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Ernesto Williams Age, Net Worth, Shirley Strawberry Husband

Following the online leak of Shirley Strawberry’s prison phone chat with her estranged husband Ernesto Williams, Steve Harvey and Shirley Strawberry found themselves in a difficult situation. In the same episode, Shirley was overheard discussing Steve’s marriage to wife Marjorie Harvey with her soon-to-be ex-husband. The well-known television hosts spoke on the current controversy after the talks were made public.

While on the phone with Ernesto, Shirley spoke in great detail about Marjorie Harvey. She was overheard boasting about the lavish lifestyle of Lori Harvey’s mother. She added that anytime Marjorie is around Steve and Shirley, things tend to become awkward.

Shirley said, “If she was there we probably wouldn’t have been all over the house… you know he’s scared… I wasn’t supposed to be in there but he brought us in…[Steve] was happy to see us. He always invites us over there, and we don’t never go because I don’t know, if she’s there… you know. She looks at us as ‘the help’ you know… it is what is is.”

What’s Going On With Shirley Strawberry Husband, Ernesto Williams?

Ernesto Williams, the jailed husband of radio co-host Shirley Strawberry, allegedly had s*x with an unknown woman on the phone who is now believed to be his mistress. In the middle of the conversation, Ernesto allegedly said to his purported mistress, “I sure miss some good ass pussy though, I’m not gon lie.” Additionally, he stated clearly, ” “I sure miss some good a– p—y though, I’m not gon’ lie. When that thang get hot, just pat it.”

The unidentified woman was requested by the owner of Ernesto Cuts to send his “favorite” photo of her lying in bed wearing only a tank top and a second photo of her sporting eyeglasses.

“I like all of them to be honest with you. Them pictures more important to me than that goddam commissary,” Ernesto told his alleged mistress. The businessman rambled on about the lovers’ conversations and mentioned that they have daily conversations. This is a man’s fantasy, he stated toward the end of the call. Additionally, he was enthused about the woman’s appearance, “unique style,” and aura.

And he was doing all this while Shirley was footing his legal bills.

And the leaked recordings didn’t just catch Shirley and Ernesto off guard. Shirley said things that permanently destroyed her reputation and her friendship with Steve Harvey, her longtime friend and boss.

Later, she apologized to Steve and his wife Marjorie Harvey in front of the world on the radio. “You heard me say that you got winded going up the stairs in your home and that Marjorie looks at us as the help. Right here and now, I want to apologize to Marjorie for what I said,” Shirley said in a special edition of the Strawberry Letter, a segment wherein she discusses listeners’ issues ranging from marital, dating-related, familial, and more.

A world of instability has emerged as a result of several leaked jailhouse phone calls between Ernesto and the two ladies in his life that were supposedly taped between October 2022 and July 2023. The co-host alleged that during a phone chat between Shirley and her businessman husband, Steve, Marjorie Harvey, was “scared” by her.

Additionally, she made the implication that Marjorie disliked Steve’s tendency to host guests because she saw them as “the help.” Shirley also emphasized how beautifully Marjorie had been decorated at Harvey’s house.

“Marjorie has her own spa [and] her own workout room. And she could go in there and get massages every day. People come to her house and work her out and all of that. I was like ‘Oh God, what a dream’.” Shirley gushed. “He [Steve] was happy to see us. He always invites us over there and we don’t never go. Because I don’t know, if she’s there… you know. She’s, um… nope… she looks at as like ‘The help’ you know… it is what it is.”

On Ernesto’s birthday, January 10, 2015, Shirley and Ernesto became husband and wife. The previous year, while the co-host was live on television, Ernesto proposed. In January 2022, on their anniversary, Ernesto took to his IG and wrote, “This was seven years ago and I’m going stronger than ever on my anniversary and my 57th birthday as of today from triple OG Nesto.”

According to The Jasmine Brand, Ernesto is detained at the Atlanta Fulton County Jail on allegations of gun possession, theft, fraud, and child p*rnography. Williams is reportedly completing a 23-month prison term, according to Sandra Rose.

Additionally, Shirley also disclosed on Instagram that her husband had been defrauding her for years while he was behind bars. According to reports, he told her lies about who she was and his motivations. According to the television personality, he used her for his reputation and secretly purchased expensive cars, homes, and other goods.

Shirley also mentioned Ernesto’s infidelity with a lady he later impregnated. Strawberry stated that after engaging a private detective to look into his behavior, she discovered this.

Ernesto reportedly has a girlfriend named Melanie Scretchen, according to Tasha K. He was previously married to his ex-wife Carol Lamar who he divorced in 2011.

Ernesto Williams And Shirley Strawberry Daughter

Ernesto Williams and Shirley Strawberry are parents to one daughter Sheridyn (also addressed as Sheridan). But Ernesto is not Sheridyn’s biological father as she was born from her previous marriage.

Ernesto Williams With His Step Daughter Sheridyn Strawberry (Pic: Facebook)

Shirley allegedly took full custody of Sheridyn after she divorced her first husband. Sheridan allegedly received unwanted attention from her step-father but Shirley was utterly blind to what was happening in her household.

In October 2017, Shirley wished her daughter on her 21 birthday. She wrote, “My baby is now 21!!! Where did the time go?.”

Sheridyn is private on her Instagram (@sheridynstrawberry_). She founded a cosmetic business called Sincere Skin Sin. After the launch of her business, Shirley congratulated her, “Congratulations baby! Love Mom!.” You can visit her shop here.

Sheridyn is now 26 years old turning 27 in October 2023. She appears to be residing in Alpharetta, Georgia.

Furthermore, Ernesto is also a father to at least one child; a daughter named Laverta. Laverta too is a mom to a baby boy Tallon who was born in April 2014.

He is also a grandfather and his oldest granddaughter turned 19 in November 2022. Whereas, his youngest granddaughter graduated sixth grade in May 2020.

Ernesto Williams Age

Reportedly born in 1965, Ernesto Williams is age 58. His birth month is January.

Ernesto Williams Job

Ernest Williams is a self-described “true innovator and creator”. He has been working in the men’s grooming industry for more than 20 years. He is also known as “Ernesto Cuts” in the industry.

Ernesto has received various medals and commendations for founding the nation’s first “24-Hour Barber Shop” and the Ernesto Cuts mobile barbershop. Per the New York Times article, he and his ex-wife Carol opened a small shop that shared a building with a 24-hour gas station. Customers would stop for gas or beer and end up staying for a haircut. Then-couple were relentless promoters.

Ernesto would approach celebrities for autographs, and then praise their hair, and try to turn the conversation to his barbershop. He even bought a tractor-trailer, installed barber chairs, and drove to festivals to cut hair inside the vehicle. After his divorce from Carol, Carol took over the store from her husband. She moved it to a larger studio space and changed the name, from Ernesto’s Cuts to Anytime Cutz.

The “Who’s Who” of Atlanta has praised Ernesto, and he has appeared in publications like the New York Times, Atlanta Journal, Barbers Only, Dub Magazine, Hip Hop Weekly, and others. In addition to these successes, Ernesto has gained prominence from other important media outlets and has worked with famous clientele from the NBA, NFL, state and federal leaders, as well as media personalities and personalities from the public eye.

Ernesto’s most significant achievement began when he was given the chance to volunteer with “The Shepherd Spinal Center,” where he has since given more than 5000 hair cuts and is still expanding.

Here is his LinkedIn.

How Much Is Ernesto Williams Net Worth?

Ernesto Williams’s net worth is above $450 thousand.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Ernesto Williams Birthday?

Ernesto Williams’s birthday falls on 9 January.

  • Where Is Ernesto Williams From?

Ernesto Williams hailed from Atlanta, Georgia.

  • Is Ernesto Williams On Instagram?

Yes, Ernesto Williams is on Instagram (@nestosbuckhead).

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