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Emma D’Arcy Parents: Richard D’Arcy And Sally D’Arcy

Emma D’Arcy is one of the two children of her parents, Richard D’Arcy and Sally D’Arcy. This article attempts to detail the information on their parents. Everything from age, job, and current residence, this piece covers it all.

So, tag along with this article Emma D’Arcy’s parents to learn more about their folks.

Who Are House Of The Dragon Star Emma D’Arcy Parents?

Actor Emma D’Arcy is a non-binary actress who was born to Richard John D’Arcy and Sally Elizabeth D’Arcy.

An actor and theatre-maker, they are popular for TV shows Truthseekers, Wild Bill, and Wanderlust. In 2020, they also starred in the movie Misbehaviour. However, they performed extensively on stage in the production of shows like The Caucasian Chalk Circle, The Pillowman, Romeo and Juliet, Clickbait, The Games We Played, and A Girl In A School Uniform among others.

They attended Ruskin School of Art and are also the Joint Artistic Director of the Forward Arena Theatre Company.

Emma, a 30-year-old, is believed to be romantically involved with director Thomas May Bailey. Emma really admitted that their partner had greatly aided them in the pre-production phase of the HBO series in terms of the iconic wig in a June 2022 interview with Entertainment Weekly. Since they’ve had short hair for a while, they had to greatly improvise for the last Rhaenyra Targaryen auditions (look tests) because it was close to the peak of the epidemic in 2020.

In House of The Dragon Emma played Princess Rhaenyra Targaryen. The Targaryen family is represented by D’Arcy’s character. Rhaenyra, the first female heir to the Iron Throne, plays a significant part in House of the Dragon when she launches a war for succession. The princess, despite the fact that it makes her stand out, rejects the notion of being born to govern the Seven Kingdoms rather than to produce heirs.

Speaking on the relationship between Rhaenyra and Alicent’s (Olivia Cooke’s character) in House of The Dragon, Emma told Vogue: “The foundations for everything that happens are in the wounds and the trauma that is enacted on both of them early on in the story, and those wounds become the mechanism that drives behaviors later.”

The actor continued: “When there’s been a fundamental hurt that has come to define you, forgiveness is a big ask—even with someone who’s been what Alicent is to Rhaenyra.”

Moreover, they explained, “She’s grappling with these questions of identity and the restriction of womanhood from very early on. That was the aspect of the text that really spoke to me—reading someone on the page who’s so young and already aware that the rules apply differently to men and women.”

Meet Emma D’Arcy Father, Richard D’Arcy

Reportedly born in October 1944, Emma D’Arcy’s father Richard D’Arcy is 77 years old. He is reportedly the founder of Royle Publications Limited. He served as a creative director in the company. Based on a Facebook post, Richard might be working as an artist or an architect.

In May 2022 post, Emma’s mother posted on her Facebook that her husband Richard has mobility issues. They chose Cheltonian airport transfers for his medical appointments in London because the company provided door-to-door service.

Meet Emma D’Arcy Mother, Sally D’Arcy

Sally D’Arcy is the mother of Emma D’Arcy. She celebrates her birthday on 21 August. Sally has been very supportive of Emma’s acting career. In February 2013, Sally wrote a status on Facebook and wrote, “ am I feeling Facebook? Well, I’m very excited at the prospect of going to see Emma D’Arcy tonight in Bunny, by Jack Thorne..thanks for asking!”

Three months later in the same year, Sally posted, “Saw my big girl in Oxford last night in the first play she has co-directed as well as acted in. Congratulations Emma D’Arcy & to Thomas Bailey and to the cast and crew. What a superb team & what outstanding performances.”

Not much is known about Sally’s family, but a few things that we know are Sally has one brother named Rob. And, her father died from liver cancer two months after she took her dad’s last picture.

Sally is an artist and illustrator. During a personally difficult time she had to go through, Sally dealt with depression. However, when she came out of it, she spoke the Dutch language. She then switched on to working as a freelance illustrator. She and her husband also moved to Holland where he was making double of what he made in England.

As for social media reach, Sally is on Facebook (@sally.darcy.1).

Related FAQs

  • Where Do Emma D’Arcy Parents Live?

Emma D’Arcy’s family once lived in Netherland and Holland. They were also briefly living in London, England. However, they commuted back and forth to London from their current residence which is likely living in Cheltenham, England.

  • Are Emma D’Arcy Parents Still Married?

Yes, Emma D’Arcy’s parents are still married.

  • How Many Kids Do Emma D’Arcy Parents Have?

Besides, Emma D’Arcy, their parents have one other child named Chloe D’Arcy. Chloe is currently based in London, United Kingdom, and is also a non-binary. They are working at Siobhan Davies Studios as an administrative assistant.

They got educated at Trinity Laban (2018-2021) and the University of the Arts London (2015-2017).

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