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Sami Outalbali Dating Status, Partner, Parents, Net Worth

Sami Outalbali is the star of S*x Education who had quite a tumultuous relationship on-screen but who is his partner in real life. He has shared that he is not as confident as Rahim but has been hailed as an LGBTQ icon. Prior to the show, he played other gay characters. So, is he gay in real life?

Get to know him in this piece below.

Sami Outalbali Partner: Is He Dating Anyone?

Many die-hard fans of Sami Outalbali believe that Sami Outalbali is gay on and away from the screen. But there are others who believe that he only plays a gay role and is straight in real life.

One Fan wrote on Twitter, “This is the 3rd thing I’m watching where Sami Outalbali (the actor who plays Rahim in sex ed) plays a gay character I’m losing my mind ??”

They added, “I’m pretty sure he’s not gay (based on that video with the french YouTubers) but at the same time that’s so funny that man has never played a het character in his life.”

She is not the only one who thinks Sami is straight. One fan wrote, “Sami Outalbali, he only makes series and films where he is gay, he also made a gay magazine.” Another wrote, “It’s just roles, he’s straight I think.”

In S*x Education, Sami plays Rahim who dated Eric Effiong played by Ncuti Gatwa, and was in the center of a love triangle. The end of the show’s second season sees Eric choosing Adam Groff (Connor Swindells), his former bully, over his boyfriend Rahim.

Reddit users who are followers of S*x Education have voiced their disapproval of Rahim’s tale.

“Rahim did not deserve this,” one Redditor penned after finishing the season. “All the rage over Otis and Maeve still not being together, yet the real tragedy is Rahim’s heart being broken,” shared another. “He so did NOT deserve that. :(”

“Rahim was open, and frankly far more stable, confident, and mature, relative to Adam,” wrote a third. “There may be some issue in Eric’s life that will come in season 3 that Adam is utterly unequipped to handle emotionally. Hopefully, I’m wrong.”

With their observation that “Eric was into Adam more,” Screen Rant is on to something. In the end, the character showed more interest and attraction toward Adam than he did toward Rahim, his boyfriend. Additionally, Eric didn’t agree with Rahim on issues like religion or musicals and was embarrassed to introduce Rahim to his family.

It appears that they invented the Rahim character to facilitate the romance between Eric and Adam rather than determining which character would be a better match for the Eric character. Rahim was extremely underdeveloped—he didn’t even have a last name.

How Old Is Sami Outalbali?

Born in March 1999, Sami Outalbali reached the age of 24 in 2023.

Sami Outalbali Parents

Sami Outalbali was allegedly born to parents of North African origins. While posing for CannesForReal he mentioned his parents stating that they used to “take me to see the races on the Croisette. Certainly, back then I had a very different view of Cannes than the one I have today. Neither worse nor better, just different.”

Sami Outalbali Height

While standing tall at 5’8”, Sami also weighed around 154 lbs, and had dark brown hair and eyes.

How Much Is Sami Outalbali Net Worth?

Sami Outalbali’s net worth is right under $1 Million.

While appearing on Netflix’s Sex Education has shot him into a new plateau of stardom, he has been pursuing a career as an actor for a long time. His career began as a child actor at the age of 6. He has appeared in several French films and series and has been doing it for a long time.

Some of his notable works are Vive la colo!, Torn, Lola, A Tale of Love and Desire, Nobody’s Hero, November, BRI, and more. He was also nominated for César for Most Promising Actor.

With a thriving acting career, Sami is also a signed model. He is signed to the IGM Models. He has posed for CAP 74024, Behind the Blinds, and Mixte. Not to mention, he is also a model.

Furthermore, he also made it to the cover of Attitude.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Sami Outalbali From?

Several reports show that Sami is originally from Paris, France.

  • When Is Sami Outalbali Birthday?

Sami Outalbali’s birthday is on 19 March.

  • Is Sami Outalbali On Instagram?

Sami is available on Instagram (@samioutalbali), Facebook (@sami.outalbali.5), and Twitter (@Sami_Outalbali).

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