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Esther Sanderlin Bio, Age, Job, Race To Survival Alaska

Race to Survive Alaska premiered on April 3rd, 2023; the new USA network sees 8 couples battle it out in the Alaskan wilderness in the quest to win the huge prize of $500,000. One couple, Brett Gatten and Esther Sanderlin took part in the survival show knowing that they had to struggle for food and basic necessities across their six-week stay in the wild Alaskan lands.

The article below is about Esther Sanderlin where we talk about her newest stint, age, job, and relationship with Brett.

Esther Sanderlin On Race To Survival Alaska

On February 10th, Esther took to Instagram to announce her participation, along with her partner Brett, in Race To Survival Alaska. She wrote, “Stoked to be a part of this brand new survival reality series airing April 3rd on @usanetwork !!! #RaceToSurvive.”

Esther was always interested to explore wild nature. When she met her partner Brett Gatten, her engagement with the wild only increased. Thus, it was natural for them to take part in the new survival show.

Despite their willpower for exploring the wilderness in Alaska, the couple got out of the show on the first day itself after Esther crumbled in the Alaskan heatwave. In fact, Esther’s reaction was so bad that she had to be airlifted from the race.

“We were with the cast 24/7. They were never left on their own. We always had either risk management people there or some sort of [camera person] there. And obviously, our expedition team would always be close at hand for the safety side of things,” Alan Bishop, co-executive producer of the show, said of how they created a safety net for the participants.

In Esther’s case, despite being an Alaskan well adapted to the environment, the extreme elements of Alaska took the better of her. As Alan told that their entire goal after Esther fell sick was to assess her situation and get the medical team to help her. Upon investigation, the medical team found Esther’s condition to be critical and they arrived at the decision of taking Ester and Brett out of the series on the first day of the competition.

Esther Sanderlin And Brett Gattens’s Relationship

The story of Esther and Brett’s first interaction is quite interesting as the two met on a dating app after Brett had moved to Alaska after his divorce. Esther, also a divorcee and a mother to three children, liked Brett and vice versa. The pair kept finding more similarities between them, which in turn increased their love for each other.

As of April 2023, the couple has been together for more than two years. They live in Alaska with three kids, two daughters, and a son. (all of whom are from Esther’s previous relationship).

On September 22, 2022, Esther posted pictures of her with all three of her kids. “My favorite time of year with my favorite little people😍,” she captioned the post.

An avid admirer of nature and the wild, Esther and Brett often spend their leisure time outdoors exploring Mother Earth. The couple recently participated in a Turkey Drop tradition begun by the flying missionary Kenny Hughes. The whole idea of the tradition was that people fly over remote communities and drop a turkey from above for families on Thanksgiving. While Esther flew the plane, Brett dropped the turkey.

About Brett’s profession, he is the manager of Mammut Expeditions and Adventures, a travel agency that makes accessing the beauty of Alaska easy.

Is Esther Sanderlin On Instagram?

On Instagram, you can find Esther at @akbrunette. She boasts close to 2.5 thousand followers on the platform. You can also find Esther on Facebook.

Esther Sanderlin Age

As per, Esther Sanderlin was born in 1982. Her age was 40 in 2023.

Esther Sanderlin Job

Esther Sanderlin is a realtor at Jack White Real Estate. Her listings include a remote house built on 3 thousand square feet listed for $895 thousand and a 40-acre land listed for $499 thousand.

The TV star is also a pilot. Growing up, Esther was homeschooled and she took more interest in peculiar stuff. Not to mention, flying an airplane was one of them. She received flying lessons as a teenager and managed to get a license in her 20s. Now, Esther has her own plane named Stealth that she rebuilt with her father.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Esther Sanderlin Birthday?

Esther celebrated her 40th birthday on May 2, 2022. On her 40th birthday, she posted pictures of her birthday celebrations with her friends and family on Facebook. She wrote, “They say it’s all over once you hit 40, but I say “I’m just getting started!” This was the most successful surprise of my life!!… ”

  • Who Are Esther Sanderlin Parents?

Esther Sanderlin’s parents are Michael and Patricia Keim. As of 2023, Michael was 68 whereas Patricia was 70.

On August 3, 2022, Esther took to Instagram to thank her father Michael for gifting her the airplane Stealth. Once she also thanked him for teaching her to be an independent thinker and showing her that she can do anything she puts her mind to.

Furthermore, Esther also has two siblings, a brother named Daniel, 44, and a sister named Naomi, 38. Naomi is married and has 4 kids from her relationship.

  • How Tall Is Esther Sanderlin?

Race To Survival Alaska star Esther stands at an average height of 5 feet 6 inches.

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