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Duane Ollinger Bio, Net Worth, Height, Blind Frog Ranch

If you could take sand and turn it into gold, wouldn’t you? That’s exactly what Duane Ollinger did on Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch. Melting that high-energy-zone dirt into a crucible solid metal, Duane made a fortune.

So, what’s his net worth? And how tall is this fortunate man? Find answers as this Duane Ollinger Bio proceeds. 

Duane Ollinger On Blind Frog Ranch

Duane Ollinger is the owner of the titular Blind Frog Ranch who sold his high-risk oil contracting company in Texas to buy this Uintah Mountains in Utah. According to him, he also asked his wife to quit her job and asked her to delve into his project that people kept talking about.

“We knew what we’re doing,” he said.

The Discovery star believed that these energy zones’ dirt was invaluable and with the meteorite plus many unexplained findings and happenings on the ranch, he knew something was up.

Furthermore, Duane was also convinced that a famous (Lost Rhodes Mines Gold) lost treasure was hidden inside the caverns. And he intended to find it!

Wondering what’s energy zone? Well, it’s an intersection of waves from different elements where most of the time there’s a mass about 150 down that creates an energy field. And dirt from such areas can be taken into a voltage mass under 1850 degrees temperature. Thus, there’s your metal with a mix of mostly silver and gold.

But the show’s not only about treasure hunts. The Blind Frog Ranch spread on a 160-acre property was also rumored to have UFO activity on and around it. Moreover, with Duane sharing pictures of Portals NM mystery from the ranch, it gives viewers something extra to think about.

Back in early 2021, the ranch was on sale for $22,159,000.

However, know that if someone’s willing to continue his work, know that Duane still owns the patent for the Oil separator and cooler. To be precise, the process of how the hot oil and gas leave the compressor and are separated by feeding the oil-gas mixture along a tangent of a cylindrical chamber. 

Working alongside Duane on Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch were Karga Seven Pictures’ — Sarah Wetherbee, Emre Sahin, Kelly McPherson, Jason Wolf, and Patrick DeLuca as executive producers. And Discovery Channel’s — Carter Figueroa and Gretchen Morning as executive producers and Emily Krakowski as associate producer.

Giving us a little insight into his experience, Duane shared that he felt like they were being watched. Military helicopters and drones flying over the property, gun-wielding intruders, and then ongoing murder investigation pushed his suspicions to the edge.

Also, a few civilians bargaining in to honor his work or just looking for things made Duane’s job much tougher.

However, if you’re one of those enthusiasts, there’s a better way to do it. Take a 3-hour-long official tour of the area for $69.99 to $599.99. Buy tickets over their official site.

Trivia: Duane already has an IMDb profile, all thanks to Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch.

How Much Is Duane Ollinger Net Worth?

Duane Ollinger garnered a net worth of over $10 million by 2022.

But what you might not know is that he only owned 66% of the Blind Frog Ranch then. He originally purchased the ranch with other investors.

Duane Ollinger Spouse

Duane Ollinger married Sherry Ollinger way back when they were young.  And the two were still together as of 2022.

His spouse, Sherry is a 1978 Registered Nurse, Amarillo College graduate who split her time between hospitals and corporate jobs. Here’s a list of some of her work adventures:

Tiger Aviation LLC (as a Director), now sold.

STC Investments LLC (as a Principal)

Rousseau Farms, LLC (as a managing member)

The Healing Center (as a secretary)

Also, Sherry was born on March 30, 1958, making her 65 years of age in 2022.

Did you know: Duane and Sherry’s home suffered heavy fire damage in 2017. Fortunately, the home was unoccupied, and no one was hurt.

How Many Kids Does Duane Ollinger Have?

Duane Ollinger has two kids — a son named Chad and a daughter named Tara Ollinger.

If you’ve seen Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch, Chad must be no new face to you. He joined the show in Jan 2021. Find him over IG @ollingerchad and FB @chad.ollinger.

Also, Duane’s family has a new addition, Chad’s wife, Haley Ollinger @haleyollinger. She’s a writer from Memphis, Texas, and shares 4 kids with Chad.

Duane Ollinger Height

Duane Ollinger stands tall at a height above 6 feet (183 cm).

His distinct features include — wavy long white hair and beard, and harry potter glasses.

Duane Ollinger Age

Duane Ollinger was 64 years of age in 2022.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Duane Ollinger Birthday?

He receives his birthday wishes on June 1.

  • Where Was Duane Ollinger Born?

Duane was born and raised in Amarillo, Texas.

Also, he’s resided in places like Dumas, Memphis, Ransom Canyon all inside Texas.

  • Who Are Duane Ollinger’s Parents?

Duane’s parents remained anonymous to us. However, we do know his parents-in-law — Bill and Laur. J. Rousseau.

As for his siblings, they’re June McHugh (married to June Rousseau) and Bill Rousseau (married to Lauri D Rousseau).

  • Is Duane Ollinger On Instagram?

Yes, find him on IG @duaneollinger.

Also, here’s his Facebook @Duane Ollinger, and @duane.ollinger.

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