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Enrique Tarrio Family: Father, Mother, Siblings

Enrique Tarrio‘s sentencing for 22 years in prison in connection to the Jan 6 Capitol Hill riots has turned heads towards his family and his upbringing. Who are his parents and siblings?

Here is what we know about them.

Who Are Enrique Tarrio Family Members?

Enrique Tarrio is a second-generation Cuban born to his immigrant parents. However, when he was only 8, his parents divorced in 1992. Being the son of Cuban immigrants who fled political oppression and established themselves in Flagami, he was raised a Catholic with a strong right-leaning political upbringing. He dropped out of high school since becoming his own employer had become more appealing to him than continuing his schooling.

Before his arrest, Enrique and his grandfather lived in a single-story corner house fringed by short, foxtail palms, with a large, tiled patio equipped with plastic lawn chairs that looked like a Cuban-American retirement home that also serves as the headquarters of Proud Boys.

The house located in Little Havana is where Enrique grew up in the early ’90s. Miami New Times described the inside of the house as the walls “decorated with photos of Tarrio’s father (also named Enrique), relatives, and Tarrio himself as a cheerful child and stoic teen. In one photo, a young Tarrio kneels and prays to a statue of San Lázaro.”

Enrique claimed he purchased the Little Havana home nearly ten years ago to keep it in the family after his grandfather had to sell it, even though it is registered under the names of his grandfather and roommate Rigoberto. He kept pigeons in his backyard.

His family met at the dining room table to discuss politics and cafecitos, most of which were conservative. Basically, it was the setting for the politicization of young Enrique Tarrio.

In fact, Enrique claimed that his paternal aunt, Zaida Nuez, who was an active Republican fundraiser and invited young Enrique along to assist, is how he first became really involved in politics. He had already attempted to make the switch from activist to a politician, but his 2020 campaign to replace Democrat Donna Shalala in Florida’s 27th Congressional District fizzled out because he was unable to take campaign money due to the persistent problem with credit card processors.

The Proud Boys’ leader addressed him as Henry, although his birth certificate says “Enrique.”

Meet Enrique Tarrio Sr, Enrique Tarrio Father

Enrique Tarrio’s father is reportedly called Enrique Tarrio Sr.

Enrique Tarrio Sr. arrived in South Florida from Cuba in 1960 with his father. Meanwhile, his uncles refused to give up their farmland to Castro’s revolutionaries and were executed by Communists.

According to the Miami News Times, Enrique Sr. worked as an automobile mechanic.

Meet Zuny Duarte, Enrique Tarrio Mother

Zuny Duarte, the mother of Enrique Tarrio, also came from Cuba. However, Zuny never described herself as a very political person. According to Zuny, it was her ex-husband’s family that discussed ideology.

According to Zuny, who spoke to the Miami News Times, she doesn’t watch the news unless someone sends her a story about her son, and she needed to be reminded of the specifics of the January 6 uprising.

Zuny described Enrique as a typical boy who hardly ever got into trouble. He spoke a lot in class. Though spoiled, never a brat. “He always liked to share his things,” Zuny added. “He would give away things that we gave him, He still shares everything.”

Zuny told the outlet that he’s been an avid gamer since she bought him a Nintendo console as a kid. To this day, Enrique keeps Funko Pops and statues from popular game franchises like Halo and Gears of War around his home and office, and his recording studio looks like it could belong to a Twitch streamer.

Zunny has a job in import and export logistics. “This mother stands before you today begging you for leniency for Henry,” Zuny said. She further continued, “We need him home as soon as we can. The Henry that came into the system is not the Henry that’s here today.”

How Many Siblings Does Enrique Tarrio Have?

Enrique Tarrio reportedly has one sister. She is reportedly employed at their family business

However, the family business hasn’t produced a single sale in recent months. That’s because credit card processors won’t cooperate with them, ostensibly because the goods they offer are objectionable and go outside the terms of service of the companies. Due to his association with the Proud Boys, Enrique believes he is “persona non grata” and hence not welcome.

Enrique claims that while they hunt for alternative sources of income, he has been supporting his family out of his own pocket. (Tarrio claims he still has a sizable savings account from his time working as a security contractor with Spie Security, which he is using to pay his family’s bills.) Tarrio claims that they would carry on operating the store and look for a new credit card processor while he is incarcerated.

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  • Where Do Enrique Tarrio Family Members Reside?

Enrique Tarrio’s family resides in Miami, Florida.

  • Are Enrique Tarrio Family Members On Instagram And Facebook?

Yes, Enrique Tarrio’s mother Zuny Duarte is on Facebook.

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