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Meet Thomas May Bailey, Emma D’Arcy Alleged Partner!

In House of The Dragon and one stand-out character on the show was Princess Rhaenyra Targaryen played by Emma D’Arcy. The Targaryen family is represented by D’Arcy’s character. Rhaenyra, the first female heir to the Iron Throne, plays a significant part in House of the Dragon when she launches a war for succession. The princess, despite the fact that it makes her stand out, rejects the notion of being born to govern the Seven Kingdoms rather than to produce heirs.

Now, fans are looking to learn more about the actor’s personal details. We’ve discussed their parents’ details earlier, and now let’s learn about their dating life. Is Emma D’Arcy dating anyone? Let’s learn everything we know here, shall we?

Meet House Of The Dragon Star Emma D’Arcy Alleged Partner, Thomas May Bailey

Actor Emma D’Arcy hasn’t confirmed their dating life but rumors have been circulating that they are dating theatre director Thomas May Bailey. Emma D’Arcy said to Entertainment Weekly that they cobbled together a “really quick audition tape” for the Game of Thrones prequel during lockdown using an iPhone propped up against a bag of chips.

They actually believed they were auditioning for “a Game of Thrones rip-off.” Emma D’Arcy’s alleged partner, who has remained anonymous, had to assist the actor in making a temporary wig to disguise their natural buzz cut for further auditions.

Emma has never been particularly forthcoming about their personal lives, thus they haven’t yet revealed their current romantic situation or past dating history. However, it appears that they are currently happily associated with someone, and based on their online behavior, it may be the playwright-turned-director-of-film Thomas May Bailey.

After all, Thomas hasn’t just been in (or taken) most of the UK-based talent’s recent posts; as can be seen above, he has also just plain hung out with their family.

Emma really admitted that their partner had greatly aided them in the pre-production phase of the HBO series in terms of the iconic wig in a June 2022 interview with Entertainment Weekly. Since they’ve had short hair for a while, they had to greatly improvise for the last Rhaenyra Targaryen auditions (look tests) because it was close to the peak of the epidemic in 2020.

“For 24 hours, me and my partner just tried — I can’t put more emphasis behind that word,” they said. “We hot glued these hair extensions to these wig grips… [and] kept trying until we found something that gave me the illusion I had long hair. And then, every time we taped after that, I would sit in front of the telly, and my partner would do my hair extensions for an hour and a half.”

“All I had were some hair extensions left over from a job,” Emma said. “No way of attaching them to me, no idea how to do that. For 24 hours, me and my partner just tried — I can’t put more emphasis behind that word… We hot glued these hair extensions to these wig grips… We kept trying until we found something that gave me the illusion I had long hair. And then, every time we taped after that, I would sit in front of the telly, and my partner would do my hair extensions for an hour and a half before we taped anything.”

Additionally, there are some titbits on socials, however, about their relationship. They have known each other before 2013. In May 2013, Emma’s mother posted, “Saw my big girl in Oxford last night in the first play she has co-directed as well as acted in. Congratulations Emma D’Arcy & to Thomas Bailey and to the cast and crew. What a superb team & what outstanding performances.”

Thomas May Bailey Gender And Sexuality

Thomas May Bailey is male by gender and uses him/he as his pronoun. His sexuality is unclear as we speak. Meanwhile, Emma identifies themselves as non-binary. They use gender-neutral pronouns, they/them.

Is Thomas May Bailey On Instagram?

Yes, Thomas May Bailey uses Instagram (@tmayb) and Twitter (@thomas_bailey).

Thomas May Bailey Age

Reportedly born before 1990, Thomas May Bailey should be at least 32 years old as of 2022.

Thomas May Bailey Job

Thomas May Bailey worked as a theatre director. He was Resident Assistant Director at the Donmar Warehouse from 2019 to 2020. Prior to that, she completed the National Theatre Studio Directors’ Course and the NYT Brian Forbes directing curriculum.

Mrs. Dalloway (Arcola), Callisto: a Queer Epic (Arcola), Rehearsing for Planet B (North Wall Arts Centre), The Pillowman (Oxford Playhouse), and Romeo and Juliet are among the plays that the director has directed (Southwark Playhouse, Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre).

Some of the top theatre directors in the UK, such as Lyndsey Turner, Michael Longhurst, Ellen McDougall, and Roy Alexander Weise, have enlisted his help. He has vast experience directing in theatre schools. Isolate Ensemble, which had its premiere as a part of the Donmar Warehouse’s first digital program, was directed by Thomas.

Moreover, you can view his work here.

In addition, Thomas recently switched on to on-screen work. Thomas just wrapped up work on Carrie Cracknell’s feature-length adaptation of the Jane Austen novel Persuasion (MRC/Netflix). He actively involves himself in the writing, planning, casting, shooting, and editing as the director’s assistant. In addition, he has two short films set to film in 2022.

Also, according to IMDB, Thomas has worked in Persuasion as an additional crew.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Thomas May Bailey From?

Thomas May Bailey hailed from the UK. In July 2022, he was in Los Angeles, California. Meanwhile, Emma hailed from London, England, UK.

  • How Tall Is Thomas May Bailey?

Thomas May Bailey, whose height measures 5 feet 10 inches, is a few inches taller than Emma who stands tall at 5 feet 7.5 inches.

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