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Eman Esfandi Bio, Age, Ethnicity, Dating, Height, Ahsoka

We are here to tell you all about Eman Esfandi because he is playing the Star Wars animated character in Ahsoka, Disney+’s highly-anticipated series. Eman is joining Rosario Dawson in the cast as fan-favorite Ezra Bridger.

Let’s find out more in this writing called ‘Eman Esfandi Bio’.

Eman Esfandi On Disney Plus Series Ashoka

Fans were elated when The Hollywood Reporter finally declared who would play fan favorite character Ezra Bridger in Ahsoka. While many had voted for Aladdin actor Mena Massoud to play Ezra, the part went to Eman Esfandi and people have been still very delighted.

The character Ezra debuted in 2014 in the animated Star Wars Rebels. He was at the time voiced by actor Taylor Gray. So, fans from that time saw Ezra grow from an orphan with an exceptional talent for the Force into a Rebel. For this, he is trained by the Jedi.

Anyway, Eman now joins the series to continue the adventures of Ahsoka Tano, the onetime trainee to Anakin Skywalker, who was last seen in an episode of The Book of Boba Fett.

Ezra and Ahsoka’s relationship is one of the central relationships in Star Wars Rebels. Originally, Ezra only knew Ahsoka as the rebel agent Fulcrum before they first met after the Rescue of Kanan Jarrus. Ever since they grew to be loyal to each other.

Eman Esfandi Career

Growing up, Eman Esfandi’s business owner parents made him believe that he would too one day follow in their footsteps. So, the Associate’s degree in Business Administration. He graduated from the University of Texas with a Bachelor’s degree in Economics. But, during his time at the university, he also stumbled into a career in acting.

Then, upon attending the workshop hosted by local casting directors Kim and Brad Burton, he got booked for his first commercial not long after.

That was his start. From there, Eman continued to train in Meisner Technique under Laurel Vouvray. And with time, he booked lead roles in numerous projects. He did the national commercial for big brands such as Coca-Cola, Bose, and Amazon, and he also appeared in lead roles in a few independent feature films.

He got called for the role in Robert Rodriguez’s feature film Red 11 which premiered internationally at the 2019 Festival Du Cannes as part of Director’s Fortnight and also had its World Premiere at the 2019 SXSW Film Festival.

But, before that in 2018, Eman moved to Los Angeles after signing with his manager John Tynan at Mosaic Media Group.

Is Eman Esfandi Dating Anyone?

As of 2022, it was not known if Esfandi was or not dating anyone.

Eman Esfandi Age

Eman, with the full name Eman Alexei Esfandi, reached the age of 27 in 2021.

What Is Eman Esfandi Ethnicity?

Eman Esfandi is Persian-Ecuadorian or in other words half Middle eastern and half Ecuadorian.

His mother and father immigrated to the United States from Ecuador and Iran respectively.

According to the internet, Eman is related to these people: Angelica C Esfandi, Mina Esfandi, Mehrdad Esfandi, Aleida B Esfandi, Roya Esfandi, Mehran Esfandi, Aleida Esfandi and Manuel Esfandi.

When Eman was asked who else deserves some credit and recognition for where he is today, he said he would love to say it is his family first and foremost. No matter what he creates or how he chooses to express himself, he said, they have always been there to support him and encourage him along the way.

What Religion Does Eman Esfandi Follow?

Last year, Eman Esfani filmed a movie about life in the military for a gay black man, where he played a Muslim man. However, what religion it is that he follows in real life, we could not tell as of the time of this writing.

Eman Esfandi Height

Not only but also athletic appearing Eman Esfandi stands 5′ 11″ (1.8 meters) in height. In his senior year of high school, he attended the John Newcombe Tennis Academy before going on to rank top 5 in the nation playing Collegiate tennis at Laredo College.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Eman Esfandi Birthday?

Eman celebrates his birthday on September 28th. So, he is a Libra.

  • Where Was Eman Esfandi Born?

Eman Esfandi is a Texas boy. He was born and raised in Laredo, a small town on the southwest border of Texas. Although currently (2022) he was inhabiting Los Angeles.

  • Is Eman Esfandi On Instagram And Twitter?

Eman could be found on Instagram @emanesfandi where he had 11 posts and 3,851 followers as of 13 September 2022.

This very September he also joined Twitter @EmanEsfandi.

Besides, Eman also occasionally showed glances from his life on Facebook.

  • How Much Is Eman Esfandi Net Worth?

Eman Esfandi’s net worth was estimated to be around $600 thousand as of 2022.

Paulo Coelho’s The Alchemist-inspired Eman initially got into creative work through acting and poetry, then started directing, and by 2021 had been also really enjoying making music.

Apparently, Eman even had separate social accounts for his music: @dragonwulf_888 (TikTok) and @dragonwulf_888 (Instagram). Also, on the Spotify channel, DragonWulf, there were 2,122 monthly listeners. The latest release would have to be the EP “A DragonWulf Summer”. It came around in July 2022. He is a rapper. And his music, in his words, is developed from a fondness for slam poetry along with inspiration from artists like J.Cole, Kendrick Lamar, and Eminem.

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