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Eric Drummond Bio, Age, Net Worth, Wife, Blind Frog Ranch

Meet Eric Drummond, celebrity geologist who appeared on Discovery’s Blind Frog Ranch. This article covers his age, net worth, information about his wife, and his career.

Scroll down as this Eric Drummond Bio unfolds further information as it proceeds.

Eric Drummond On Blind Frog Ranch

Blind Frog Ranch requires several experts to unravel the mystery and the findings of Discovery’s “Blind Frog Ranch”. Besides the owner Duane Ollinger and his son Chad Ollinger, and head of the security Charlie Snider, we also meet Eric Drummond, the expert geologist who assists the Ollingers as a geologist.

Eric also serves as a prospector and is world-renowned for several major wildcat discoveries that he’s made around the world. From finding diamonds around the lava lake at an active volcano to a mountain full of rubies in Greenland that he’s currently mining, no project is too unusual for Eric. Duane tagged him in for help getting into the cavern system.

In the first season of the show in 2021, Eric and Chad discover Iridium. They discover it while panning at the edge of the flooded cave entrance and quickly race to find Duane to share the news.

Eric tells Chad that large deposits of iridium “could be worth millions of tens of millions hundreds of millions”. Eric with two Ollingers sees a prospect to become iridium magnate because XRF gun readings hit 50 to 87 to 804,000 signifying the purity of the sample iridium they had discovered.

“Blind Frog Ranch” isn’t the only TV show Eric has assisted as a geologist in. He had also appeared on Animal Planet’s “Ice Cold Gold”. According to his IMDB page, he appeared on the show in 2013.

“Ice Cold Gold” followed seven gold miners prospecting and digging in Greenland. He told, “Prospecting is a very risky business, but when you find something, it’s hugely rewarding.”

He added, “I won’t go into detail, but I guarantee that [viewers] are going to see some amazing things — not just in what we find, but the culture, the areas that we prospect, the things we look for. It’s going to be a huge adventure.”

Back to Blind Frog Ranch, Eric posted on his Facebook on 23 January 2021 with a signed photo from all casts, “And that’s a wrap! Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch season 2.”

Eric Drummond Net Worth

Eric Drummond should have a net worth of at least $500 thousand but the real figure is yet to be out.

Love of Geology for Eric rooted back to his young age while exploring the wilds of New Jersey collecting rock, mineral, and fossil specimens to include in his always evolving rock collection.

Eric landed his Bachelor of Arts degree in Geology from New England College after graduating from Arthur L. Johnson High School. While there he was active in the Geology Club. He also played on the lacrosse team and had a work‐study job in the Geology lab.

He spent the first seven years of his career based in Denver, Colorado. There, Eric worked throughout the Rocky Mountain region as a wellsite Geologist for the oil exploration industry. He was involved in several major oil discoveries during this period. For the past 25 years, Eric worked as a consultant in the Southern California area in the fields of hydrogeology, engineering geology, and mineral exploration.

His major clients included US Navy, major and independent oil companies, land development companies, small-scale gold mining operations, fellow prospectors, and TV production companies. Because of his career, he had traveled extensively throughout North America, South and Central America, Europe, Africa, New Zealand, Mexico, and Greenland.

Eric worked for Sixty Degree Resources as Chief Geologist, a small mineral exploration company prospecting in Greenland. He is also the founder of Red Ice Gem which he formed to promote small-scale, artisanal mining in an environmentally and culturally ethical manner.

Furthermore, Eric is responsible for arranging the first legal import of Rubies and Sapphire from Greenland to the US.

Besides his job as a geologist, he always found a way to combine his love of natural science with outdoor pursuits including camping, fishing, skiing, mountaineering, boating, and scuba diving. He has also posted a few pictures of himself participating in several marathons.

Is Eric Drummond On Instagram?

Eric Drummond is not on Instagram but has been featured on IG of Blind Frog Ranch. However, he has a personal Facebook account (@eric.drummond.5851) and a Facebook page. He is also on Twitter (@rsfgolddigger) where he is not very much active.

Eric Drummond Age

In the public domain, it has been shared that Eric Drummond is 61 years old as of 2022.

Eric Drummond Wife

Eric Drummond has a wife named Laura Fairley Drummond. Based on his Facebook, he tied the knots with his wife on 15 July 1989. So you know, they have been happily married for 32 years. For the past 20+ years, Eric and Laura have been residing in Rancho Santa Fe, California.

His wife has also appeared on a clip from Animal Planet. Before he left for Greenland in 2013, Eric and his wife had brought home two kittens Mineral and Gem. He said on the video that golfing with his wife is something that he enjoyed with his wife.

Laura with the two cats still resides in the North San Diego County community of Rancho Santa Fe.

They haven’t shared any information on their kids.

Who Are Eric Drummond’s Parents?

Eric Drummond hasn’t shared much about his family. He once featured his mom in June 2019 on his Facebook for her 90th birthday. They celebrated her birthday at the Original Pancake House.

Some of his family members are Elsie Drummond, Sarah Drummond, Peter Robert, Drummond, and Hannah Drummond. Laura’s public profiles shares that she is related to Janet A Drummond and Caroline S Fairley.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Eric Drummond From?

Eric Drummond hailed from Clark, New Jersey. But, he currently lives in Rancho Santa Fe, California.

  • How Tall Is Eric Drummond?

Eric Drummond stands tall to the height of above 5 feet 11 inches.

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