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Erika Flores Bio, Enrique Tarrio Fiancee, Age, Job, Who Is She?

Erika Flores or Eryka Gemma Flores or Erica Flores is reportedly the fiance of Proud Boys leader Enrique Tarrio. Find out more about Erika as this article proceeds further. Here we cover her age, job, and current residence.

Tag along and get to learn more about her.

Meet Erika Flores, Proud Boys Leader Enrique Tarrio Fiancee

Enrique Tarrio is reportedly engaged to his soon-to-be wife Erika Flores. According to the Miami New Times, one source referred to Erika as his former girlfriend.

Erika, a romantic acquaintance of Proud Boys leader Enrique Tarrio, pleaded the Fifth when subpoenaed in May in response to questions by the government about the “1776 Returns” document, prosecutors revealed in a Monday night court filing. The government has charged Tarrio and four other Proud Boys members with seditious conspiracy in relation to that document, accusing them of orchestrating the riot and Capitol breach that day.

Contrary to the select committee on January 6, prosecutors’ fruitless attempt to get information from Erika is noteworthy. She appeared informally, untranscribed, in early 2022, according to two investigators who were there for the interview. Despite being a reluctant witness who initially intended to plead the Fifth, she eventually agreed to answer certain questions concerning the paper.

“Instead of pleading the Fifth, we did an interview with her,” one of the investigators said, speaking on condition of anonymity to describe information the committee had not publicly released. “She gave us the name of Samuel Armes as the name of the individual who wrote the document.”

Samuel, who knew Erika because they both supported cryptocurrencies, spoke with the select committee’s investigators in July. He charged Erika of “blame-shifting” by putting the “1776 Returns” document’s authorship on him. Instead, Samuel said that he informally “war-gamed” about what may occur if a sitting president resisted leaving office after the election in the summer of 2020. He informed the panel that Flores showed interest in his ideas, which he claims to have communicated with her over Google Drive.

Samuel claimed that Erika or another person with whom she discussed the text must have developed his rudimentary thoughts into a tactical plan that made overt allusions to the events of 1776, referred to the Capitol as the “Winter Palace,” and included a plot to “storm” governmental facilities.

Samuel was deemed to be more open by the select committee investigators than Erika, who they claimed had a “general apprehension.” Emails and messages requesting comment from Flores were not answered. One of the investigators remarked, “She behaved like she had no idea what it was at all. According to the two detectives, Erika stated she had given the document to Tarrio in an effort to impress him at a delicate time in their relationship and denied having any specific awareness of its contents.

After Enrique’s sentence, Erika said the couple wanted to start a family together and asked the judge to consider the “direct effect” a long sentence could have on those ambitions. “Henry is a flawed man, as are we all, but he is not blind to it.”

According to the Miami New Times, Enrique was married and divorced once before.

Erika Flores Age

Erika Flores is likely above 34 years old as of 2023.

What Is Erika Flores Ethnicity?

It appears that Erika Flores is Hispanic by ethnicity.

Erika Flores Job

Erika Flores is a co-founder of Miami International Bitcoin, a media and events organization that understands that community is necessary to build business in this new decentralized economy. Eryka graduated from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University with a Bachelor of Science in Aeronautics and a private pilot license. Before taking the leap into the blockchain business, Eryka worked in traditional finance for the aircraft trading and leasing industry. She is a pioneer in combining aviation and blockchain and is developing a security token backed by aircraft.

A self-described libertarian, Erika served as the youngest delegate for the 2012 Ron Paul presidential campaign in the state of Washington. She once noted that many of the early adopters of the Bitcoin movement adhered to an “anarchist” mindset, attributing her love of cryptocurrencies to her libertarian political roots.

Also, Erika earned a bachelor’s degree in aeronautics science and a private pilot’s certificate from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in Daytona Beach in 2014. She reported asking a prominent banker about Bitcoin over a video conference call while employed later at a bank in the airplane leasing sector.

Her affinity for blockchain technology stems from an appreciation for Austrian economics and honest politics. As a teenager, she was the youngest delegate in Washington State for the Ron Paul presidential campaign. The ability of blockchain to increase transparency, reduce corruption, and eliminate human error drives Eryka to educate the local community towards mass adoption.

Erika is also instrumental in building local tech business, she is opening the Bitcoin Center Miami, sits on the board of the Florida Blockchain Business Association, and cofounded an event that caused the City of Miami to officially proclaim November 15th as Women’s Entrepreneurship Day. She is a sought-after speaker who aims to show young girls that women can be successful in STEM fields.

After working for a while in the trading and leasing of aircraft, Erika changed her focus and started “Miami International Bitcoin” in 2015. She described it as a “meet-up group” that later evolved into a Facebook group where individuals could debate Bitcoin.

Erika has been described as a “pillar” and “the godmother” of Miami’s cryptocurrency community. In 2019, she and self-described “Bitcoin Pioneer” Nick Spanos founded the Miami Blockchain Center, which they described as an “incubator, event space, and co-working space” to instruct developers, entrepreneurs, and investors on blockchain and cryptocurrencies, a few blocks from Bayfront Park in downtown Miami.

Is Erika Flores On Instagram?

Erika Flores doesn’t seem to be on Instagram.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Erika Flores From?

Erika Flores resides in Miami, Florida.

  • When Is Erika Flores Birthday?

Erika Flores’s birthday is not available currently.

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