality at Houston-based KTSU 90.9 FM’s Sports Entertainment News since February 2023. All along she has also been self-employed as a digital content creator at LifeOnLOC Services since August 2018.

Previously, she was a career coordinator of the Texas Southern University’s Career and Professional Development Center and also the University of Houston’s admission advisor and data entry specialist.

At Texas Southern University’s Thurgood Marshall School of Law, Linda also did her Doctor of Law – JDDoctor of Law (2015 – 2018). For a year in 2018, she also Champions School of Real Estate. Before that, she studied BA in Psychology at Baylor University in the Class of 2015 and went to Cypress Creek High School to study Pre-Calculus and more, in the Class of 2011.

Among other things, Linda also earns commission from her Amazon storefront.

Linda Okoli Age

Because Linda Okoli was born in 1993, she turned 30 years old in 2023.

Linda Okoli Family

Linda Okoli comes from a Nigerian family.

Her father is Victor Okey Okoli of Houston, Texas and he turned 63 years old in September 2023. Linda is certainly very fond of him and often shows him off to her people on social media. Whenever she did in the past she wrote something like “To the first man I ever loved, my favorite man, and the most hardworking man I know…I hope you have the most amazing birthday in the world” as the caption next to beautiful pictures of them together. One time, Linda also gushed that she one day hopes to be blessed with a best friend and a husband who is just as kind, as selfless, and as protective as her dad.

The next we have is Lydia Ijeoma Okoli. She is Linda’s mom who turned 58 in January 2023. Houston-based, she has been the owner of Lyok Accessories since January 2018.

Linda also always has had the only good stuff to say about her mom. One time for instance she heartfeltly wrote “A lot of people have friends and a lot of people have mothers, but the blessing truly hits different when you have both in one.” To her, “Mama Okoli” is the “epitome of beauty, grace, class, confidence, and selflessness”.

In her family, Linda also has two sisters. One is Amanda I Okoli who turned 28 in March 2023. She is a Juris Doctor and B.B.A. in Economics. She also loves to go around as the Community Leader at Baylor University. Another sister of Linda is Tori Okoli and she graduated from a high school in Cypress, Texas in May 2023.

Linda Okoli Height

Linda Okoli stands below 5’7” in height. Earlier, she used to wish that she was 5’9″, a perfect height. But lately, she appears to have learned to accept herself the way she is.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Linda Okoli’s Birthday?

Linda Okoli’s birthday is on September 25th making her a Libra.

  • Is Linda Okoli On Instagram?

Yes. Linda Okoli was on Instagram as of October 2023. The personal blog @lifeonloc included 161 posts and 15.3K followers. Besides, Linda also loves to show glimpses of her life on ‘Linda Okoli’ Facebook, on Twitter @lifeonloc, and on TikTok @lifeonloc.

With her few subscribers on YouTube Linda also shared her journey to MISS TEXAS USA back in 2021. She revealed around this time that pageantry has always been near and dear to her heart. She said at the time, that becoming Miss Texas USA has been a personal goal of hers for 8 years. Sadly though, she did not win the competition in any notable category.

  • Where Is Linda Okoli From?

Linda Okoli originally hails from Houston, Texas. She seemed to have continued living there as of 2023.

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