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Emma Noyes Siblings: Nick, Pat, James, Skatie, John Noyes

TikTok star Emma Noyes stirred conversation in May 2023, not because of herself but because of her siblings. Her followers have gone crazy for her older brother after she posted a cute skit about him on TikTok, using the new term “beekeeping age” to describe the older crush.

Now her fans are also interested in other siblings if there are any. Well, we’ve got you covered so scroll down to learn about Emma Noyes’s siblings.

How Many Siblings Does Emma Noyes Have?

TikTok star Emma Noyes was born as one of the six children of Susan and Nicholas Noyes. Susan, her mother turned 66 years old in September 2022. By trade, Emma is an entrepreneur. She is the founder of Make It Better Media Group where she has also been working as a publisher.

Susan formerly worked as an Attorney at Sidley & Austin and Congressional Aide at Congressman Clarence E. Miller. She has served on boards for the Poetry Foundation, Harvard University Graduate School of Education Visiting Committee, American Red Cross, Lurie Children’s Hospital, Annenberg Challenge, Chicago Public Education Fund, Lyric Opera of Chicago, Chicago Symphony Orchestra, New Trier High School District 203, and her beloved Kenilworth Union Church.

Susan attended Shortridge High School, studied Economics and political science at Miami University, and Law at Indiana University (Bloomington).

Meet Susan on Facebook and Instagram.

Emma’s dad Nicholas turned 75 years old in August 1947.

Nicholas and Susan married on 11 September 1983 and they have been happily married ever since. In 2013, Emma’s mom wrote an article in the New York Times titled True Stories Of Imperfect People = Strong Families.

In the article she wrote, “The first thing Nick Noyes — who was to become my husband and the father of our six kids — said to me was, “Do you know how to make refried beans?” Those were also the only words he spoke directly to me that day, even though we were together for at least another 10 hours with a small group of friends. It was an inelegant start to our relationship.”

She added, “Our children love and frequently repeat that story, in part because it reminds them that one doesn’t have to be suave to find true love. But also because it is just so typical of their dad at the start of any new relationship. He’s a shy and sometimes awkward guy. But his still waters run deep enough to have nurtured a large and loving family.”

Susan concluded, “Our kids also relish our tradition of telling embarrassing stories about the celebrant at family birthday dinners.”

Speaking of kids, Susan and Nicholas’s other kids are named: Nick, Pat, James, John, and Skatie Noyes. Learn more about them below.

Emma Noyes Brothers: Nick, Pat, James, And John Noyes

Here are the four brothers of Emma Noyes.

  • Nick Noyes

Nick Noyes is 39 years old. He was born in April 1984.

Nick describes himself as “Father. Husband. Brother. Investor. Developer. Host. Chicagoan. Lover of Brunch. Fortunate Son.” He went to New Trier High School and studied real estate and philosophy at Cornell University.

Meet Nick on FB.

  • Patrick Noyes

Patrick was born in July 1985. He reached age 37 in 2022.

Pat was a Former Assitant director of Diving at Northwestern University. He studied at New Trier High School and the University of Michigan. Per his Facebook, he is currently in a relationship.

  • James Noyes

James Noyes, in March 2023, reached age 35. This means his birth year is 1988. Meet James on Facebook and Instagram.

  • John Noyes

John Noyes is a Former Assistant Store Manager at Will Leather Goods. He also worked as a Former Front House Staff at Greenleaf Gourmet Chopshop.

John studied at Seamaster in 2014. He later studied at Cornell University in 2013.

Meet John on Facebook and IG.

Emma Noyes Sister Skatie

Emma Noyes has only one sister and her name is Skatie Noyes. Skatie Noyes was born in 1991 making her 32 years old in 2023.

Skatie also describes herself as an entrepreneur as she is the owner and designer at SKATIE. She co-founded the business with her partner Mandi. They met each other in 2011 when they enrolled at the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising in Los Angeles.

Both were design majors: Skatie in fashion, and Mandi in the visual arts. They connected instantly! As students, they had different majors but knew their skill sets would complement each other in the future. (Alprazolam)

In 2016, the two friends put their heads together to conceptualize SKATIE. They built the brand from the ground-up right in Skatie’s living room and launched organically via Instagram. After years of witnessing the wasteful practices within the fashion industry, Skatie and Mandi were on a mission to disrupt the industry and make an impact.

Fabric composition, locally sourced manufacturers, and compostable mailers are pieces of the puzzle, but SKATIE was founded on the idea that sustainability encompasses more than just environmental responsibility. They chose production partners that value a work-life balance for their workers, as demonstrated by paid vacation time, standard hours, and a fair wage.

Visit their shop here.

Related FAQs

  • Where Do Emma Noyes Siblings Reside?

Nick — Chicago, Illinois

Patrick — Chicago, Illinois

James — Mountain View, California

John — Not Available

Skatie — Venice, California

  • Are Emma Noyes Siblings Close?

Yes, Emma Noyes’s siblings are likely close to each other.

  • Do Emma Noyes Siblings Share The Same Parents?

Indeed, Emma Noyes and all of her five siblings share the same parents.

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