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Eric Manes aka Digger Age, Net Worth, Job, Scared Mark

Eric Manes has been making moonshine in the Smoky Mountains for more than 40 years. A friend’s father was a still builder, and when Eric was just 14 years old, he approached the man, eager to learn the trade. Fast forward to today he is better known as “Digger” in the Discovery Channel docu-series Moonshiners. Often caught wearing overalls with the top button on each side undone, he does not look like someone of reality TV fame. He also does not exactly line up with our expectation of a real-life, backwoods moonshiner, someone who has spent his life illegally making the kind of liquor that is bottled up in unlabeled mason jars.

Let us tell you more about him, his age, net worth, job, and just everything about him in the rest of the writing.

Eric Manes aka Digger Job: What Does The Moonshiners Star Do For A Living? Is He A Mortician?

Is Eric Manes a mortician, does he own a funeral home? The answer to this is no, of course. His father is the one who ran a funeral home and there Eric worked as a licensed embalmer. But that is all in the past now.

Instead, Eric is a legend in the moonshining business and has been a moonshiner for over 40 years.

He became a household name when he said yes to becoming a cast member of the series Moonshiners on Discovery Channel in 2014. As per IMDb, Eric has so far appeared in 114 episodes alongside his co-star Mark Ramsay.

Eric officially got his start in the business on his 18th birthday, with his father’s permission, he started working with Marvin Sutton, aka “Popcorn”, one of the most known Appalachian moonshiners in history. There, helped Popcorn build his first 500-gallon still. As two friends, they made moonshine together for more than 20 years, running the stills at all hours of the day until Eric was ready to walk away from moonshining altogether. He was getting tired of it and he also had a new child born. So, he did not want to go to jail.

A few years later, Popcorn was arrested and sentenced to federal jail time.

But, of course, that was not the end of Eric’s moonshine career. He got into brewing beer and wine and joined forces with none other than Mark Ramsey. Over 30 years later and they are often described as an old married couple.

Other than being part of the several seasons of Moonshiners, the shinologists at Mark & Digger have also joined the judge’s panel on Discovery Channel’s Master Distiller.

Today, when Eric is not producing top brew brands or filming with Mark or he is minding his store, which opened in 2018. He sells beer and winemaking supplies and hosts classes on the two crafts.

How Much Is Eric Manes aka Digger From The Moonshiners Net Worth?

Over the years, Eric Maines is said to have accumulated a fantastic fortune from the business. As of 2022, he had a above $700 thousand net worth.

Eric also always insisted that not only he did not get into moonshining for the money, but he also did not start his business with money in mind. Instead, he says that his aim is to be a sort of pillar of his community. To start, he was hoping to build some momentum in Newport, when he talked to back in 2020.

Eric Manes aka Digger Age

Because Eric Manes aka Digger was born in 1964, he turned 58 years old in 2022.

Eric Manes aka Digger Height

Eric Manes aka Digger stands around 5 feet and 10 inches in height and the way’s Jess Lander puts it, he is polite and fairly clean-cut. And with a short, gray beard and glasses, and a thick Southern accent, he will remind you a bit of your own dad.

Eric Manes aka Digger Scared Mark

We have seen the world-famous moonshiners Eric and Mike discuss some of the many monster stories they have heard from the Appalachian Smokey Mountains, but never any stories about Mark scared by Eric.

Is Eric Manes aka Digger Married?

For many years, people have wondered if he is married. Here’s what we know.

Yes. Eric is most certainly married, and seeming even today (by November 2022).

We have caught him a couple of times when gushing about his “sweet”, “loving”, and “patient” wife. Her name is Allison Metcalf Manes and without her, Eric says he would be spinning his wheels constantly. On 11 September 2019, as he wished the beautiful blonde lady a ‘happy birthday’ via Facebook, he thanked her for looking over his crazy life and schedule and still loving him unconditionally.

Like Eric, Allison is a Newport, Tennessee native and like him, she also owns a business. Hers is a Fruit Jar Alley store of her clothing boutique located in Newport, Johnson City, and Knoxville, Tennessee.

Allison is also reportedly an IRS registered tax preparer in Newport, Tennessee. She used to be associated with Smith Manes Tax Service Llc.

Eric and Allison share at least one son together. While Allison alone, on her social media, also mentioned her two step-sons, Joseph Bo Denton and Jim Denton.

Is Eric Manes aka Digger On Instagram And Facebook?

Eric Manes could be found on Instagram but only on the collaborative account with Mark. The page on Instagram @markanddigger had 35 posts and 6,455 followers as of 18 November 2022.

Together, Eric and Mark also entertained the massive 254K followers on their ‘Mark & Digger’ Facebook. While Eric also had 4.8K followers on his ‘Eric Manes’ Facebook.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Eric Manes aka Digger’s Birthday?

Eric Manes aka Digger’s birthday is either on February 21st or a day before. That makes him a Pisces.

  • Did Eric Manes aka Digger From The Moonshiners Get Arrested?

Yes. Eric Manes aka Digger, along with Mark, has been caught illegally moonshining before.

During a segment of Moonshiners: Believe It or Not, Eric and Mark shared that they have had little brushes with the law many times.

Eric explained that despite living in a country town their law enforcement officers are top-shelf. He said they have been aware that they are being watched.

So could this be the end of their moonshining days? Though they are not in handcuffs right this moment but, they spoke that even they do not know what their future holds.

  • Where Is Eric Manes aka Digger From?

Eric Manes aka Digger was born and bred in the sleepy Smoky Mountain town of Newport, Tennessee. This place also has since always been his home.

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