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Julian Works Family, Height, Net Worth, Is He Married?

Meet actor Julian Works who has had fans since the time he did his first screen role in the 2008 television series Disney Get Connected. He has since played Angel in the showtime series The Affair and Edgar in the first season of American Crime. Also, he has had roles in series including The Closer, Modern Family, Southland, and NCIS: Los Angeles. Most recently, people have loved to see him play Mateo Chavez on FOX’s 9-1-1: Lone Star. The character is a firefighter in Austin’s Station 126. He debuts in the first episode of the first season. And after that viewers also loved to see Julian pop up out of nowhere as Mateo’s cousin Marvin.

In this writing, let us tell you more or even all about Julian Works.

Julian Works Net Worth

Julian Works reportedly had close to or less than $400K net worth as of April 2023.

He is known for his works in 9-1-1: Lone Star, 2018’s Titans, and Into the Dark of that same year. And while acting is seemingly his first priority, he also makes time to prep his music/songs. He might as well consider doing it professionally someday. (

Is Julian Works Married?

Julian Works’s relationship status was not known as of now. But, still, he looked like someone who is not yet married. He may have been able to successfully hide his girlfriend from the tabloids or even social media. But, had he been married he would not have been able to do that. One way or another, news like a celebrity marriage is bound to cause a stir.

Julian Works Age

Julian Works was born in May 1991. So, he turned 31 years old in 2022.

Is Julian Works On Instagram?

Yes. Julian Works can be found on Instagram. As of 6 April 2023, his account on IG @julesworks included 43 posts and 49.7K followers. And one could also give him a follow on ‘Julian Works’ Facebook.

Also, there are a couple of fan pages where his fans claim to love and support him “forever”.

Julian Works Height

Julian Works stands around 5’7″ in height. His height has been one among the few other topics that have been discussed immensely on Twitter. That is of course following the episode of Lone Star where Mateo, his character, reveals that he is insecure about the height difference between him and Nancy Gillian, Julian’s love interest in the show. In the series, Julian’s co-star, Brianna Baker, is specifically made to look taller because, in reality, she is just a foot taller than Julian.

On his social media, Julian also often flashes his bare-chested pictures where one can see that besides the muscles he is also super proud of the tattoos carved on them. He is big and strong and has clearly never missed a day of workouts.

Julian Works Family

Julian Works’s mother is Laura L Works. She turned 55 years old in November 2022. On her LinkedIn, she mentioned working in the west coast customer service at Citizens of Humanity Group in Santa Clarita, California.

Then, there is Robert L Works, Julian’s father who reached the age of 53 in May 2022. As per LinkedIn, the patriarch extendedly worked as a collection manager at Qualified Billing&Collections in Pasadena, California.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Julian Works From?

As of April 2023, Julian Works had been residing in Los Angeles, California. It was however not known if he was also born and brought up here or in some other places.

It was not understood if, like his character Mateo, he was also brought to the United States by his Mexican parents.

  • Does Julian Works Have A Twin?

Julian Works has a brother yes. But, they are not twins. Instead, his brother Alex J Works is younger than him as he turned 29 years old in January 2023.

Maybe the whole twin thing relating to Julian started after the 9-1-1‘s episode titled “Double Trouble” showed Julian embodying the dual roles — Mateo, his regular Lone Star character, and Mateo’s Los Angeles-based cousin Marvin. Before this, the viewers were introduced to Marvin in a 2018 episode.

There have been other instances of guest stars returning as the other characters on TV shows, but Julian is one of the few with that record in recent recollection. So, back in 2019, when 9-1-1: Lone Star premiered, fans of the original thought Julian playing Mateo looked a little familiar. And of course, he did appear as the criminal Marvin who helped Angela Bassett’s Athena with a rescue in season 2 of the original 9-1-1 in 2018. And eventually, they also thought of bringing Marvin to screen next to Mateo and did just that. Fans loved it of course.

In all this, Julian has been really eager to share Marvin and Mateo’s stories with viewers. He said that he has been occasionally getting new messages on Instagram asking him if he was cast as Marvin. And once they know the real deal of it, he said, they again always come back to ask, “Oh, is Marvin going to be on Lone Star?” or “How that is going to work?”.

  • When Is Julian’s Works Birthday?

Julian’s Works’s birthday is on May 20th and that makes him a Taurus.

Taurus born on this day are supposedly deeply emotional, loving, and understanding towards those they care for, strong, curious, and more.

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