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Meet Allison Manes, Moonshiners Digger Wife!

Moonshiners star Digger, whose real name is Eric Manes, has been appearing on the Discovery show ever since 2014. But though he’s graced over 114 episodes, fans only knew a little about his married life; and none whatsoever about his wife Allison Manes.

So, here we are with all the information on the mysterious Moonshiners Digger’s wife!

Meet Allison Manes, Moonshiners Star Digger Wife

Allison Manes and Moonshiners star Digger have been together for a decade. But though the two loved each other to the moon, they weren’t vocal about their love on social media — except for the time Digger wished his wife a happy birthday on FB in 2019.

“Happy birthday to my sweet, loving(and patient) wife,” he started the post before adding how much she meant to him.

According to the star, he would be spinning his wheels constantly without her. Digger also acknowledged his “crazy life and schedule” and thanked her for loving him unconditionally. “As Mark always says there ain’t no sense in our wives staying mad at us because we’re ignorant. Thanks for loving me,” he added.

Allison and Digger’s earliest post together on FB was back in June 2013. However, the world only knew about them, after Digger took to Instagram to share a double date with his work buddy Mark and his wife.

Moonshiners star Digger is the owner of The Back Alley Grainery, where he sells brewing and winemaking supplies. He’s been making moonshine in the Smoky Mountains for more than 40 years. Infact, his journey started at 14 after he received family permission to learn to make liquor from a friend’s dad. However, he only stepped into the limelight thanks to the Discovery show Moonshiners.

Ironically, the star is an outlaw. He could get caught on the job if anyone wanted to do anything about their activities.

Moonshiners Star Digger And Allison Manes Kids

Allison Manes shares at least one son with Moonshiners star Digger. Their little one is named Beck, and he’s already grown up.

Taking a look at all the pics Allison has of her son, it seems Beck grew up fishing with his dad. But we’ve no idea if he inherited the moonshiner’s skill.

Besides Beck, Allison also has two sons (step) named Jim, and Joseph Bo Denton.

In 2022, Jim resided in Sevierville, Tennessee with his wife and their two beautiful kids. While Joseph lived in Newport, Tennessee with his wife Taylor Denton. There, he worked in Sales at Mountain Motorsports Kodak. He is a Cocke County High School graduate who studied Industrial Maintenance at Tennessee College of Applied Technology Morristown.

Coincidentally, both Jim and Joseph celebrate their wedding anniversaries on October 20.

On their anniversary in 2020, Allison took to her FB to share pics of both her sons and daughter-in-law, captioned, “My two oldest boys both celebrate anniversaries today!! One celebrated with his wife all day because it was his day off and hers too! The other worked and then brought pizza to his wife and me!!! I love you all very much! Thanks for giving me, daughters!”

Likewise, on national sons day, Allison posed beside her sons, and captioned her Fb pic, “I almost missed son’s day! I am the mother of sons! I couldn’t be more proud of the men these three have become(one still a young man) love them so much!”

Allison Manes Age

Allison Manes was 52 years of age in 2022.

She is 6 years younger than her husband Moonshiners star Digger.

Allison Manes Job

Allison Manes is the owner of a clothing boutique named Fruit Jar Alley.

She opened the boutique (with her husband) in her hometown of Newport, Tennessee to help revitalize Newport before expanding into other areas in Tennessee.

Explaining the name behind her company, Allison said, “The concept of Fruit Jar Alley was to turn something that wasn’t very good into something great.” It seems Fruit Jar Alley was a notorious alley from her youth that had several bars that are no longer vacated.

Surprisingly, while many businesses went out of commission, hers thrived during the pandemic. They had about a 30% increase. How? Well, the store offered a wide variety of products both online and in its retail locations in Knoxville, Pigeon Forge, and Newport. The store is marketed as a boutique but features a diverse set of goods that go far beyond a traditional boutique. “We sell everything in this store, from soap to dish towels to clothing,” Allison added.

Another reason they were so popular was because of their affordability. Though quality accessories and clothing, the price seemed reasonable.

Besides clothing, Fruit Jar Alley also had their names on lines of coffee, water, and candles, establishing themselves as a merchant of many different types of products.

Reportedly, Fruit Jar Alley was incorporated back in November 2017.

Here’s their FB @fruitjaralley.

Is Allison Manes On Instagram?

We couldn’t find Allison on Instagram. But here’s her Facebook @allison.m.manes.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Allison Manes Birthday?

Allison receives her birthday wishes on September 12 and is of the Virgo zodiac.

  • Where Is Allison Manes From?

Allison hails from Newport, Tennessee. And even as of 2022, she resided there.

  • What Is Allison Manes Maiden Name?

Allison’s maiden name is “Metcalf.” She is the daughter of Joe B. Metcalf and Joda Amelia Watts.

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